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    KTAC great service

    Sadly I've had to use my KTAC twice with just over 60 hours on my M7060 HDC 12. The adjusters worked with me and unlike most insurance companies I feel that KTAC actually have customers interest at heart. I highly recommend buying it. My dealer has also been exceptional Gatorland Kubota. I'm...
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    locking fuel cap for M7060

    Anybody know if there is such a thing
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    Check engine lite reduced power

    I trying to see if my problem has been shared. How many have a service for a SCV suction control valve solenoid. It could cause high pressure in the fuel rail
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    Error codes hacked

    Now that I've had my first problem that produce the check engine light and discovered that nobody has access to computer. I'm upset I've always used my error codes to find and fix problems on my Ford's, how is that Kubota has kept it hidden? Has anybody hacked a reader yet.
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    This morning I got my notice a package delivery, along with the follow the delivery truck updating map and promise of a 9am delivery. By 11am is was now saying 12:30pm delivery, by 2pm it was saying 9PM delivery. About 6pm it was saying bad address, please update. The address was correct and UPS...
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    m7060 is a stick magnet, fragile underside

    Already lost my 3rd function FEL valve to a stick, ripped wiring out $2300. Ktac Now I've got a check engine light, back to shop, think regen problem Was under it again and now the fuel tank skid plate bent, really flimsy and they didn't roll the front edge up. So it just traps sticks. Upon...
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    m7060 engine warning 50% power reduction

    Happened after a parked regeneration cycle, it speeded up for about 20 minutes then came back down and we went back to work. engine warning blink a few times now stays on reduced power 50% no buzzer Dealer says they have to pick it up
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    Grip Strut steps

    I'm planning a skid plate for my M7060 cab tractor. The two things to protect are the plastic fuel tank and the FEL valve both are easily damaged by sticks. While I'm at it I'd like some bigger steps into the cab. Right now I'm looking at Grip Strut 7.5" deep step material. One step would be...
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    Diesel Storage Tank

    I got new 55gallon drums for $30 from my off road diesel dealer, I keep two to three tanks around for the generator in case of hurricane makes refilling difficult, I moved them with FEL and rim hook barrel lift chain. See pic. Keep drums sealed off the ground and out of the weather. The nozzle...
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    My 50 year old Sidewinder had a rough life, the front edge had rusted through, the front beam cracked from striking the PTO shaft, the whole right corner had struck something and fallen off. But it would still cut however when I got my new tractor you couldn't get much travel and ground...
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    Rivet Nuts

    Planning on using some stainless 3/8x16 rivet nuts to hang some skid plates under my Kubota M7060. From my research the two handle pop rivet like guns, fail when using the larger sizes, mandrels break and rivets get crushed unevenly. I found some simple wrench driven setter that looks like it...
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    M7060 FEL Valve Protection

    Anybody built any guards for the valves pics please
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    I need help understanding AC electricity and generators (1/3 phase)

    For average home you buy a 4 wire dedicated single phase alternator with digital voltage regulator. Mecc-Alte site will explain the different types available. You can get any size diesel gensets. The one I spec'ed for friend was small turbo charge perkins engine, 36kva mecc-alte 4 wire full size...
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    Today we did tree and stump removal, the wicked 66" grapple did good job pushed over 6 to 8 inch oaks and ripped up root balls from chain sawed trees. Got my old 6x6 sidewinder bush hog rebuilt, new blades, clutch plates, reworked cat 1 pin bars to work with bush hog flex link and cat2 pins...
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    Broke my new M7060 today called Ktac

    So something got in that poorly shielded FEL 3rd function solenoid area and ripped a connector off the solenoid. Dealer will pick and return and I filed KTAC insurance claim, supposedly will have to pay $250 deductible. So now I going to have build some skid plates for that valve area and the...
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    fan belt fail M7060HDC

    Runs AC & Waterpump less than 100 hours, anybody else have trouble with AC belt slip
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    PTO Height and the Three point hitch

    move your lower arm links for more lift and shorten
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    PTO Height and the Three point hitch

    I migrated from a 1966 Ford 3000 diesel to a Kubota M7060 with 30" radials. When I hooked up to my old FMC Sidewinder G720 6' bush hog cat1 to my M70 cat 2 I couldn't raise the deck much at all, even with control arms on the short lift holes. Also naturally the PTO shaft was higher off the...
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    Box scraping and draft control

    Today was first day with my new driver and a box scraper on my m7060. It was drive way repair, one of my rain runoff spots had gotten lower, than the area it was supposed to drain too, held water and the dually deliver trucks had made it into a mess. So I had him mount the box blade with all...
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    Hairpin Cotter for Stabilizer

    Part number and where to buy THANKS
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    Kill a big pine tree

    So this very tall pine tree grew enough to block one of the Three satellite's my dish uses. It was too big for my chain saw, and I didn't really want drop it, because the woods are thick and will crash into lots of stuff on the way down. So we plunge cut it all the way around it, and drove...
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    DUST COVERS third function size

    got a M7060 with 3rd function on the FEL dealer didn't install dust covers, asked for a pair, but female plug is too small, what sizes do they go buy
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    M7060 CAB AC belt squeal

    Had to tighten belt pretty tight to get to stop squealing about 1600 rpm
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    M7060 cab, vulnerable to stick damage

    What have you done to protect the fuel tank and the valve assemble. A stick bent my protection plate over valves got bent down about 8 inches
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    M7060 with 18 speed creep option

    My sometimes is difficult to get into snail mode, any tricks anybody has learned
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    55 gallon drum transfer system ideas wanted

    So here is what I've got a harbor freight hand pump, golden rod fuel filter 1", 20' of fuel hose, Goez 3/4' locking fuel nozzle. chain fall drum lifter. The output tube from pump is 1" od thin wall tube. Planning on a 1" male npt to 3/4 pvc glue with a piece of 1 inch heater hose and clamps to...
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    I don't like leaving attachments on the ground outside but have limited amount of space under the pole barn and don't want to move stuff to get to the one I want. My FEL has quick attach, has anybody built racks for storing grapple or buckets?
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    M7060 HSC 12 with creep

    Sometimes I can shift easily between creep, lo, hi. Other times it is just stuck. I put the shuttle in neutral, tranny in neutral and press the clutch. When it is shifting you can feel movement of the large gear sets, and it takes little force. When not shifting you feel springy brackets...
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    m7060 cab power for accessories which circuit

    In the cab there is aux plug up on the right apron. Its got two circuit 25amp hot all the time and a 15 amp hot on run. The 15 amp is already shared with 3rd function power, and air seat. Two things I want hook up, cameras front and rear and cab monitor, going to use the 15 amp hot on run...
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    Please share your M7060 challenges, frustrations, comments

    If you can't open the lid because it hits the FEL they installed the non FEL Bracket
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    GRAMMER MSG97/741 450lbs rating and oversize seat with depth and tilt control. Adapted to fit Kubota seat mounting plate using 1x3 tubing
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    Tilt and Toggle

    Installed my fit right hydraulics on my M7060, It went perfectly smooth, the quality of the fittings, the flow restrictors, heavy duty cylinders, the hanger for the top link, hooked to two aux valves with float. Killer
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    Piranha Bar Success pine tree fail

    So today I put my piranha bar on my 84" bucket and went out and found a 4.5" 5" diameter pine tree. Put bucket on float with heel on the ground and bar up an inch, backed up about 2 feet then rolled forward into the tree with some momentum. Raised and curled and popped that pine out root and...
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    electric actuator for skid steer attachment release

    To make getting off the tractor unnecessary to change implements. Does somebody sell this?
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    You find them in blue, yellow, red. All from China have cast frame threaded to screw into 55 gal drum, adj pickup tube, and gas station type nozzle around $170. Anybody own one? Comments?
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    Suspension Seat from New M7060 cab model

    I swapped to a Grammer MSG97 air seat, So my new suspension Grammer seat with deluxe adj armrests, head rest, operator presence switch, 185Kg adjustable suspension, seat belt, Plastic still on it is for sale. Looking for about 1/2 price of a new seat so $425.00. If interested I can ship, have...
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    First job with my M7060HSC

    Had to drive about 20 miles with tractor, no trailer. So top speed is limited to 25MPH, top gear the speed limit light comes on yellow in the dash and sets the top rpm at 2k. Had my new air seat installed, turned all the lights and flashers on. Road very nicely, got to the site had to lift a...
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    M7060 cab model, range gear change stiff for creep speed

    Pretty stuff getting into creep, neutral and clutch in helps. I know some people say park is stuff but mine is fine.
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    M7060 cab model, aux power connector plug

    Has anybody found a plug for the rather strange looking 3 pin plug next to the cig lighter. It has 25 amp hot all the time and a 15 amp hot on run circuit
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    Kubota loan lowers credit score VS PNC Loan raises credit score

    so have good credit score. 2017 I buy a new Ford finance for 60 months PNC gives me best rate, credit score climbed a few points. 2018 I use the car again to buy a Kubota rtv because I could get the best rate on car loan and had paid PNC off. This time used my credit union for best rate credit...
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    M7060 cab right side liner access

    Ready to mount my new air seat but need 12vdc. Tthe aux power connector has two circuits 15A on during run, and 30A on all times. Want get to the 15A for air seat and front/rear camera/monitor. So WSM schematics show a unused plug behind right side liner. Anybody know any easy way in, maybe you...
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    Air seat for M7060 fat guy

    Worked with Nick at they built me a Custom Grammer model Air seat. I will have make adapter for the different bolt pattern to mount it but the M7060 just has flat plate with 4 bolts over the AC. Model MSG97HD/741 in 12vdc, with right armrest only, cloth black, rated 440lbs, has...
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    m7060 cab model Air seat wiring

    My WSM shows no wiring for the compressor, or any mention of the air seat, any body know?
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    Which tooth bar for my 84" bucket?

    Construction Attachments $656 10 teeth 120lbs W. R. Long standard $532 9 teeth 78lbs From EA web site Any other choices and why or experiences Thanks in Advance
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    m7060 cab model wire routing question

    Since I'm old and fat maybe somebody can save me some time with routing the wiring into my cab from the FEL. After spending a little time with pallet fork it is kind of obvious a second person is needed because you can't see what you're doing. So I bought a backup system with two camera's. My...
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    M7060HSC12 bought

    84" bucket ready to be picked up, 66" wicked grapple 4 weeks, fit rite T&T 4 weeks, EA toothbar 3 weeks, Grammer MSG87/741 2 weeks Anybody want to buy my unused Grammer DS85H90 delux cloth Kubota seat with adj arm rests, seat belt, presence switch, 285# weight limit, same used on John Deere
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    Rocking horse ride

    Saw a video of the rocking action front to rear, is that caused by too much water in the rears, a wave cresting over in the tires. Or air pressure in tires? I've got radial tires soft side walls.
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    found in toolbox new M7060-12 CAB

    Found the radio bracket and fuse, cat 2 to 1 bushings, A U SHAPED 1/2" HYD LINE WITH TWO DIFFERENT SIZE FITTINGS ON THE ENDS about 3 inches by 4 inches looks like bypass for something?
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    New tractor inspection hyd ? My screwup

    When all else READ WSM, found what I was looking for, each rear auxiliary valve has its own adjustable relief valve
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    New tractor inspection hyd ? My screwup

    During today's walk through we test the hyd pressure at 2100rpm at third function connect on the FEL, and it read just hair under 3000 psi, factory spec says 2770 psi, now the rear hyd valves were all about 300psi lower? Why? Also after looking at the 72" bucket it was obviously too narrow for...