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  1. W8BYA

    Nuts and Bolts for Sale. NE Indiana

    Surplus to my needs are hundreds of never used M8 x 30mm, Bright yellow corrosion plated 8.8 Grade Hex bolts with Hex nuts. These may be some kind of Chromate plating which is much better than zinc. They are stamped with "3F" which I was told represents the foundry they were made in which is...
  2. W8BYA

    Can a propane tank be repurposed?

    I will admit to my total ignorance when it comes to pressurized storage containers and could use some help. I have had no luck trying to find answers to most of my questions on the net. Here is an idea I have had for years and wondering if it can be safely pulled off. The goal would be to have...
  3. W8BYA

    Looking for front blade to plate attach ideas/designs

    Hello group. I recently purchased a 3/8" skid-steer quick attach plate for my NH-45 Boomer FEL and would like to fabricate a HD mount to allow me to attach a nice ole 7' rear blade to it. The 7' rear blade mounting was damaged beyond repair but I was able to save the blade itself nicely. My...
  4. W8BYA

    What is this part?

    Along with a lot of recognizable nuts, bolts, etc I found a handful of these items. Any idea what they are called and how they are used? The weird thing (to me) is that the side that says 5/16" bolt is smooth bored while the side marked stretch 5/8" Drill has internal threads.
  5. W8BYA

    Need Help ID this Nut & Bolt

    Howdy group. I came across a very large number of these new nuts & bolts but am not familiar with the stamping on the head. I suspect they are metric as the bolt measures exactly 3 cm in length and a standard 5/16-18 coarse will almost thread on but does not. I read it as 3F on one side then 8.8...
  6. W8BYA

    Franken-Tooth Root-Stump Puller, V1.0

    I am positive thousands of guys have made something to this but I have never seen one or plans to make one or even where to purchase something like this so I made my own. It was a design as I go type project for my NH Boomer-40. Even though it was a quick failure I thought I would share it with...
  7. W8BYA

    Are 78 LED's Better than 9 ?

    Been experimenting with different LED lights to replace the stock halogen lights on my New Holland Boomer-40. Started out with round 9-LED fixtures, which were ok....then switched to 16-LED square fixtures which were better, but ultimately ended up with a 78-LED light bar. These light bars, one...
  8. W8BYA

    A Quick Review of my New Piranha Bar

    About a month ago I installed and got to use my new Piranha bar. My tractor is a New Holland Boomer 40 with a 72" bucket. Installation was a snap (except me trying to drill a couple large holes through that hardened steel). Just about snapped my wrists off LOL. In short I cannot be more happy...
  9. W8BYA

    Beware of possible issues when installing some LED lights on your tractor

    Howdy everyone. I thought I would share a couple videos with you illustrating what happened when I replaced the stock front Halogen work lights on my 2019 Boomer-40 with a pair of Asian 16-LED light fixtures. Note that NH sells these EXACT lights as aftermarket add-ons ! I do not believe they...
  10. W8BYA

    First Day Home and I Put the Boomer 40 to Work !

    Well the timing was perfect. When the morons who built the rear deck 25 years ago they forgot to support 4-5 key joists and 1/2 of our deck collapsed down almost a foot. The only thing holding up that part of the deck all these years were the top boards nailed down into all the joists. Well...
  11. W8BYA

    to flux or not to flux?

    I love to stick weld (use an old AC buzz box) and use oxi-acetylene as well but have been thinking of getting a MIG welder. I did some MIG using external Argon tanks MANY years ago when in HS when I first learned how to weld and have wondered from those who have tried both if the gasless MIG's...
  12. W8BYA

    Look Ma, Got us a X-Mas Tree !

    ok, so I'm a little early for X-Mas trees but Ma said she wanted this pine gone and me, just finishing installing some chain hooks on my loader I said NP ! The 54D just plucked it up out of the clay like far having a blast with my new machine.
  13. W8BYA

    Bucket Hooks Gotta Start Someplace.....Hooks on the NH 54D

    Just finished installing a set of 3 HD hooks on my NH 54D. Rather then weld directly onto the 250TLA loader I found a 3/8" thick hunk of 4" x 50" bar stock. Wish I had 1/4" thick as 3/8" is way overkill. Anyway, used my AC buzz box and some 7014 rods to weld the hooks to the bar then bolted the...
  14. W8BYA

    Temperature range for glow plugs to be active on NH 54D

    Went out this morning to grade some gravel with the new to me 54D and 7' rear blade (It is a 2017 with about 50 hrs and was a "dealer training model". The glow plug console light did not come on even with it being 48-50F. As a matter of fact I have yet to see the light come on at any...
  15. W8BYA

    Trouble Leaving a Review on my NH 54D

    Hello group. New owner of a beautiful NH 54D here and I wanted to share with others my first impressions by leaving a short review. I realize I have a lot to learn about how this site works but I could not find my tractor model listed when I tried to generate the review. Seems the 54D does not...
  16. W8BYA

    Oil & Fuel TC-25D Barely Keep it Running

    So my TC-25D which has been a super tractor for many years has started to give me some real issues. I have about 1000 hours on it and I am the original owner. I was running the tractor for about 10 minutes when it suddenly started to drop RPM way down and could barely keep from stalling. I...
  17. W8BYA

    Snow X530 w/snow blade very, very poor lifting height

    I have a 2 year old JD X530 with appropriate JD 48" front snow blade which will not lift higher than an inch off the ground when activated. The blade even after installed by a JD dealer tech who was very knowledgable informed me that the blade travel height was limited by design. Operating the...
  18. W8BYA

    Snow Front Blade For My NH TC-25D

    I am looking for a front blade for my TC-25D and was wondering what my options are? Do different companies make such a unit for this tractor? I am hoping to find something used but don't know what is available and from who. I currently have a front loader installed along with a rear blade for...