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  1. amhicks21

    Mowing with 100hp and 3-pt Finish Mower

    I use either a 90" rm990 woods 3pt mower or a 15' woods flexwing behind an l6060. The 15' is nice because it lets you slow down and not get as beat up on bumps but it gets pretty inefficient if you have to work around obstacles and takes a big trailer to transport and requires lots of...
  2. amhicks21

    Trailer question - skid steer

    You made a great choice. I'm an equipment operator that runs skidsteers and tractors daily and thats my favorite length and style trailer. We have other styles of equipment trailers that have all been relegated to use with equipment that only gets used occasionally because the tilt decks are so...
  3. amhicks21

    Front wheel bearings failed L5740

    Ive had to do front axle bearings on a l3400, b2920 twice, l3540, and 2 l6060's. all of which I personally ran and maintained over the past 18 years. The use of ball bearings makes them very susceptible to failure from any amount of prolonged side loading or any contaminants in the axle...
  4. amhicks21

    Rear Finish Mower Need a 7’ finish mower

    Ive been using a Woods rm990 that I found on craigslist for 1000 bucks going on 8 years now. Its needed a few bearings and seals and I painted it to match the tractor but for being a 30 year old mower, its been great and ive had no issue finding parts.
  5. amhicks21

    You'll correct this.

    Yikes. As someone who's built a bunch of patios that's a sight to behold. Just something to consider is if im going over existing concrete i'll screed a thin layer of sand over it to make up the difference in the block heights. It might not matter enough to worry about but just figured i'd...
  6. amhicks21

    Truck & Trailer ideas to tow 14,000 and be under 26,000 pounds

    The enforcement on weights varies drastically on where you are and generally you'll get left alone if what you're hauling looks reasonable. For instance in my area no one gets messed with hauling a 14k trailer without a cdl. The problem comes if you ever get in an accident. Regardless of your...
  7. amhicks21

    Truck & Trailer ideas to tow 14,000 and be under 26,000 pounds

    I'm not saying you're wrong, but the guidelines I've always gone by are these. Can you show me a source that shows an allowable 26k GCWR with a trailer weight over 10k without a cdla? It seems counter intuitive that you'd legally be able to haul a heavier trailer if hauling it with a smaller...
  8. amhicks21

    Truck & Trailer ideas to tow 14,000 and be under 26,000 pounds

    Ive upfit a bunch of trucks so ive had to calculate trailer, truck, and load capacity quite a bit. I don't know your states farm laws but regardless your only way of personally hauling something that size will be under farm exemption laws because there is no way to set up a rig under cdl-a to...
  9. amhicks21

    Tractor Died While Blowing Snow!

    Last year I had a similar thing happen due to fuel contaminated with water that froze and clogged the tank pickup. Literally had our fuel supplier's rep out there trying to get the tractor started during a snow storm. ended up having it towed to a shop to heat up. once we drained the tank there...
  10. amhicks21

    FELs and digging

    I've done quite a bit of excavating over the years with a variety of kubotas ranging from a b series to a grand L usually for patios and walkways in areas that it wasn't worth damaging the rest of the yard with a skidsteer. I think the determining factor is how much rock is in the soil. We have...
  11. amhicks21

    Portable Soil Screener

    Well, the story behind the screener goes that I realized my boss was paying a stupid amount of money to have the lawn and landscape waste of 3 landscape and 5 lawncare crews removed from our yard every few years so I convinced him to let me blend it and turn it to topsoil. He got super lucky and...
  12. amhicks21

    Portable Soil Screener

    I guess it depends how much you have to screen but you may be able to rent a small screener if you want perfectly clean soil. I use an ez screen 600 at work that yields about 15 yards per hour if the soil is dry but the result is perfect. We don't usually use it to clean soil on grade jobs...
  13. amhicks21

    Kubota Revamps LX Product Line Again

    That's true for sure. In my case the lx3310 runs a 72" brush hog, 72" tiller, 90" 3pt mower and 60" soil conditioner. All those things would benefit from the extra hp but don't really benefit from a larger frame. Its also used for transporting stone, mulch, trees etc. across established lawns...
  14. amhicks21

    Kubota Revamps LX Product Line Again

    Last year the landscaping company I work for bought an LX3310 at my suggestion because my L6060 doesn't always fit in small yards and my grading implement wont fit between 8ft on center fence posts. It was also bought because its narrow enough to plow city sidewalks. Basically the 4020 addresses...
  15. amhicks21

    Skid Steer Mower Question

    I don't have experience with that one specifically but just wanted to point out that they are pretty inefficient if you are planning on actually mowing with em. Maybe you already know this but my boss found out the hard way when I started working for him that I could cut twice as fast with just...
  16. amhicks21

    Grand L6060 2 year review

    The extra 4 hp (l6060 is technically 62hp) of the 4066 is overshadowed by the extra gears in the Kubota in my opinion. I looked pretty hard at JD in 2019 because my local Kubota dealer is pretty bad. After trying a few JD's I decided I couldn't live without the HST+ trans. I'm sure it depends on...
  17. amhicks21

    Trailer question - is there too light of a load for a 14k trailer?

    Ive been hauling either an l6060 or a t590 bobcat on 14k trailers every work day for over a decade. I also do maintenance on about 30 trailers. Aluminum will fatigue from flexing much quicker than steel so im assuming they're expecting that a chained down piece of equipment will help keep the...
  18. amhicks21

    LX3310 4 cylinder engine

    Yup, its an hsdc. Over the years I've put around 6k hours split between a b2920, lx3310, l3200, l3400, l3540, and 2 l6060's and I'd say even with the cab that the hst whine is the worst in the LX and nearly nonexistent in the l3540 and l6060. The grand L is superior in every way to all the...
  19. amhicks21

    LX3310 4 cylinder engine

    Got a lx3310 at work last year because we needed a narrow cab machine. My biggest complaint is that the idle speed is twice as high as any of the other kubotas ive run and the transmission is probably the loudest. Under open throttle the engine is comparable to any of the others in sound but the...
  20. amhicks21

    Now much slower in reverse - suggestions?

    In 2005 I had a boss that bought an l3400 new. Shortly after getting it, it lost speed and power going forward. After taking it to the dealership and having someone scold me for burning up the clutch (in an hst tractor!) they took it apart to find that one of the internal castings had cracked...
  21. amhicks21

    Tires Looking for tips on removing loaded R1 rear on L4760

    I actually don't have experience moving around loaded r1's but ive moved r3 and r4's quite a bit. Just judging from pictures of r1's I'm really not sure they'd be more tippy. It seems like the lugs are pretty flat across but I have to admit I don't know first hand. I'll say for sure that highly...
  22. amhicks21

    Tires Looking for tips on removing loaded R1 rear on L4760

    I swap loaded rear turf tires on and off the L6060 seasonally by myself fairly easily. as long as you just jack the tractor up enough to barely take weight off the lugs its not hard to walk the tire on and off without doing any damage or being at risk of it tiping. You can let some air out to...
  23. amhicks21

    Pls Recommend Mowing Solution for 10 Acre Rural Residential

    That's quite a task for such a low HP tractor for sure. Keep in mind that you'll practically have car money into a ZT that'd be big enough to make any appreciable difference in time and effort spent. Im certainly partial to tractors so I'd sell the b7500 and find a 40+ hp tractor and get a nice...
  24. amhicks21

    Kubota M6060 pulling a 10 foot bushhog... no sweat

    I run a 15' flex wing finish mower behind mine sometimes. Not gonna lie though. If the grass is really tall and thick it'll have you going 3mph.
  25. amhicks21

    Buying Advice Upgrading LX3310 verses L3302 from B2620

    At work we have a b2920, l3200 (basically just an older 3302), an lx3310 and an l6060. I also put about 1600 hours on an l3540. In total ive got 5000ish hours split between them all. If you have the space and budget to get a 40 or 60 series of any HP I would highly recommend it. The transmission...
  26. amhicks21

    steering wheel spinner knob

    I found a deal on ebay several years ago on wheel spinners. paid 28 bucks for 10 of the same kind that kubota brands as their own so everything has a spinner. Word of advice is to pop the cap off the top and put a bit of grease or lube on the bearing or it'll rust and seize pretty easily. If...
  27. amhicks21

    T650 vs T870

    I'd love to try a Kubota CTL but our local dealers are terrible. The only reason we have Kubota tractors still is because I love the L6060. The Bobcat dealer on the other hand has always been great so we stick with em for the skidsteers. I drive a 33k or bigger truck anyway so im not too worried...
  28. amhicks21

    T650 vs T870

    You made the right choice. We have a s650 and a wide track t650 at work and I hate both of them. Ive been telling my boss to trade the t650 for an t870 ever since he got it. My daily is a t590 so I dont have to suffer with them too often but I still don't like em.
  29. amhicks21

    Mx5800 seat replacement

    I had an oem seat in the first l6060 i ran and a grammar seat in the one i have now expecting it to be better. Imo, its really not any more comfortable and not worth seeking one out or paying extra for. Im sure this depends on the model and application but its worth keeping in mind before...
  30. amhicks21

    2022 Bobcat T66

    Glad you like the T66. I got one at work this spring with all the same options except for one very important difference that caused me to give it to the other guys and keep my t590. Everyone at my work uses hand and foot controls and I've been using them for about 4000 hours so we stuck with...
  31. amhicks21

    What have you hit with your mower lately?

    ouch. I used to bury phone service wire 20 years ago. They'll string them temp wires anywhere and sometimes they'd be there for months. cant say ive snagged one with a brush hog but I did manage to wrap 100 feet of buried 50 pair main cable around the head of a directional boring machine. That...
  32. amhicks21

    What have you hit with your mower lately?

    yeah... I neglected to mention all the wildlife.
  33. amhicks21

    What have you hit with your mower lately?

    I've spent many hundreds of hours cutting new home construction lots so my list is too long to post but here are some highlights. A box spring, chain link fence, barbed wire fence, hundreds of steel pallet straps, hundreds of concrete washout piles, raised manhole covers, stumps, guy wires...
  34. amhicks21

    Liquid in tires

    I run with bulk washer fluid in all 4 tires in the winter. Haven't had any issues and its very cheap. I used to have a set of rear tires that were bought used that had calcium chloride in em and that was enough to convince me to never use that stuff. They nearly rotted through.
  35. amhicks21

    I hate grass raking! How can i avoid it? do i need a new tractor?

    I'm a little late to the conversation but here's a setup i use to mow some very fast growing commercial construction lots every 2-5 weeks depending on the time of year at 3.5". This is an old woods rm990 rear discharge mower that i found on craigslist for 1200 bucks. I'd just sell off that other...
  36. amhicks21

    Ssqa snowplow conversion advice needed

    I forgot i had a picture of what happens if the flow restriction isnt set up correctly. to be fair, the center pivot on curtis plows is pretty weak to begin with.
  37. amhicks21

    Ssqa snowplow conversion advice needed

    You'll want to run flow restrictors. you can do adjustable valves but you'll want them on both sides and you'll want the ones that only restrict flow in one direction and not the other so it doesn't cause the cylinders to basically fight against each other. Imagine the cylinder on one side...
  38. amhicks21

    JD 3320 and 6' tiller

    You'll be fine. Ive run a 6ft tiller on a kubota b2920, l3200, l3400, and lx3310 without issue. For reference, that b2920 is like half the weight of your tractor and only 4ft wide. If its very heavy clay, you'll just have to take it slower and make more passes.
  39. amhicks21

    Best truck under $10k?

    I take for granted sometimes that we have almost 20 2500 and 3500 chevy trucks at my work with 6.0's and 4l80's that pull trailers and push snow all year that have never had anything worse than some broken exhaust manifold bolts. They may be kinda boring but you can't beat the reliability and...
  40. amhicks21

    L6060 HSTC Gear Clatter

    Ive said exactly the same thing multiple times about roller bearings and swap out the udt for 80/90 at the first change interval. Unfortunately this only goes so far from preventing failure under certain types of use like steep hillside work, commercial snowplowing and extensive loader work on...
  41. amhicks21

    Best truck under $10k?

    I've got a 2005 f350 crew cab lariat 6.0 powerstroke with only 250k miles and a very minor mouse infestation that i'll deliver to your doorstep straight from Michigan for the low low price of 9,999.
  42. amhicks21

    L6060 HSTC Gear Clatter

    Is it possible that it's from the front axle? The L6060 I run now with about 900 hours had the front dif blow up at 80 hours and then about a month ago the hub bearings broke allowing the whole front hub and wheel to fall off while I was mowing a median. Ive never had any issues with kubota's...
  43. amhicks21

    Grading Clean up and grade (?) a wooded lot with Loads-A-Rocks . . .

    I built a rock bucket out of a worn out skidsteer bucket and 1" rebar for practically nothing about 10 years ago and have probably used it on 100 boulder jobs since. Im not sure if it would work well to do something like that on something as small as a b21 though. you have to shake the bucket...
  44. amhicks21

    B3350 and diesel particulate filter

    Several years ago my work tried to buy one and the dealership wouldn't sell us one. We ended up waiting and got an lx3310. As far as I can tell the issues are worse the colder your climate is.
  45. amhicks21

    Is a power rake the same thing as a Harley rake and is this better than a root grapple + landscape rake?

    Absolutely try to find a power rake, harley rake or preseeder. If you're only using it for a final grade on your own property it'd be worthwhile to rent if one is available locally. They're pretty hard to find for a reasonable price unless you're willing to buy a used one and then resell it once...
  46. amhicks21

    Snow plow on FEL

    It'll totally depend on what you're plowing. If you're just pushing straight on flat paved ground you'll probably be kind of ok. If you're pushing around curves and over contours on rough ground it'll be the most frustrating thing ever and not even close to worth while. My plow rig is an L6060...
  47. amhicks21

    Lawn mowers and projectiles

    Seems like a sign to see this type of topic pop up now. Just this past week I had to mow a 4 mile section of steeply graded center median of a busy 4 lane road with a 90 inch finish mower. Absolutely one of the worst experiences ive had operating. piles of gravel, garbage and roadkill everywhere...
  48. amhicks21

    Flux Core Amps vs thickness

    I avoid flux core welding whenever possible because of how dirty it is and how the welds don't look as nice but it does have some advantages. The flux insulates the weld a bit and since there is no shielding gas continually blowing on the weld you can weld a bit thicker steel with the same...
  49. amhicks21

    Questions about geogrid and cinderblock wall

    What is the required tensile strength?
  50. amhicks21

    fixing ruts in field with tall grass

    If you can get your hands on a harley rake that would be the way to go. Ive been finish grading for 17 years and I don't bother with killing or cutting grass. You just need to run the dirt over that you pull in to the ruts quite a bit so it doesn't settle. I think I spent maybe 30 minutes fixing...