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  1. ToadHill

    DK35 overheating issue

    Problem DK35 overheating, changed fan belt, new thermostat. When releasing pressure cap, fluid flows into resinous but not when cap is on. Will get a new cap this week but this one is only a couple years old. Any other ideas??
  2. ToadHill

    Kioti DK 35 hydralic issue

    The warning light on my Kioti came on, looked at the owners manuel and it said oil may be too hot or the system may have a restriction. Changed the the filter and the light went out for about a few hundered yards. Oil was cold as it had not been used for a day or two. Question is if there is a...
  3. ToadHill

    Ford recall

    I just got a recall notice form Ford for the gas tank straps on my F150. It said they could corrode and break resulting in the gas tank falling on the ground. Well, it's a little late for that it already happened in June of last year. I'm on the ramp to get on the freeway and all of a sudden...
  4. ToadHill

    Looking for ideas

    I have a Huskvarna GTH 2548 that is about 6 years old with about 250 hours on the unit. Last weekend while I was mowing the thing suddenly shut off while in the middle of the lawn. It will start with the clutch depressed but dies as soon as I let the clutch our. If I leave the clutch...
  5. ToadHill

    Power update.

    Just an update on the post of a week ago regarding a lack of power in my DK35. I looked at what was necessary to take off the fuel tank and it was a daunting challenge, so I decided I needed to find a better way. I drained the tank and took the fuel gage out of the tank and with a very small...
  6. ToadHill

    Lack of power

    I have a DK35 with about 1200 hours on it. Last winter it suddenly lost power and while it would run, it would not operate the snow blower . Later it wouldn't even start. We tried draining the fuel tank thinking that maybe we had some bad fuel. We drained it several times and suddenly it...
  7. ToadHill

    My first problem.

    I just got a call from my son who is out at our farm. My Dk35 was running and working and all of a sudden it lost power. It would start and run but it if you give it any throttle nothing happens. It now will start but the idle fluxuates from 1000rpm down to about 500 rpm and runs real rough...
  8. ToadHill

    Furnace advice needed.

    I just got a call from the neighbor that the Electric company replaced the transformer that services his place and mine. I took a ride out this morning to check that all was "OK". I found out that the furnace was not working. I checked the breaker and it was not tripped. I turned off the...
  9. ToadHill

    Pumpkin Patch

    I planted about 3/4 acre of pumpkins this year for pig feed in the same area that was planted with pumpkins last year. Last year I had over 100 pumpkins from this patch. This year we had so much rain that I was only able to cultivate once early in the summer and then the rain took over. We've...
  10. ToadHill

    8N Rebuild Ideas needed.

    After not being able to start my 8N, I let it sit for a little over a year. I then checked the compression and had anywhere from 30 to 50 PSI so I decided it was time for a rebuild. Yesterday after we removed the engine my youngest son disassembled it. I found the bearings in great...
  11. ToadHill


    Well I got the grandsons out this weekend to help plant. We had 80 Blue berry bushes and 100 Raspberries to plant. After we doug holes for the 80 blue berries and had them planted we got some lunch. As we were going out to plant 100 raspberry bushes I thought lets try the middle buster plow...
  12. ToadHill

    Timed out

    I can't figure what is happening but lately when I read a long thread and go back to the start pr try to add a comment I get a message that I'm not logged in and have to go back to log in again and loose the comment I just typed.
  13. ToadHill

    How Dumb can I get?

    I was using the log splitter a few days ago and I was doing it by myself. Usually my grandson helps by standing across from me and when the log is first split he puts the back half on the frame until I get the front half split, then sets it on the bed and we split that. Like most splitters you...
  14. ToadHill

    Emerald Ash Borer.

    Well the dreaded Emerald Ash Borer has been found just about 8 miles from my place. The State has restricted the transport of wood from this county and the adjoining county. I can understand some restrictions but this one makes no sense. No Ash can be move out of these 2 counties, saw logs...
  15. ToadHill

    I just love this weather.

    This has been one of the wettest summers I can remember. Usually in July we get 3 to 4 inches of rain with about the same amount in August, for a total of 6 to 8 inches for the heart of the summer. Well this past month we had 9.5 inches and after the first 2 days of august we have had 1.2" I...
  16. ToadHill

    Anyone heard from Rox?

    It's been a couple months since Rox has posted, I hope all is well with her!
  17. ToadHill

    New entry into the CUT line??

    On the way home from the farm yesterday I passed the local Case, Kubota dealer. While I didn't stop and only caught a glance as I went buy it looked like the Case/IH line of tractors had some much smaller units at the end of the row. They didn't look much larger than my neighbors Ck20...
  18. ToadHill

    Back button

    Am I doing something wrong? When I'm reading a thread and click on a picture after viewing I close the picture window. The thread go's back to the beginning , or top of the page and not back to the message the picture was viewed from. Is this something new I don't remember it happening before.
  19. ToadHill

    Mower advice needed

    I've been using this sickle bar mower for the last several years to keep my hay fields mowed, about 20 acres worth. A neighbor want to contract with me to plow them up and plant alfalfa on a 5 year lease and I think I'm going to do it since I don't do anything with the hay but let it lay. I'vr...
  20. ToadHill

    Don't be taken in.

    Well it's time to shop around the car and homeowners insurance. I haven't done it for several years and I keep getting these adds from AARP that The Hartford has special rates for members. I decided to give them a try. I sent them the information on my vehicles and got back the quote today...
  21. ToadHill

    Tires Wonderful Triton tires

    Good old American craftsmanship, my tractor is 3 years old and the sidewalls on all the Triton tires have cracks in them. This tractor was never driven on the road or abused and already one front tire leaked air so bad I had to put a tube in it or fill it every 2 days. I have an old 8N that...
  22. ToadHill

    Husky GT2548

    I have a Husky GT2548 that I've used for a little over 4 years. It uses the Kohler Command 25 hp engine and has run well up till last week. It now surges unless the mower deck is engaged. It you pull out the choke a bit with the deck disengaged the surging stops. After it has run for a while...
  23. ToadHill

    Nipping Dog

    Well about a year ago my daughter got me a Bassett hound puppy to replace my 10 year old bassett that died. He's generally a good dog but within the last couple of months he has taken to counter surfing now & then and when he gets something off the counter and you try to get it back from him...
  24. ToadHill

    Search forum question.

    Why is it that when I use the "Search Forum" function I am returned to the opening page with all the topics listed and nothing comes up about the subject I have searched for?
  25. ToadHill

    New fuel tank project.

    I've been looking for a bulk tank for fuel for some time and last week my son who works for a distributer of oil products said he could get me a tank. I went to pick it up and it is a 350 gallon white plastic tank that had 80-90 gear lube in it. It has a ball valve on the bottom, and is...
  26. ToadHill

    Sticky throttle

    Does anyone have any Ideas how to correct this? On my Dk35 for the last few months the throttle has been sticking after I put it down to idle speed. When you try to increase the RPM's it feels like the linkage had some kind of a knuckle in it just after the idle setting and you can't get the...
  27. ToadHill

    This winter will be cold at my place.

    I just got a notice from the company I get propane from that I can lock in the new price for this coming year at only $2.70 per gal. Thats up 72 cents from last year or about 35% more. For the last few years I've set the heat at the farm at 50 when I'm not there to keep the pipes from freezing...
  28. ToadHill

    FEL boot problem

    The boot on the FEL control on my tractor has gone from nice and smooth to nice and sticky. It looks like someone covered it with honey and if you touch it, your hand comes away with black goo on it. Is this a common problem or do I have a unique machine.
  29. ToadHill

    Poor tires

    I just checked my tires this week and I was amazed. The tractor has less than 700 hours on it, it is stored inside and is almost 3 years old . The Titon tires on the front have started to show weather checking already. I have an old 8N with tires that are almost 25 years old and they aren't...
  30. ToadHill

    Ford F150 issues

    I have a Ford F150 4.2L with auto trans. Recently it has developed a problem I can't seem to figure out. When I get up to 55mph or above and cruse along I suddenly get what feels like a high speed miss, or momentary hesitation. If I kick it into passing gear, the miss goes away but will come...
  31. ToadHill

    Mid mount gearbox.

    I was just surfing on and they have mid mount gearboxes for MF1233 &1428 and the 1433 to 1440v for $50. It might be worth a look if you have either of those models.
  32. ToadHill

    Need Ideas

    Last weekend I was using my DK35 to run around the property. I started it and let it run until the hear gage came into the normal range. I lifted the bucket and the 3Pt hitch and with the 75" blower on the back, the hitch started bouncing about 3" up and down. I set the blower down and lifted...
  33. ToadHill

    What ever happened to

    Red Rocker, I haven't seen any posts from him in a long time.
  34. ToadHill

    A good deal every now and then?

    Yesterday I was wondering around Gander Mountain just killing time. The wife decided I was in the way when she was working in the family room. I was scrounging in one of the 50% off tables in the Marine section and I found a bunch of wire and a set of wire cutters/stripper/crimper on the...
  35. ToadHill

    Server or site problems.

    Am I having problems with my server or is it problems with the site. I click on a topic when I go to the Since My Last Visit area, and it takes for ever to load today. I'm not having problems with other sites so I don't think it's a server problem. Am I the only one?
  36. ToadHill

    Grease question

    My son works for a company that sells oil and grease products. Last week he brought me a 1/2 case of Mobil 1 synthetic grease. He said that they were going to dispose of it as the tubes were looking a little time worn and it was so expensive that they only sold it rarely, and they won't sell...
  37. ToadHill

    How to feel like a fool.

    Well the snowblower arrived last Friday. It's a real beauty 75" Meteor ( made in Canada). When I lifted it off the trailer with the FEL and set it down I noticed it had a Hydro operated chute control. I told the owner of the dealership that I ordered the one with the manual control. He said...
  38. ToadHill

    "OLD CUB"

    I have a couple of "old' CUB garden tractors, a 125 and a 127 both with 12 hp Kohler 301 engines. The electrical wiring has a bad case of "smoke gets in your eyes". I'd love to replace the wiring harness in both of them, can someone let me know where I would start looking for a wiring harness.
  39. ToadHill

    Winter is on the way!

    It's kind of hard to think about Winter this time of year, but I just put a down payment on a 75" snowblower to get ready for the 5 ft. drifts I had last year. When I'd plow the wind would blow and drift the snow as high as the piles along the side of the drive. Dealer told me this Miller...
  40. ToadHill

    FEL sight gage

    The grandson was using the Dk35 to bring wood rounds to me to split and when he made one trip the rod that runs thru the tube to level the loader bucket was in the bucket. A bit bent up but not so bad I couldn't fix it. My question is when I looked for the point that the rod attached to the...
  41. ToadHill

    Site problem

    Since I'm not very computer literate, can anyone tell me why in a 45 minute session on this site I have to log in several times some days and only once on other days.
  42. ToadHill

    What am I doing wrong?

    The last 2 times I changed the hydro oil in my Dk35, it takes forever to fill. I pull out the dipstick, open the filler tube ,put in a funnel and start to pore. All goes well for the first 3 or 4 gallons then the stuff just backs up and burps and gurggles. It will take maybe a pint or two...
  43. ToadHill

    Oil & Fuel Oil filter question

    On my Dk35 I change the oil and filter every 100 hours, just always have change d both at the same time. The question I have is the manuel says change the filter every 200 hours but the sticker on the side of the dashboard says to change the filter every 150 hours. Why can't the manufacturer...
  44. ToadHill

    FEL rollback

    The former post regarding the 3 pt. lowering got me thinking. My DK35 now has a little over 450 hours on it and I find the rollback on the fel seems to pitch forward with only the weight of the bucket. I don't seem to remember this happening earlier. What's normal after 450 ours and almost 2...
  45. ToadHill

    "Dealer"? is that so?

    I was on my way out to my farm this past week and I knew I needed a spindle housing for my Husvarna mower. I had to drive past Tractor Supply and Lowes on the way. So I stopped at both places to get the part. Neither had it. The guy at Lowes told my I'd have to go to a dealer if I wanted more...
  46. ToadHill

    New Holland Mower

    I have a New Holland sickle bar mower Model 46. I've used it to mow some fields for the last few years. My neighbor has purchased the 20 acres of hay for the last few years and will continue to buy the hay for his horses. He cuts and bales it, so I have no more use for the mower. Anyone have...
  47. ToadHill

    Husky deck problems

    I bought a Husky GTH2548 about 3 years ago. Up till now it has been a very dependable machine. Last week I was mowing and heard a snap, looked under the deck and the spindle housing on the discharge side had broken. I took the deck off, went to the dealer and bought a new spindle assembly...
  48. ToadHill

    Grill gromets

    I noticed that the large rubber gromits that the bottom pins on my DK35 grill fit into are no longer in place. Last time I went past my dealer, I picked up 2 new ones and installed them. I cut about 10 acres of hay and had to pull the grill off to clean the radiator screen and the gromits were...
  49. ToadHill

    DK35 seat

    Well I called my dealer last week to see what my 2 year warentee covered. I've had the tractor for21 months and the seat broke. The sheet metal on the bottom has a nut welded inside it where it bolts to the tilt bracket. It pulled through and the seat sits crooked. Well, it is a covered part...
  50. ToadHill

    Lost my good friend

    Last week my 9 year old Bassett Hound, Frasier, was on his last leg with a failing liver. Two weeks before the vet said to take him home and enjoy his last few weeks. By last Friday he couldn't walk more than 15 ft without having to lay down and rest for 10 minutes. We put him in the car and...