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  1. mwemaxxowner

    My new Wicked 48

    I was asked to post a new thread with photos, so here goes! I have a BX 1880 with 150 hours on it now. I recently received my pin on Wicked 48 for my tractor, and I have an AI2 quick attach for it. First Nom Nomming other attachments seems handy. Today's spoils
  2. mwemaxxowner

    Single acting valve

    I have a BX1880 that I ordered with rear remotes. It has 2 pairs of factory remote valves. I am curious if it would be possible to run a single acting cylinder off of these, or one of these, and how I would go about plumbing that. Many thanks!
  3. mwemaxxowner

    BX1880 3ph slow to lift

    I have a relatively new 1880. I've had it about 8 months, and it has about 120 hours. For the first part of my ownership I didn't use the 3ph much. I'd raise it now and then to move a trailer or something but that was about it. Recently I've bought a box blade and a rake and have begun using...
  4. mwemaxxowner


    Anybody know of this company? I see some tillers I really like on there that should be well suited for my low HP subcompact tractor. I've never heard of them, but I can't find any negative information, and when I'm on their site I don't get any of the warning bells I usually do on scammy pages...
  5. mwemaxxowner

    Koyker 160 Loader Wanted

    A good friend of mine is shopping for a Koyker 160 loader. I figure it's a long shot, but the more places we look the better chance we have to find one I reckon. For a good price we're willing to travel to get it. It may not look like much, but he has a nice tractor with very little money...
  6. mwemaxxowner

    BX1880 50 hour review

    I purchased myself an 1880, and added wheel weights, canopy, cruise, third function and rear remotes, and of course with the loader. I bought it primarily just for property maintenance. Easy wheel barrowing, help with trimming and pruning the 70 or so trees on my one acre, working and...
  7. mwemaxxowner

    10 ton manual wood splitter, convert to run on remotes

    I have a 10 ton manual wood splitter that is powered by a two stage bottle jack. The thing is pretty slick, and works well. I have been pondering how to power it with the rear remotes or the third function valve on my bx1880. I think, if my calculations are correct, it would take about a 3.5"...
  8. mwemaxxowner

    Recent projects with new trailer

    So, funny story about how I came to own my tractor, I was actually just shopping for trailers. I'd watched used trailers for a while, and I was going to have to spend $3k or more for something in good shape like I want. Well the local Kubota dealership is also a Hudson Brother's trailer...
  9. mwemaxxowner

    Garden-Furrowed rows or plant flat?

    My wife and I planted our first garden this year. We made some mistakes and there are things I'll do different, but by and large it was a great success. The size was about 20x35 and I'll probably do about the same size next year. I'm starting to think about plans for next year's garden, and...
  10. mwemaxxowner

    Quick Spade on forks with BX

    I posted a while back about using a quick spade on my forks with my BX1880. I also posted on a Facebook group that pertains to B, BX, L, LX tractors. According to the FB page it's the worst idea in the world, and here I got mixed opinions. Well, I decided to try one anyway. This is the primary...
  11. mwemaxxowner

    Quoting a high tensile fence job

    Until a few months ago, I got roughly 10-20 hours of overtime a week. COVID finally caught up with Lowe's, and consequently us, their treated lumber supplier. I went to strictly only 40 hours immediately, but hey I'm still working, and thankful for it! This all happened right after buying my...
  12. mwemaxxowner

    Diy drag

    Okay, by no means is this really worthy of a "do it yourself". I'm aware all I did was pop a few screws and attach a chain. BUT. I had been doing some grading and felt I was at a point where I had done all I could do with the tractor, and I needed a drag or to start working it by hand. Well, I...
  13. mwemaxxowner

    If I tilt forks all the way down on BX1880, they won't tilt back up.

    I have a new BX1880. 13 hours on it. I have a set of 42" Redline pallet forks. They weigh about 167 lbs, according to Redline, and they are pin on. I've been moving brush with it. I've discovered that if I tilt all the way down vertical to dump a load, it won't tilt back up. I have to lower...
  14. mwemaxxowner

    Cutting sod with a PTB

    I have a section of front yard that, now that I'll have a tractor, I'd like to cut down and level it out better than it is. The problem is, I already have well established sod there that I'd hate to ruin and need to go buy another pallet or two to replace. You can't tell in the pictures but...
  15. mwemaxxowner

    Gravel pad/drive build

    When my tractor finally comes in, one of the projects I have in mind is to clean up this area and put in a gravel pad to possibly park my trailer. It's a 9000 gvwr trailer and a half ton truck, so I won't ever be a huge load on the pad. I downsized from a super duty and this new truck meets all...
  16. mwemaxxowner

    Top dresser

    One thing I desire to do is top dress and level my lawn. I would imagine, to get it where I want, I'll at least do a minor top dress for several years to come. And for the next year or 3 probably a more involved top dress and leveling job. I guess with my tractor the best course of action is...
  17. mwemaxxowner

    Quick Spade

    I've found a thread or two about the quick Spade attached to the end of pallet forks and it sounds like it may be a very useful piece for me from time to time. It's also fairly cheap. I posted a question about it in a FB group about Kubota B and BX tractors, and that turned into a huge debacle...
  18. mwemaxxowner

    Golf cart "soft cab"

    I am almost ashamed to be asking such questions about my brand new tractor, but I'm just cheap enough that it's only "almost"! My tractor is the BX1880, and will already be equipped with the "deluxe fiberglass canopy". I live in SC where we have decent weather most all year, but y'all I HATE...
  19. mwemaxxowner


    I have started a small garden this year. One of the things we've planted is potatoes. They have popped up and are growing very well! I have come to realize that I know NOTHING about when to harvest them or exactly how. I mean, I understand that I carefully dig them up, but I read 1)...
  20. mwemaxxowner

    Hydraulic top link on BX

    I ordered my BX1880 with rear remote valves, in hopes of adding a hydraulic top link some day. Some googling shows me that it's difficult to find one small enough to use on this tractor. On a search that began completely unrelated to this, I was looking at the Pat's Easy Change vs quick hitch...
  21. mwemaxxowner

    Three point hitch adapter

    I saw some posts yesterday where a few folks were using their 3ph landscaping rake on the FEL. I would like to be able to do this. I have a pin on bucket, and will wind up with Jery's Tach N Go. A quick Google search seems to suggest that 3 point loader adapters only come in the skid steer QA...
  22. mwemaxxowner

    Just pulled the trigger!

    I was browsing the trailer inventory at my local Kubota Dealership. They are one of the few dealers for Hudson Brother's trailers, a local manufacturer who builds very nice trailers. I've had to borrow trailers a few times lately (and a tractor) and was fed up with it. Well, they got me with...
  23. mwemaxxowner

    Most useful implements?

    To preface this, I will be using a 21hp White/Iseki 4wd diesel tractor with suitcase weights on the front. No FEL. It has been a great tractor, my dad has had it for probably 20 years now. He runs a concrete business, and now has a healthy Takeuchi skid steer, no longer uses the tractor much. He...
  24. mwemaxxowner

    My Pawpaw's old Oliver and his tiller steer Gibson

    I thought y'all might enjoy these pictures. As I was growing up I didn't realize these were anything out of the ordinary. They had always been around and my Pawpaw used them. Especially the Gibson. He worked the fool out of that thing in a garden of about half an acre. They haven't been fired...
  25. mwemaxxowner

    Dirt Scoop

    I'm using a White/Iseki Field Boss 21 4wd. It's a 21 hp tractor, and has a rack with weights on the front. I would love to add a bucket to it but I highly doubt that's in the cards for me financially. I can get attachments for the 3 point hitch that should do everything I need. I'm stuck...
  26. mwemaxxowner

    Hey from SC!

    Hey y'all! I'm Mitchell, posting from the small town of Pageland, Sc. My dad has a White/Iseki Field Boss 21 4wd. He bought it many years ago and MAN has it been a great tractor! Being 4wd and having a rack of weights on the front makes it able to do a lot of work for such a small tractor...