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  1. deerseeker001

    international 574 or 2500A

    I have been having problems keeping any brake presure,bleed them good for day or two then back to nothing.Well yesterday I have found the problem broken piece out of the master brake cylinder where the plunger goes in.I had a few people call for prices and got 3 different was 350.00...
  2. deerseeker001

    Bleeding the brakes on the 574

    I have been having loss of my brakes recently I have been bleeding then according to the manual and is good for a short while then it needs it again,I must be missing something.I start the engine warm up and then clamp line going to oil cooler. attach hoses to each bleeder put hoses in hyd...
  3. deerseeker001

    Woodticks and Mosquitos this Summer

    I don't know which is worst this Year,Wood-ticks or Mosquitoes We pulled 10 Wood-ticks off our Dog Yesterday and this Morning after a storm moved through you couldn't go outside without without being attacked by swarms of Mosquito's.I don't remember them being this bad. this guy my Wife works...
  4. deerseeker001


    I had a delivery couple weeks ago and N0 1 Heating Oil was 4.00 a Gallon a large increase.its about 80 cent higher that previous delivery's.getting out of hand.
  5. deerseeker001

    number of posts

    checking the Good morning thread this morning i noticed the number of posts haven't changed.i went back till Christmas and they are same.i post every day on Good morning thread and number of posts stays the same.i think this has been going on for a while.
  6. deerseeker001

    transfering fluid from one tire to another

    i have a international with one good rear tire and another with tread worn down.these tires are loaded with fluid.i have 2 spares that are mounted on rims that both have good tread but are not loaded with there away to transfer the fluid.
  7. deerseeker001

    computer problems

    the last few weeks lots of with the computer,did recovery's,restores, nothing was a permanent fix.went down a bought another hp with windows 8 this a different animal.completely new setup this is going take some learning.
  8. deerseeker001

    day started out with a bang

    this morning wife and i were watching TV when we heard what sounded like a shot gun,nothing new around here with turkey season going on,never gave it another thought.i decided to go get gas in the truck walked into the garage and could hear wings flapping and seen this bird which all i seen for...
  9. deerseeker001

    international 2500

    this is my international 2500 ready to go to work.i did some yard work there was a lot of small rocks so i took my back blade and turned it into a landscaping rake,it got the job done.
  10. deerseeker001


    we received 10-11 inches today and she is drifting with strong winds.i did a quick plow for now and will clean up tomorrow.
  11. deerseeker001

    changing my oxygen tank

    today i changed my oxygen tank,took off the regulator and put on new tank and noticed a flat rubber washer on the cement floor below.i owned this unit for many years and never seen a washer on the regulator where it screw into the oxygen tank.i don't think it came from the regulator but it would...
  12. deerseeker001

    how to replace heat gauage on int 574

    i have a 574 and the temperature gauge does not seem to be working,is there a way to trouble shoot replace what is involve.
  13. deerseeker001


  14. deerseeker001

    drop down menu

    what happened to the drop down menus on the home page.i miss that.
  15. deerseeker001

    Loader serial number

    how does a person read the serial number tag.i have a international 2500 would like to know the year.
  16. deerseeker001

    middle buster

    has anyone made a 3 point middle buster,looking for some ideas.thanks
  17. deerseeker001

    photos to post

    i took some more pics today,i have been trying for 3 hours to upload them to the site but haven't had any luck need some advice.i was sending them from my documents.i cant figure out what the problem is i have did this before on other sites.
  18. deerseeker001

    photos posted

    i posted a picture today,is there a way to move it to photo gallery?
  19. deerseeker001

    international 2500

    tractor has 2050 loader with 7 foot bucket and blade makes quick snow removal.
  20. deerseeker001

    first snow of the year

    we received our first snow fall in central Wisconsin yesterday.we got about 8 inches of the wet heavy stuff.
  21. deerseeker001


    we are running a splitter off the remotes on the tractor which works great,we just got this splitter and put a control valve on there.everything works great but something needs adjusting because the cylinder don't return on its own.any help would be grateful.
  22. deerseeker001

    trouble shooting gas gauge or sending unit

    i have a int 574 when you turn the key on the gauge goes to full some time it goes to .75 where it should be.when you turn key off it goes to empty like its suppose to,any help would be appreciated thanks
  23. deerseeker001

    3 point landscapeing rake

    this is my new project,landscapeing rake.took cutting edge off and took .3/8 steel and welded rebar.i just need it for small rocks.
  24. deerseeker001

    hello from wisconsin

    i enjoy your forums,lots of knowledge here.i live in Wis and we are having 100 degree weather so i am not working outside this week,did some surfing and found this site.i have a international 2500a gas loader tractor.i love to built attachments for it.