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  1. DGZRT

    Scored! I Tractor Supply

    Walked in at just the right time jugs of Mobile Delvac 5W 40. $$5.79.
  2. DGZRT

    Filters for Branson Tractors

    With pricing climbing out of control. I’m looking to put together a list of aftermarket filter kits for my Branson 2515H . Has anyone used the Website , ? They put together whole Maintance filter kits from top manufacturers and sell them at whole sale . I understand the...
  3. DGZRT

    Making Fuel from Carbon Dioxide, the perfect answer?? This seems like the perfect answer to the fuel crisis. Why are we not seeing this being scaled up and built in every country??
  4. DGZRT

    Branson 2515H heads to the shop for oil leak !!

    2020 Branson 2515H is going to the Dealer for an oil leak. I had the tractor warming up and I was going to hit the grease zerts underneath and there on the back axle was drips . Then I found droplets on top of the axle. I will up date when I hear what’s wrong . I checked the dip stick and it...
  5. DGZRT

    Change oil every year or at the recommended 300 hours

    I'm guessing this has been debated before . If you can post a link that would be great. I have about 40 hours on my Branson 2515H and will be taking it in for the first oil change and Fluid Swap . I believe the book states 300 hours for next full service . Do you guys run your tractor the...