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  1. GolfAddict

    New BX2380 Owner

    Yes, you can restrict the lift arms from lowering. You un-pin the linkage from the lift arms and pin it to the "holding plates" just above. (Plates have a hole that the pin goes thru.) 317876
  2. GolfAddict

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    All attorneys are lawyers, but not all lawyers are attorneys.
  3. GolfAddict

    Neighbor thinks pot growers are in the area

    My guess would be moonshiners. :)
  4. GolfAddict

    Rolled the rtv 900

  5. GolfAddict

    Rolled the rtv 900

    What turned out to be the steering problem?
  6. GolfAddict

    Battery based electric vehicles of today and tomorrow.
  7. GolfAddict

    Strobes on Kubota BX

    Wow, they should be able to see you coming now! Good job!
  8. GolfAddict


    It's been a while since you asked this, so you may already have found the answer, but here it is in case.
  9. GolfAddict

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    A This CSV system sounds really interesting, so I googled it to see what it would take to add to my existing system. (It appears to not be a difficult thing to do.) However, this video caught my attention, a very different viewpoint on using a Cycle Stop Valve in the system… I’m not sure my...
  10. GolfAddict

    ?????? GROAN 2

    And the other guy has one eye in the back of his. ;)
  11. GolfAddict

    Chute ideas for Kubota F

    Owners manual just calls it a discharge deflector, no part number.
  12. GolfAddict

    Chute ideas for Kubota F

    I believe you got your F a year or so after I got mine, so I wonder if they have just recently made the change to a steel chute. Mine came with a black plastic chute. Possibly the plastic chute for the 72 inch model I have would fit, but I have no idea of the part number for the chute. I’ll...
  13. GolfAddict

    Kubota F v. zero turn

    Seeing Hay Dudes thread thread on his F purchase spurred me to find this thread to make a couple of updates to the long winded F3990 review I wrote up earlier in this thread. This update is a bit long winded as well… 1) I had talked about the “free wheeling behavior” that I was having on...
  14. GolfAddict

    Bx2350 won't turn off

    I think you have a bad solenoid. The first time this happened to me, it was a blown fuse. I had the problem come back a few years later and the fuse was fine, but the solenoid itself had gone bad and I had to replace it. (A safety switch will act like turning the key off - cutting the fuel to...
  15. GolfAddict

    How do you wire the bx2670 for extra led lights.. need help pls?

    Here is another drawing. In this case, I show a box that the wires can all come into, and the switches can be mounted through the box and hook up to the wires in the box. Since you mentioned you'd like to be able to pull it off, that is what I did. Ran the wires into a box, velcro the box to...
  16. GolfAddict

    How do you wire the bx2670 for extra led lights.. need help pls?

    On my BX which is a little older, I only had one hot (red) at the back so had no choice. Here is a basic diagram: From what I understand, you now have a choice on your newer BX. Using the one connector (20rl), it will be the same as the diagram. Using the other, just ignore the tractor's...
  17. GolfAddict

    ack, another broke mower! kohler vtwin 25 spring fell out of linkage!!

    Oops, the picture with my drawing this time. I can feel the spring is at the very back, behind all the bracketry/arms, etc.
  18. GolfAddict

    ack, another broke mower! kohler vtwin 25 spring fell out of linkage!!

    Found the camera. Hopefully, this helps:
  19. GolfAddict

    BXpanded sprayer for BX25

    John, I forgot that it came with a power option. I believe I ordered it with clips, but in any case the first thing I did was cut them off and crimped on little connectors to fit the factory connectors at the back (the ones you can use for accessories.) However, since then I've rigged up a...
  20. GolfAddict

    How many of you guys here really, really enjoy cooking and planning meals?

    I've got another long one going right now, so I ran down to the kitchen to take a picture of it. My wife cannot believe me... seriously, she cannot believe this. Anyway, here is boneless beef ribs after 7 hours, will be feasting on them Friday night:
  21. GolfAddict

    How many of you guys here really, really enjoy cooking and planning meals?

    Well, I was hesitating to post about it anymore, as it seems that between me and IT we had totally derailed the thread and other folks had stopped adding to it... But, since you asked :D , it is just awesome how well it works. I learned a lesson on the first time though. I had a hot skillet...
  22. GolfAddict

    How many of you guys here really, really enjoy cooking and planning meals?

    Well, got my Anovo today. It's bigger than I thought it would be. I know, pictures or it didn't happen... For perspective, the floor tiles are 1ft squares. An 8 quart pan is not gonna do it...
  23. GolfAddict

    How many of you guys here really, really enjoy cooking and planning meals?

    FedEx says my Anova will be delivered tomorrow. I can't wait. My first test, out of the freezer and into the refrig to thaw for tomorrow:
  24. GolfAddict

    Value of these revolvers

    I was at a gun show in St. Paul a few weeks back, and was looking at a few of the 44 mags. A friend is thinking about selling his so I was looking at prices. Took a couple pictures of old and new, as I didn't know which he had.
  25. GolfAddict

    How long can you leave a muzzle loader loaded?

    Well, after a bunch more searching, I found my little pouch that I carried. For some reason I'll never remember, it wasn't in my nice dry gun safe or nice dry ammo safe. It was among some hunting cloths in my nice and humid basement. Here is the stuff, and as you can see it was subject to...
  26. GolfAddict

    How long can you leave a muzzle loader loaded?

    I can't believe I did this, but I did. For background, when I use to hunt Muzzle Loader season, if I didn't get a deer that day I would always leave my gun loaded overnight (I'd remove the cap). I know a lot of people say they won't do that, a lot of others say it's fine, but I always did...
  27. GolfAddict

    How do I remove Kubota emblem on a BX

    Late seeing this, but just as James says you can gently pry and twist and they'll work right off. I pulled mine too to have a little silly fun...
  28. GolfAddict

    Dealer Dealer sold me a used 2012 BX25 but advertised it as a used BX25D...

    I can't imagine what they were thinking, that's the problem. Check this out:
  29. GolfAddict

    BXpanded bucket lip clamp problem.

    I'm hoping someone may have a fix for this if they've had the same experience. I have a number of the bucket attachements from BXpanded: a few of the bucket hooks of both types and a set of four of the brush/pallet forks. I like the way they are designed to use their clamp thing that clamps...
  30. GolfAddict

    My first of many Retaining Walls to tame my slope - DIY

    An idea for pulling the plywood... I wanted to move a very large rock and there was no way I was going to be able to lift it in the loader. I thought about skidding it, so I laid a sheet of plywood next to it and was able to pull/roll the rock onto it with the backhoe. I had drilled a couple...
  31. GolfAddict

    If you have mounted a KingKutter "XB" tiller to a Kubota BX tractor, can we talk?

    Re: If you have mounted a KingKutter "XB" tiller to a Kubota BX tractor, can we talk? OK, here is what I ended up with. Though in sharing this, I really hope you'll do the steps to see if it would be the same for you. I have no idea if the configuration of the mounting locations of the...
  32. GolfAddict

    BX1500 - Any way to secure 3pt in upright position while I use MMM?

    Here is a drawing from my manual. You can see how the lifting arms are now detached from the lifting rods, so the 3pt stays in place and the lift arms are free to travel up and down. I would be nervous about how much weight I had on the 3pt using this method.
  33. GolfAddict

    I mow I break ribs, I mow I total mowers, I weed eat I land on my head, NOT ANYMORE

    The insert image in PM only allows for attaching a URL?? Here are a couple of shots. I think the pictures don't show how steep it is. Not quite as bad as the one where you have it going on that bank along side the driveway, but pretty close to that in a few places... I would be able to go...
  34. GolfAddict

    What ATV, side by side or UTV do you have.

    I had a Polaris Sportsman 750 that we used for riding around the farm and woods, and then the last few years for snow plowing. I never needed the speed (probably could count on one hand the number of times I used high gear.) Then my wife got an RTV500 that she uses constantly for her...
  35. GolfAddict

    My wife's a#% isn't big enough.

    I had this exact same problem, though would only cut out if moving around some. If it's because of the same reason I had, and suspect yours is, she just doesn't have quite enough weight to fully depress the seat down and activate the seat switch. You can verify by adding just a bit of weight...
  36. GolfAddict

    Dumb question (?) BX grass catcher

    This has to be pretty frustrating for you. I hate to say it, but I think you still haven't gotten the right parts, or at least not all the right parts according to what I see in my instruction manual. Note - I got mine a couple years back, so it's possible some of these parts have changed, but...
  37. GolfAddict

    Dumb question (?) BX grass catcher

    I took a few more pictures. I think it should work, but I noticed a couple of things. Looking back at your picture where you show the parts, it does look like the front bracket is bent at the end with the bolts. The bolt end should be flat, not curved up where the bolts are. The back...
  38. GolfAddict

    Dumb question (?) BX grass catcher

    The brackets mount directly to the deck using existing holes in the deck. Hopefully these pictures can help. The first couple are the back side bracket. On mine, bolted right into existing holes on the deck. The front side bracket also used two existing holes, but on the bottom lip of the...
  39. GolfAddict

    Work light

    There is a light kit from BXpanded that includes lights, wiring, switch, and the instructions for tapping into the existing provided work light wires on the back. Everything I've gotten from BXpanded is top-notch quality, and I'm sure this kit is the same. Work Lights I did, however, add my...
  40. GolfAddict

    New Member

    Hi all, I discovered this site a month or so ago and find the forums so helpful. My questions are usually answered just by reading, but decided I should join so I can participate more directly. I have a Kubota BX24 with a number of attachments that I use around my 54 acre homestead in SE...