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    Loader w/out power steering

    That brings up another good point.. People who have raced cars with added traction (slicks) and no power steering understand this danger.. feedback through the system can injure your fingers/hands/wrists. So you try to resist the temptation to wrap your thumbs around the inside, or especially...
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    Loader w/out power steering

    I have two small Kubotas with loaders and no power steering. Even with all the work ive done with them, i haven't spent too much time thinking about converting them to power steering because at the end of the day, it's just.. not that bad! BUT, there are a bunch of contributing factors. First...
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    "rock rake/scoop" for FEL with 4 in 1 bucket?

    So with the huge range of rock sizes it sounds risky trying to do all that with FEL given the likelihood of some 'surprise' hard stops when you find immovable objects. I know it's a B21 and not like a b8200 with a loader like i have, but i still think that's risky work to do with the FEL. I...
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    Rear Finish Mower Rhino FM72A (72") finishing mower.

    Hopefully you can get it fixed up. I dont fault anyone for not hearing something on this type of machine which is so noisy in the first place. I have a mower deck with a bad bearing and the noise it makes is basically ‘a louder version of normal’ and the only reason i thought to investogate it...
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    Rear Finish Mower Rhino FM72A (72") finishing mower.

    Yowza, i guess you can’t ignore that. 😳 I think getting the bearing race to sit in its proper position on the shaft will be easy, and getting the housing to hold the seal shouldnt be TOO hard, but getting the sealing surface back on the spindle is probably going to require a lathe and a welder...
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    Rear Finish Mower Rhino FM72A (72") finishing mower.

    Can we get pics of the damage? Depending on what kind of damage this is there’s a solid chance id just ignore it. Granted all my experience with damaged shafts and housings is wheel bearings on cars but ive never had one come apart, ever, and if it did it might kill somebody, so i feel pretty...
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    Help Identifying A Couple 3-Point Implements!

    In surprised that little box blade is cat1, but it looks like it is. Cat0 would have all 3 holes be 5/8”. That one looks more like the 7/8” bottom, 3/4” top which is cat1. I have never seen a cat1 box blade so narrow. It does look built well!
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    Bucket Attachment

    There is such a thing as a front hoe. Theyre typically used with skid steers because you dont need a boom swing function quite as badly when the machine turns so easily. On a tractor it would be a pain.
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    Brush Grapple vs Root Rake Grapple

    I cant comment on grapple styles other than single vs dual lid. Ive used a dual lid flat bottom grapple on a skid steer and the benefit of the dual lid that i noticed was that it does a better job clamping over things that hang beyond the sides of the bucket. I guess you could think of it like...
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    Backhoe attachment

    Sounds like it's time to build that front weight! As for the side to side motion, is your swing chain tensioned up to take all the slack out? I dont know if this thing has one (i probably should know as i have an almost identical backhoe on my b8200) but sometimes swing cylinders have a...
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    Who makes a heavy duty 4 foot bush hog? >/= 3" rated

    I think the tone of the replies just reflects how the question was couched, which is making this all seem worse than it is.. Anything you can drive over with a mid mount mower deck will not faze ANY bush hog. If OP hasnt bent any MMM blades or bent/damaged any spindles, theres no cutting of 3”...
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    Who makes a heavy duty 4 foot bush hog? >/= 3" rated

    Im not sure a BX2380 could feed a bush hog into a 3"+ sapling without stalling, although i honestly don't know. But my instinct here is just get a 'regular' 4' bush hog, and go slower. The only way you hit all 3" of something with a bush hog blade is if you've moved forward 3" before the spindle...
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    FEL, TORO Groundsmaster Put Together

    I too have been scheming how to build an even mini-er telehandler. Sign me up for that build thread! Glad this toro loader still exists. Too many cool builds are a ‘flash in the pan’ where it gets 80% usable but then never gets finished and then rots away or gets parted out.
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    Help! SSQA to a JDQA Grapple?

    Glad this went so well. That adapter plate is basically the least annoying adapter plate ive ever seen! It barely adds any weight or thickness to the assembly.. thats as good as it gets for an adapter!
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    Three point arms, wide or narrow spacing?

    I run my pins to the inside and havent found any real ‘gotchas’ in the past year or two ive been doing it. My stabilizers go from the inside out so as said i dont really have to adjust them every time i do something, or not by much. If your stabilizers come in from the outside that would be...
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    John Deere 830 Rockshaft Lifting Power Problems

    I haven’t looked at any diagrams yet so this is a shot in the dark but I do know in general that when you let pistons travel outside their normal range of motion you typically end up scraping your sealing rings over some built up junk on the cylinder walls that was allowed to build up over time...
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    Rollover Plow

    I dont know much about it but in my few years of looking at all the tractor stuff on the internet ive never seen anything like that for a compact. I suspect one would have to build their own. So to make sure i understand the potential reason for doing so.. the advantage is less driving between...
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    Rear Ballast for Loader Work

    I agree it is a corrugated plastic culvert pipe. I think a piece that small might even be free if you go ask as it would probably be an off-cut or could come off a larger damaged/crushed piece. Definitely wouldnt be paying full price on those things to use it as a form..
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    Old 3pt tiller identification

    All of those worn off that much? Woah, somebody did some work with that thing.. but hey if it still works dont fix it lol. As far as breaking them loose for spacing, looks like theyre on a square shaft? I cant tell how thick/wide the shaft is but it looks like some of them are so close together...
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    Full figured 25hp Tractors

    Unfortunate if not extremely common with old Kubota L-whatevers.. if it was the 4wd version you'd probably just keep going! I looked at the l2501 to l2502 improvements.. moved brakes to the left side, ok that's an actual upgrade. Rest of the list: LEDs bruh, rubber floor mats, arm rests...
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    Packer Maxx

    Sounds like it's actually pretty good for something pictured hooked to an ATV. I've bought some ATV-type pull attachments for my little Case garden tractor and while they're ok in some cases, usually if i see something sold for or hooked to an ATV i take a real critical eye to it. But it sounds...
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    Picking up lots of big-ish rocks

    I think if one wants to dig/pry with forks (which i think is fine if you know the risk) then you should plan on getting some that are highly overrated for your machine and just eat the lift capacity loss that will get you. But if you read far enough into fork ratings to figure out what they can...
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    Old 3pt tiller identification

    Wow.. never seen one like that before! Either in construction, or style of the tines. Im curious to know how well it works if you get it up and running. No help ID'ing it, but.. what parts do you need? I might be able to contribute some alternative ideas for repair/replacement.
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    Packer Maxx

    Never heard of that one. Looks like a plastic roller? Id have to smack it with my hand or kick it to know how i felt about it. I think they call that 'sonic depth checking' in machine shops.. lol Does it store vertical, like you can tip it back up and leave it with the tongue standing up?
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    Holes in Bucket

    If you are ordering a toothbar several of the manufacturers will cut the bar to whatever hole pattern you have, IF you follow their measuring instructions precisely and give them good info. So it's not a hindrance, it just means if you buy something that wasn't built to go on that bucket you'll...
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    anyone know why JD drilled/cast this hole is into the plow's tailwheel?

    Wow. I think im decently clever but i give good odds Oldtimer's list already has the winner in it. A 5 post thread about a silly subject and ive both learned and laughed already.. good times. :cool:
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    Backhoe swing “spongy”

    Whoops, i was talking about the crosstube end of the rod, not the cylinder body. I didn't get far enough into it to verify but it seemed to me like these were probably 'trunnion mount' cylinders, like this: I didn't understand the comments i was seeing about how 'nothing holds the cylinder...
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    Rear Ballast for Loader Work

    Wow, i like that one too.. I could come up with a form for that pretty dang easily. I just love the idea of picking it up and putting it down so easily. I mean, a ballast box can be quick hitch compatible too but with these ideas you just need two bars out the ends, roughly in plane and...
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    Backhoe swing “spongy”

    I normally do clamp the crosstube end in my press (as a vise, basically) to remove piston nuts. I've never come close to snapping anything off but i guess it's a good thing to have in mind as a possibility to be cautious of!
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    Rear Ballast for Loader Work

    I get what you're saying but, if you posted a pic of this, i think it would make the rounds of the tractor forums and end up being brought up periodically, forever! It's kind of brilliant in a comical way. Everybody knows about using weight plates.. but what about.. on the bar? And picking it up...
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    Backhoe swing “spongy”

    Ok, you're right. I read post #3 and took the word 'bleeder' at face value. The parts diagram notes that part as a breather which is a totally different thing. The bleeder could have been on the pressure side of the piston and could be used to solve some issue about the inclination of the...
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    Rear Ballast for Loader Work

    It they are round weight plates they generally have a 1” hole in them, you just need to attach a vertical 3/4-1” round bar to something and stack them up on it.
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    Backhoe swing “spongy”

    Nobody gives the customer extra parts for no reason. Everything has a cost. Therefore, i would assume that if they put a bleeder on the cylinder, there is somethingabout the design that more or less required its inclusion. One such reason would be if the cylinders cannot bottom out befcause...
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    Compact to utility attachment

    If it's truly a one-time deal i personally would modify the bucket because the loader piece is cast and ive never welded to cast before so i'd be scared to use THAT particular piece as my maiden voyage on welding cast!! Probably a good welder just wouldn't care. :ROFLMAO:
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    Compact to utility attachment

    Since you are unlikely to ever need to push the bucket ‘flat bottom’ across the ground, i would just add some brackets to the bottom of the stump bucket and move those pin locations downward. BUT, si ce you may run into this problem over and over if you plan to continue buying JDQA attachments...
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    Compact to utility attachment

    After thinking about the question some more and wondering why Xfaxman asked what he did, i belatedly realized he is spot-on (tip o the hat..), vs me who had missed important context clues: There are different pin locations on JDQA for different size attachments! In which case the answer is...
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    Compact to utility attachment

    If it is not a matching ‘quick attach’ format on both sides (loader, attachment) then it is a ‘pin on’ attachment and none of those pin spacings are really standardized so it would be nearly a miracle if anything even came close to lining up. Pin diameters, width between loader arms, width of...
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    NH 7308 Loader - Replaced bucket roll hose, now bucket droops down. Won't stay in a fixed position.

    Nothing moves between the valve and the cylinder when the relief valve is open at the end of a cylinder stroke. Fluid simply enters the valve, exits the relief, and nothing between the work ports and cylinder moves. But, you do need to hit the ends of travel and hit high pressure, you just dont...
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    Eradicating rocks before tilling

    Im assuming you meant 20 feet.. I have numerous 20” rocks and those are not too bad to dig out.. biggest rocks ive found on my property are maybe 36” in one direction but usually smaller in the other. Not 36” spheres, is what i mean. Anyway, judging by the fact that my tiny loader struggled with...
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    Just an obsvervation about FELs

    I sort of agree with you in the case of loader arms that are square/rectangular section because they are unlikely to have any hidden features on the inside that you can't see. But any sort of arm that is more like '4 plates welded together' than '2 channels welded together' has a good chance of...
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    Eradicating rocks before tilling

    I have not used one but it seems like an old spring shank chisel (old because they're generally built way heavier!!) could probably be pulled through most soils by a <2000lb 4wd tractor, be safe from rock damage, and find a bunch of rocks. Just have to start shallow and work deeper on followup...
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    Drive loader up the side of a pile

    :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Thank you for this. I do something like this fairly often, well i guess often while im building big piles, which isn't all that often. I typically use my box blade as loader counterweight so the limit of what i will drive up is my 'departure angle', or the angle...
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    rk 55 acting like battery is dead when starting

    As has already been said in so many words, i suspect you will fix your problem entirely by spending 2 minutes with one of these: Aka 'battery brush'
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    Wicked 55 root rake grapple on a 25HP compact?

    Nice vid!! I have a small 6.5ft backhoe on a small tractor (kubota b8200) with a ripper tooth and have used an even smaller one on an even smaller tractor.. I agree that basically any stump is possible with basically any backhoe, it just takes longer and at some point you might as well do...
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    bale spear attachment to forklift frame

    That seems like an absurd amount of money for what it is. Lots of fork frames for tractors/skidsteers already have bale spear sleeves welded on to them, but those are at fixed width, not adjustable like the forks themselves. I figure that's ok because guess what's also at a fixed width.. the...
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    Publishing Loader Capacity Numbers That Far Exceed The Capacity Of The Axles

    Some of the shortest posts in this thread have been the ones i most agreed with, so i might as well give up right now because i cant seem to make a short post. MOVING ON... lol I think the comment about breaking 'the axle' vs breaking the 4wd system that lives IN the axle, was especially...
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    Why do tire chains work?

    I like to think about it like this.. When i clicked the forum main page right now it said this: We tend to think about whether our forum contributions are worthwhile in terms of the other members of the forum, the 'regulars'. It's very easy to forget that for every 'cool kid' here who...
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    Backhoe attachment

    I wouldnt mess with less than 100lbs but would aim for the 200-400lb region. If you dont have power steering i would stay closer to 200. My .02
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    Why do tire chains work?

    It is generally called surface pressure or surface loading. PSI for example is pounds per square inch. If you want to increase surface loading you’ve got to either add pounds or reduce square inches. The chains reduce square inches drastically. On a hard surface like pavement itms enough to...
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    Stump bucket build

    Well, if you look at Everything Attachments latest video of their tree puller on an excavator, it may give you some ideas. It is a similarly curved attachment facing away from the operator.