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  1. wngsprd

    JD L130 Front Axle Replacement

    Got back from vacation and the yard was a jungle from the rain. Then found the cast iron front axle was broken in half on my 11 year old L130. I didn't find anything searching TBN or You Tube on fixing it, and since I was successful today, I thought I'd share here that it wasn't too tough a...
  2. wngsprd

    800 hour Valve Clearance Adjustment

    Getting near 800 hours on my Kubota L3130. The maintenance schedule calls for a valve clearance adjustment for the first time at 800. I've done all the other maintenance since hour #1, but not sure about this. Have you done one, and if so any tips or advice? If not, but you had the dealer...
  3. wngsprd

    Briggs 675 on log splitter won't start

    Problem: Engine won't start Equipment: B&S Quantum 675 engine on 22 ton TSC Huskee log splitter Well, I spent the whole afternoon trying to start my log splitter - no success. Finally got some time to try to split some logs I left unsplit last winter. Brand new splitter - bought in...
  4. wngsprd

    Fiixing squeaky sub-floors

    We are getting new carpet in 3 rooms, scheduled for next Thursday. I have a few floor squeaks I want to fix...either before the installers come, or after they pull up the old carpet, but before the new goes down. But I don't want to hold up their progress. We have plywood sub-floor over...
  5. wngsprd

    Animated Engines - interesting web site

    I thought some of you might enjoy this website I stumbled across - shows 21 types of engines - simple animations and explanations...every thing from a four stroke to a "Newcomen Atmospheric" patented in 1705. I had no idea engines were that old. Animated Engines - Home
  6. wngsprd

    What is you best food plot crop?

    I'm making plans for spring planting, thinking of trying something new. Have had good success with Feb/March plantings of red and white clovers and chicory, and later plantings of sorghum/soybeans/peas/buckwheat mix, and sunflowers. In the fall I've planted oats/rye/barley/clover/brassicas...
  7. wngsprd


    I started using a safety harness for the first time this year. Don't know why I never did before. But here is a disturbing article in yesterday's paper. I wish there was a better explanation of what happened. I'll keep an eye to see if more info is forthcoming. Hunter found dead in safety...
  8. wngsprd

    Note to Self

    This is a reminder to me, because I'm sure none of you would be as careless as I was today. I almost kissed the side edge of the bucket on my tractor very hard. I had cut down a dead oak, sawed it into logs, and drove the tractor as close as I could get. I picked up the largest log to carry...
  9. wngsprd

    What internet portal do you use?

    I've been using iGoogle, but it is going away on November 1. I hate to lose it since I set it up with gadgets and feeds for news, weather, business, sports, entertainment, etc., like a newspaper. It also makes if fast to get to mail and YouTube. Do you have a home page portal that you...
  10. wngsprd

    After 17 years they're back! Cicadas

    Took these photos of emerging 17-year cicadas on Sunday - it was very windy, so a couple of them aren't the best. The news says they are part of a brood that is hatching in the east from Conn. down to the Carolinas after 17 years underground. I still remember the damage they did to the trees 17...
  11. wngsprd

    HVAC Dampers

    I have what looks like 2 faulty electic zone dampers in my HVAC ductwork. The HVAC company quoted about $1,500 to replace them which seems much too high (especially since they just replaced my geothermal heat pump system for mega bucks back in March). So, I am looking into a do it yourself...