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  1. TheLandofSnipers

    King Kutter 72" Rear Blade broken. :-(

    Split right on the seam of the pipe. I would have thought this seam would have been facing 180 degrees from where they installed it. Weakest part of the pipe in the highest stress area of the mount. No warranty of course. Going to take it to a local welding shop and have them re-enforce it a bit.
  2. TheLandofSnipers

    1735M - Putting on snow chains isn't as easy as you would think.

    Silly me I thought my 4wd tractor would be okay without chains this winter. It's doing ok, but I'm slipping a bit much for my peace of mind. So I guess my tractor needs chains to get around our property. So we spent a small fortune on some nice chains. When I went to put them on, while they are...
  3. TheLandofSnipers

    No tractor breakage and 7 stumps are chips.

    First time using the PTO on the tractor so I was sort of just waiting for something to break. Spotted a minor hydraulic leak, I'll deal with that later. Overall it was a successful day
  4. TheLandofSnipers

    Moving sticks.

    This tractor has been a royal pain in my butt so far, broken hard twice. But it's working fine now and we are at ~72hrs. Moving some nice downed tress to the wood mill pile and some junk to the firewood pile.
  5. TheLandofSnipers

    . . . . and it's broke again. . . motor this time

    Started up the 1735M and it seemed like it took a few more cranks than normal. Dash has the error light, code 000723 and below it 02 . . something, something crank sensor if I read the code and interpreted the manual correctly. Turned it off & pulled the neg cable on the battery for a few...
  6. TheLandofSnipers

    Adding Radio to 1735M

    So I popped the radio cover plate off yesterday and see the power/speaker/antenna plugs. Looks like any old car radio should fit. Is there a Massey plug to adapt to a generic radio or should I just remove the wires from the two existing plugs and splice into the radio I buy?
  7. TheLandofSnipers

    Grapple on!

    Grapple on! So at least the front is useful to me now! Notes: That Diverter bolt/thingy is a ***** to get at with the cab on. Holy ****. 15/16" or there abouts. Ratchet would not clear so I had to use a crescent wrench. Not fun. Did I say "Not Fun", yeah, not fun at all. The 12v source should...
  8. TheLandofSnipers

    Where is the best place to buy parts? Dealer Only?

    I'm noticing that getting parts for these things is not the simple matter I'd expect it to be. Seems like Agco forces you to go through the dealer for everything. Just called a nearby dealer to order the two small parts Diverter Plug (SL103119) and O-Ring (SL103143) I need to complete the...
  9. TheLandofSnipers

    Need help adding WR Long / Everything Attachments 3rd Function to a 1735

    I'm trying to add the 3rd function to my (broken) tractor to get some use out of it while I wait for the repair to happen. First off, I'd rate the provided instructions for this as terrible. I'm a decent mechanic and the instructions are "meh" at best. The instructions refer to the "loader...
  10. TheLandofSnipers

    Since the 3-Point on my 1735M is broken I ordered a EA Wicked Grapple.

    I was going to get the Everything Attachments grapple anyway . . so may as well get it now since my 3-Point is useless. How difficult is the 3rd function kit to install? They said it replaced the knob on the joystick among other things. So I'm thinking there will be considerable work involved...
  11. TheLandofSnipers

    Brand new 1735M broke after ~3hrs of use. Is this a freak occurrence?

    Did I just have some bad luck? Or do these things break like this on a regular basis? Another user mentioned seeing a similar break, but wasn't sure if it was a Massey. This broke pulling the same box blade my Ford 2N has been pulling for years. I'm new here and have been lurking and reading...
  12. TheLandofSnipers

    Had a Ford 2n For many years, upgraded to a 1735M.

    We've had a 2n doing work around our 60 acre forest / farm for many years and decided it was time to upgrade. While useful and reliable the 2n just wasn't getting things done in a timely manner. I could work on our 1/3 mile long dirt driveway for an entire weekend with the box blade and make...