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  1. Dwellonroof

    Can't believe Sams Club did me this.

    You sure it's the wheel and not the axle/hub that is bent? Maybe swap another wheel and see what it does.
  2. Dwellonroof

    How much trust do you put into product reviews and ratings?

    I get asked to review items before the item even arrive!! so saying that I wish people would wait and actually use the item for some time (maybe a year) before they do a review The retailers know the sooner it gets reviewed the better the review will be that is why they ask so soon for it.
  3. Dwellonroof

    Horse drawn wagon

    BTW this is what I’m doing with the wagon
  4. Dwellonroof

    Horse drawn wagon

    That’s exactly what it was and they were just metal to metal and no bearing.
  5. Dwellonroof

    TBN Censoring

    They take after the leaders, the only standards they have is what society sets which is constantly changing for the worse.
  6. Dwellonroof

    Horse drawn wagon

    Are they wood bearings or some other type? I hate to get into one and it fall apart on me.
  7. Dwellonroof

    Horse drawn wagon

    I purchased this wagon to use to place my chicken coop on to move around my property but would like to clean it up some and grease the bearings but not knowing anything about these how would I go about greasing them?
  8. Dwellonroof

    Rant: Modern household appliances are of poorer quality

    I purchased a Samsung basic top freezer/fridge and it quit working 1 year and 2 weeks later so tech came out 3 times to deem it nonrepairable.
  9. Dwellonroof

    Gov't mandates gas can flame arrestors.

    When you dig way down to the bottom of the problem it boils down to control and at the end thy will keep all your money and dole out to you a small portion so they can waste the rest.
  10. Dwellonroof

    Seeking opinion(s) on this Hydraulic Oil

    I have used this in a John Deere...
  11. Dwellonroof

    Proposed ban on gas stoves...

    We could abort politicians since they want abortions legal. Just saying. BTW they don't know the difference in male and female so if you can't get the basics right ------
  12. Dwellonroof

    Proposed ban on gas stoves...

    Next they will ban 8100 sq.ft. houses.
  13. Dwellonroof

    Proposed ban on gas stoves...

    I know I'll be banned but: It goes to show how far America is from it's birth, even this site wants to suppress the common people.
  14. Dwellonroof

    FELs and digging

    You could get a pond scoop.
  15. Dwellonroof

    clean air filter

    I did some homework and purchased one of these in 2012 for a 2720 Deere at the time.
  16. Dwellonroof

    recommendations on new air compressor, pancake Y or N ?

    Try this one.
  17. Dwellonroof

    Networking gurus - Best method to delay network extenders on power reboot after outage
  18. Dwellonroof

    JD Right to Repair

    The Chinese are most likely the people building the ECU for Deere.
  19. Dwellonroof

    Buy or not

    Keep us informed how things go.
  20. Dwellonroof

    Buy or not

    After watching the video if that’s the unit you are looking at purchasing it does seem like something isn’t right with the hydraulics. Maybe the pump?
  21. Dwellonroof

    Buy or not

    I would put it in the same category as a Terramite or Almand Bro. Backhoe
  22. Dwellonroof

    Buy or not

    Mine did alright for what it was. I see them used by my electric/gas company quite often. Also you can google Dig-it towable backhoe and get information.
  23. Dwellonroof

    Buy or not

    I had athe towable model of a dig-it and was pleased with the way it was set up and handy since it even had hydro wheel motors. I think it's priced on the high side but that's the way things are today but it wouldn't hurt to make a lower offer either.
  24. Dwellonroof

    John Deere 2720 No PT0 No Power Steering....No Clue

    You might reach out to Hydrosplus he might be able to help you.
  25. Dwellonroof

    Pallet Fork Grapple

    Looks handy
  26. Dwellonroof

    Old cedar roof shingles with asbestos coating?

    Should not have felt under a wood shingle roof.
  27. Dwellonroof

    Old cedar roof shingles with asbestos coating?

    A cedar shingle roof is a true 3 ply meaning it has 3 layers plus the headlap.
  28. Dwellonroof

    Let's go over air compressors...

    I have an old Kellogg American compressor 5 hp 3phase but with an inverter. I got it from a lady’s who’s dad passed. I did get a newer tank for it 80 gallons I’m thinking
  29. Dwellonroof

    PTO seal leaking

    I usually put a little oil or grease but mainly use whatever fluid it it restraining on the lip when installing seals.
  30. Dwellonroof

    Toro Zero Turn Lights

    I have a neighbor lady that mows her acreage after the sun goes down with her John Deere 1025r and lights.
  31. Dwellonroof

    Couple Toyota questions

    I'm thinking mice got in and chewed some wires. Maybe run a hot wire to the old pump and see if it works.
  32. Dwellonroof

    Cultipacker value

    I gave $150 and purchased new pillow block bearings and 1-3/4" axles but still haven't finished it yet because of other projects.
  33. Dwellonroof

    Cultipacker value

    I really don't know but maybe 1000 - 1200 lbs.
  34. Dwellonroof

    cut pipe for plow cutting edge

    I used a harbor freight 7” cutoff and cut a slit in a 2” pipe I found in the loft of the barn. About 3/4 way through I noticed my pant leg was on fire. [emoji26] I spread the pipe a little with a cold chisel at the beginning and drove it on the rest of the way. This year I had half the driveway...
  35. Dwellonroof

    Anyone else seeing signs of an early winter?

    The only signs here is me getting ready.
  36. Dwellonroof

    Scag Liquid Cooled

    I like the diesel because my tractor is diesel and the only gas I need to store is for my weed eater which is only about 2 gallon a year. I don't think it is complex at all.
  37. Dwellonroof

    Scag Liquid Cooled

    I have a 2015 Scag Turf Tiger with a 28hp Cat Diesel, it is a mowing machine.
  38. Dwellonroof

    Reservoir cleaning

    We used to call it a suction gun
  39. Dwellonroof

    Is anyone here familiar with scaffolding?

    I keep some scaffolding around leftover from when I had my roofing business. It takes a little more time to setup but it’s stable and you can take your time using it. I also have a couple sets of wheels for setting up such as your deck.
  40. Dwellonroof

    1997 T5C hydraulics Problem

    You might try the Terramite groups on Facebook
  41. Dwellonroof

    Bush Hog blades not swinging freely

    I would look and see if they have the wrong bolts? just a guess
  42. Dwellonroof

    Redecking a bush hog

    I have the same problem with a John Deere 513 bushog but want to keep it since it works great for me but I started keeping it in the barn for now.
  43. Dwellonroof

    face mask for mowing tired of the dust?

    I have a Mission mask tube thing I purchased from Lowes long before the pandemic.
  44. Dwellonroof

    Question on Cultipacker For Sale

    Skyline/Gale Hawkins I have this same double cultipacker which is in very bad shape excepting for the wheels but I'm in the prosess of rebuilding but would like to know how far are the two rows of wheels front to back? Will a 2x4 sideways slide in-between or is it closer like maybe 1" ??
  45. Dwellonroof

    Towed Cultipacker Vs. 3-Pt. Lift Cultipacker - Advantages / Disadvantages?

    I'm thinking with having either for a choice it would be easier for me to transport with 3 point then convert to pull behind.
  46. Dwellonroof

    Towed Cultipacker Vs. 3-Pt. Lift Cultipacker - Advantages / Disadvantages?

    I purchased an old double cultipacker and am wanting to turn it into a 3 point and maybe have the tow option also. I purchased new 1018 cold rolled 1-3/4" bars @ $350 for 2@8' and am going to get 4 pillow block bearings and go from there. 739555,739557
  47. Dwellonroof

    Dirt Moving Cultipacker- best hitch for me?

    Did you finish the culitipacker mod.?
  48. Dwellonroof

    Milwaukee hedge trimmer

    Anyone have one? I'm thinking about purchasing one since I have quite a few 18 volt Milwaukee tools.
  49. Dwellonroof

    I need a propane torch that works

    I'm thinking the Bernzomatic has a replaceable orifice.
  50. Dwellonroof

    12 Volt air compressor

    What 12v compressor would be for portable remote use for tractor or zero turn tires just to top them off or to stager back to trailer or garage?