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  1. v908

    Identify this tractor

    Here's a close-up of the dash...
  2. v908

    Today, would you buy an EV vehicle.

    At this time (current market) I would not buy an EV as a primary vehicle. I live in a rural area and often need to drive pretty significant distances so "range anxiety" is real for me. A plug-in hybrid might be acceptable, but again, it wouldn't be my primary vehicle. I have owned/driven...
  3. v908

    New Purchase

    I didn't read through all the replies, so I might have missed this, but... Once consideration is the width of any openings you need to get into (e.g., stables, corrals, turn-out areas, etc.). If you want to use the FEL to remove manure and such you need to make sure the tractor will fit through...
  4. v908

    Rodents win again

    Peanut butter and dog kibble. I put the peanut button on the trigger, then stick a piece of kibble to it. I have dispatched dozens of mice that way.
  5. v908

    Cart or wagon?

    I've got the cart pictured (I think. Mine dumps), and it's a great cart too. The 1,400 lb. cart I linked to earlier is very well suited for what the OP wants. The black cart pictured here can easily haul two people around...
  6. v908

    Cart or wagon?

    If you're just looking for a sturdy cart for wood, leaves, tools, etc., I got one of these and couldn't be happier. I've dragged it all over behind my tractor and UTV, loaded to the max sometimes, and it's never had an issue. The handle easily switches from a hand-pull handle to towable...
  7. v908

    Tractor flip

    That's why I always back up to pull stuck vehicles/objects, never forward. Eliminate the roll-over issue.
  8. v908

    Terrified of tipping - how about an inclinometer?

    I get your concern about comfort (in the absence of solid numbers for when she might tip). I installed an inclinometer like you linked to on my UTV, but wanted a bit more for my tractor so I went with one of these. It's not perfect, but I make note of the angle when I'm tipping (and...
  9. v908

    Help me pick a mower

    I sort of came to the same decision point about 10 years ago when I bought my current property -- 5 acres, mix of grass/weeds (2 acres or so), and brush/trees (remaining 3). I knew I really wanted (needed) a compact tractor with FEL (and box scraper) for a variety of cleanup needs, but that it...
  10. v908

    Jacking up a Tractor Question

    Not sure why you need to jack it up at all. Can't you do the top third of each tire, then roll it forward a bit, do the next section, then roll forward to complete the job? Doesn't seem like jacking it up is needed at all.
  11. v908

    Does HST Transmission Rob Horsepower??

    How so? I have 900 hours on my Yanmar with manual transmission and have only replaced the clutch once (several years ago).
  12. v908

    Any rule-of-thumb for replacing 4.5" cutoff wheels?

    Yeah, it's worthwhile to go back through his videos to see all the stuff he tests. Generally very thorough and informative.
  13. v908

    Any rule-of-thumb for replacing 4.5" cutoff wheels?

    Project Farm did a great evaluation. You might want to consider his testing/results:
  14. v908

    What do these knobs do?

    I've figured out what just about all the controls on my F18D do except two... Per the attached picture, these controls are over the right rear fender; the large knob/lever to the right controls the up/down and tilt (side-to-side) of the 3-point hitch, but I cannot figure out what the two...
  15. v908

    Warning light...

    I just got a new (for me) Yanmar F18D that seems to run perfectly except it's got a warning light that stays lit. I can't read Japanese and haven't received my operating manual yet from Hoye, so I'm hoping someone here might know what the symbol stands for (attached). Any help would be...