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    Coleman UT400 UTV?

    TSC has it on sale for $7000, with 48mo 0% financing, or $147/mo. I've been looking to get one and this thing seems like it has all the options. The only thing I don't see would be a plow would be nice for snow. Other primary uses would be hauling chicken feed, fire wood, moving the small...
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    Should I build a greenhouse?

    Greenhouses are houses that people grow things in that get hot in the cold. That's all I know about them. So here's what I have. I want to grow food year round. Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, cilantro, garlic, carrot, etc. Can I use a green house year round? I would be dedicating part of my garden...
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    Bullet heaters

    For years I've been using k1 in my kerosene bullet heater. Last gas station with it shut down, and now I can only get it by the gallon at TSC for $13.99/gal which is insane. I burn 8-10 gallons a day when I'm in the shop, and that's pretty expensive. I was looking at multi-fuel heaters to try...
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    Self driving cars will get their drivers killed

    Driving home from the hospital today, long mountain road. Driving behind a tesla. 40mph speed limit, did 35-40mph. Then it dropped to 35mph, and we were doing 30-35mph. Then it dropped to 25, and we were doing 20-25mph. Then it went to 35, and we were doing 30-35. I was stuck behind him for...
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    I couldn't be happier

    It's been 4 months since our youngest left for college. With the house being so empty, the Mrs and I made a decision.
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    My father has fallen and can't get up

    Unfortunately, my father, being a bit up there in the years, he fell. My mother called 911 and he went to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a broken femur, stayed for a week in the hospital, and now is in a long term rehab center. His expected rehab time is 6 weeks, of which he does not...
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    Decomposing HUMAN remains can legally be used as compost from 2027 thanks to new California law aimed at tackling climate change

    This is an interesting approach. HUMAN remains can legally be used as compost in 2027 in California
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    Nuclear fallout information

    With Russia yet again threatening the west with nukes, I thought it might be a good idea to spread some information that I've learned so far. The blast will probably occur in a city, or all the cities. If they do it, they'll likely go all in with a 500 nuke strike. How many will actually make...
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    Amish farm under threat from U.S. federal govt for refusal to abandon traditional farming practices

    I was under the impression that the Amish had their own system and weren't bothered/regulated by the government.
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    California Targets Private Property With Latest Water Well Fees, Charges: Report

    Imagine being charged to pump water from your own well.
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    Fatjay picks up chicks!

    Almost done the garage, but decided to pick up a new mini-project. Having had horses, chickens, goats, bees, and ducks, it's been years since I've had anything. But it feels like a good time to get back into it. Picked up: 6 Cinnamon queen's which produce 260 large brown eggs a year 2 Easter...
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    Kerosene in kubota zd21

    I forget if there’s kerosene or diesel in my yellow gas can, if it’s kerosene will it hurt it? I have about a quarter tank of diesel in my mower, so it would be diluted a bit.
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    6v/24v deep cycle battery tender

    I just brought home my lift and it has 4 6v deep cycle batteries in series, bumping it up to 24v. It has a built in charger, but it's a dumb charger with a dial similar to a kitchen timer, you turn it, it ticks down until ding, it's done. There's no indicators that tell me what the voltage is...
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    Got wood?

    I'm not sure about the mid or west, but here on the east coast, prices of lumber have gone insane. An $11 sheet of 1/2" plywood now costs $40. a 10' PT 4x4 is $33. And not only that, the racks are bare, completely picked over aside from the oddest sizes, and even those are starting to thin. A...
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    I need help understanding AC electricity and generators (1/3 phase)

    I have googled and googled over the years and have come to a limited understanding on how things work. I will go down the list of my current assumptions, if I'm wrong please correct me. I currently have a generator that is 10kw 110/220v. In 220v mode i have a ground, neutral, and 2x 110v's 180...
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    kubota v1200 engine

    I have had a **** of a time finding information about this engine so I'm hoping someone can shed some light on it. From what I've been able to find, it was used in the kubota b9200. What I'm looking for is a hydraulic pump that attaches directly to the engine. The closest thing I was able to...
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    My hurricane isaias photo's

    I'm in eastern PA, probably 150 miles inland from the jersey shore. Still, we got hit pretty hard. Especially with the rain. Lived here my whole life and we've had floods but never before like this. Highest I heard was 18'. Video 1: Video 2...
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    Need stub shaft for kubota v1200

    I bought a kubota v1200 and it's just the flywheel. I'm having trouble finding anything and am afraid I might have to make something, but I wanted to see what my options were if anyone had something available.
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    Blowing white smoke

    I was working with my bobcat m600 moving dirt. All was going well then something happened. Engine pitch changed and started blowing white smoke. It was a sudden change, not gradual. Any idea what might have caused it?
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    Picked up a new drill press

    Getting it off the trailer was a bit of a challenge. I got stuck with the bucket up on the bobcat, didn't know if I could actually lift it, if it fell over would it take me with it? Got stuck a few times hitting the metal bar sticking up on the bottom of the bucket, and i could barely get it...
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    Help identifying tool

    My father found this in his tool chest and brought it over to see if I could tell him what it was. I had no idea what possible application it could have. There is a level on one piece, not the other. Both expand and can be completely tightened. They each weigh about a pound. They're about 4-5"...
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    GMC Topkick Dump truck

    Looking at a single axle dump truck. I'm mechanically minded, but thought I would ask for suggestions on what to look out for. Obviously rust, patch jobs, hydraulics, engine, brakes, tires. Ad says it has a cat motor. Says new tires and brakes. I'll be asking if it has air brakes. front axle is...
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    What dumb thing did you do today?

    For me it was a doosey. i was taking off the tiller and it was stuck. A few yanks and it came free, right onto my big toe. In flip flops. Instantly the nail filled with blood, and now a few hours later the pain has set in and I'm pretty sure it's broken. I think it's time to go to the ER.
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    New to me 1968 New Holland S14

    My father bought his New Holland S14 new in 1968 with plow, belly mower, and tiller. 15 years later I was born. He was the exclusive operator. My (much) older sisters's husbands, neighbors, friends of the family would ask to borrow this machine. Every time he said no. Growing up I would always...
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    Built a metal brake

    My father was after something to bend license plates at a 90 degree for roves of birdhouses while he's cooped up. He was trying to make something out of wood, but I said I'll put something together for him. This is what I ended up with. Close the top piece and put a pair of vice grips...
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    HF 70lb hammer and tamper

    I need to do a good deal of tamping. I don't rent tools, I buy them or I make them. I have a HF 70lb jack hammer which has treated me exceptionally well over the years. I've been looking for second hand tampers and they're $800~ locally, which is a bit more than I want to spend. Then i came...
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    Tools section

    Would be handy to have a tools section. lots of posts about tools in mixed areas and fairly inconsistent.
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    I had to share this one.

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    Stucco over wood

    Friend had a house built. 6 years later he has mold appearing on the inside of the house. Apparently the stucco wasn't done right and all the stucco needs to be removed. Quoted 150k for the job. The builder just refered him to the insurance company who offered him 16k to go awa. He had to hire a...
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    New garage time!

    I'm about to get started on my new garage. It's going to be 24x44x35, interior finished and heated. I'm doing 24" wide by 36" deep footers, then 2 block up. On the 2 block will be 10' 2x8's making the first floor 12' high for a 2 post and 4 post lift. 2nd floor will have 14" manufacturered floor...
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    Stuck backhoe pin

    Replacing bucket, every pin came out easy except the main pivot pin on the bucket. I tried hammering the **** out of it, putting a pipe wrench on it and then push it with the hydraulics but it won't move. I put a pulley puller on it and turned it in, put heat on it, nothing. I'm running out of...
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    Better way to gas up?

    It's a bit exhausting and time consuming to refill my gas things. I have a 20gal tank on the backhow, 10gal on the skidsteer, 15gal on the ferguson. I keep all my tanks full because bad gas is cheaper than the issues tank rust causes. They're not exactly things I can take to the pump either, but...
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    Big drill bits

    I'm looking for a set of good oversized drillbit, ¾, ⅞, 1", 1⅛, 1ï½¼,1⅜, 1ï½½. Amazon's got them up to 1" but the reviews aren't great and honestly that's the only place i shop aside from harbor freight and home depot. I'm drilling into ¾" 67 year old steel, the last time i did it, i burned...
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    Can I upgrade my hydraulic pump?

    I have a strong running Oliver backhoe. It痴 a great matching but the hoe is a bit on the slow side. The hydraulic pump is mounted on the front and swapping should be fairly easy, I would like to find a higher flow pump to speed it up, especially when I move 2 cylinders at the same time. When I...
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    Ditch Witch!

    In preperation for my new garage build, I bought a ditch witch J20. Starts, runs, digs, needs a bit of work. Needs choke cable, spark plug cable, air filter, and possibly key switch. When you turn the key off, the machine doesn't shut off. It's a bit hard to start on ether. The spark plug wire...
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    Making pallet forks

    I'm making a set of pallet forks for my bobcat. I bought a blank off ebay for $90, picking up forks for $50. My question is, how often do you need to adjust the fork width? The forks are ring type, I was considering welding them in place. However then it's not adjustable. But if realistically...
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    Bobcat m600 change hydraulic fluid

    I have a m600 skid steer. The hydraulic fluid is badly contaminated with water, and I want to change it out. There are holes on the side for drain/fill but there's still af ew gallons at the lowest hole, plus what's in the cylinders and lines. What's the best way to drain the system as much as...
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    Shed weight

    I need to figure out how much my shed weighs. It's 12x16' with shingle roof. I was considering investing in a set of pallet forks for my bobcat to get it in the air. But my bobcat has a 1000lb lift capacity. The plan was to lift one side, get blocks under it, then lift the other side and get...
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    Added a bobcat to the herd

    I'm building a garage, and the excavator guy seeing my ferguson to-30 with FEL said i could save $2500 if he could just pile hte dirt up and leave it. I said absolutely, I'll be happy to deal with it. Then I realized a few years ago I moved 250 yards of dirt with that ferguson and it **** near...
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    MF40 engine rebuild

    I'm looking at a massey ferguson mf40 with considerable blowby on one cylinder. I found rebuild kits for ~300 which is within reason for me. My question is how disassembled do i need to take the tractor to do this? Is it just a matter of removing the hood, or do i need to remove the loader as well?
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    Weld Negotiation

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    Arbor Vitis 4-5' for $20 at costco

    Picked up 6, finishing up my tree line! Also Scott's turf builder 15M for $36, the same bag is $58 at tractor supply. 2 bags spread on the front lawn was a nice walk. All in all a good saturday.
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    Lawn roller on zero turn

    I've done a bunch of work with some big machines in my yard, and i've managed to create some uneven areas, hills, ruts, etc. I'm thinking about getting a 60" lawn roller to pull behind my kubota zd21, but I don't know if it's safe to pull. The roller can get up to 1400lbs. It's all flat areas.
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    I think I'm done?

    Just put the finishing touches on my b8200. I can hardly recognize it from when I first got it. Today I cut the door windows out of plexiglass, the last of the windows. Caulked them and it's currently setting. I also took off the alternator, took off the bypass for the water pump, and ran...
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    Generator shed progress

    Has come a long way. Exhaust, intake, exhaust all done. All that is left is running the wire to the breaker box. It's quiet, can barely hear it inside the house. 3 cinder blocks between the house and the shed doesn't hurt. Generator shed - YouTube
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    Critique my welds please

    I've done a lot of welds that are smaller, 1-2", butting 2 pieces of angle iron to make frames. They're generally ok but not the best, so I've been working on it. I have a lincoln wire feed, using .030, setting D(highest it will go), wire speed 3.5. It's rated for 3/8" and the steel is closer...
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    Made a 5'6" back blade out of a 7' back blade

    Cut my blade down to kubota sized from my ferguson TO30. Went through 5 sawzall blades and 4 cutting disks. Took about 2 hours. Also welded piece which let the blade slide back and forth. My welds are getting better, but it's a lot easier when it's a long strait 90 degree run.
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    Tires wider than the blower

    I have rear turfs and it's 54" edge to edge. My blower is 50". My first thought was to put wings on the blower, take it about 4-6" on each side. However, I was thinking, convert to AG tires, about $500 on craigslist. The AG tires are significantly narrower than the massive turfs. Is it worth...
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    SNowblower hydraulic lift

    I ended up buying the hoses locally. the cylinder and spool valve were NPT, no idea what the kubota was, but they had an adapter. All the hoses are JIC with NPT adapters. 2x 10' 1/2" JIC with swivels, 2x 5' 3/4" JIC with adapters. $400 for hoses $20 for hydraulic cylinder $20 for spool valve...
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    Kubota zd21 with intermittent sputtering/dying

    Figured I'd post info for anyone who might have had this problem. My mower started just fine. I'd mow for a few minutes, then it would drop RPM to barely running, and sometimes would stall out. I could mow the yard with this happening about 5-6 times. It only lasted for a few seconds, then...