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  1. weldingisfun

    Pick Up Bed Liners

    Have used both Rhino and Line X. Much prefer Line X. Could have a lot to do with the installer. The Rhino was rough looking and chipped pretty badly. The two Line X were very clean and have never chipped.
  2. weldingisfun

    Kawasaki Mule Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

    Happy to hear that things turned out well for you, Sweilers5. Evidently Kawasaki did figure out the problems with the ECU. My Mule has been running flawlessly since I had it replaced in 2018.
  3. weldingisfun

    Time To Refurbish My Trailer

    You did a good job. At least another ten years in it for you.
  4. weldingisfun

    Culvert Install

    Add some rip rap to the uphill side and you can call it completed.
  5. weldingisfun

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Interesting. I have registered all of my RIDGID tools and batteries on line. Never had a problem.
  6. weldingisfun

    JIF Peanut Butter Recall,, Have You Tried To DECIFER The Lot Numbers??

    Once I read this thread I checked my pantry. Sure enough, we had three 48 oz jars, all with lot number 2036 4250311 which are within the range of concern. Interestingly, we have already consumed one jar, it having been a Sam's Club 2-pack the second of that pack about 80% gone and a new unopened...
  7. weldingisfun

    Favorite Gloves?

    Most comfortable I have ever worn and durable.
  8. weldingisfun

    Kawasaki Mule 4010 Trans - Engine Idle issue

    Had the same problems back in 2018 look through these posts. Kawasaki Mule Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
  9. weldingisfun

    leaf spring shackle/link angle question -single axle trailer

    This how it should look. Yours is not mounted correctly.
  10. weldingisfun

    Transferring photos - computer to iPhone

    What he said.(y)
  11. weldingisfun

    A date which will live in infamy

    Eighty years ago, today. Never forget and never, ever let down your guard.
  12. weldingisfun

    Fuel filter funnel

    Agree with Toyboy. Been using one for over 15 years. Here is a link to Mr. Funnel Home
  13. weldingisfun

    Scenery pictures, what does your world look like............

    More from my little piece of Heaven.
  14. weldingisfun

    Scenery pictures, what does your world look like............

    My little piece of Heaven.
  15. weldingisfun

    Pic of a Bull Elk

    Taken by my daughter with her cell phone in Estes Park, CO. Pretty impressive.
  16. weldingisfun

    Electric Fence - Goats

    6 and 18 inches.
  17. weldingisfun

    Electric Fence - Goats

    From our website, talking about fencing, . As already stated, you need lots of joules for goats. Dare Dare Products, Inc - 70 Years of Electric Fencing makes good products, but sounds like you are on a tight budget. Bottom line is high joule output. What...
  18. weldingisfun

    Daylight Savings Time---yes or no?

    Agree 100%. It is absurd.
  19. weldingisfun

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Here is an example of the weather that is hovering over Texas. We are halfway between Austin and Waco. Last night we had ice/sleet dumped on top of this.
  20. weldingisfun

    Cool Nature Photos

    Texas whitetail, not very large but still beautiful to see.
  21. weldingisfun

    Merry Christmas

  22. weldingisfun

    Round bale feeder

    We have been using these for ten+ years. Goats and donkeys, nothing bigger. Tarps are tied off to t-posts on the four corners.
  23. weldingisfun

    A date which will live in infamy

    Franklin D. Roosevelt to a Joint Session of the U.S. Congress on December 8, 1941, one day after the Empire of Japan's attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the Japanese declaration of war on the United States and the British Empire. The name derives from the first line of...
  24. weldingisfun

    Some of my deer pics

    Look closely. How many deer are in this picture?
  25. weldingisfun

    Cool Nature Photos

    Took these photos out my front window this morning. So far we have seen five fawns on our place this year. Two of them are twins. We see them nursing occasionally but seldom when we have a camera on hand.
  26. weldingisfun

    Cool Nature Photos

    Each year, we have a deer give birth to a fawn in one of our goat pens. We discovered this year's fawn a few days ago while out checking the fence line. Took this photo with my phone.
  27. weldingisfun

    What's happened to Shield Arc

    I would just like to know if Shield Arc ever resolved the problem he was having with his "nutcase" neighbor. Does anyone know the answer to that?
  28. weldingisfun

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Not towing yet, but, an accident just waiting to happen.
  29. weldingisfun

    Never Forget

    September 11, 2001 was a day that should cause every American to realize that we are vulnerable if we we do not remain constantly vigilant. The need for vigilance applies not only Nationally but individually as well. This image of that day should ignite a flame of anger in every patriotic American.
  30. weldingisfun

    Kawasaki Mule Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

    The newer model Kawasaki Mule side by sides have an ECU which controls the idle speed and it cannot be adjusted other than by the dealer. The ECU on my 2017 Trans4X4 Mule began malfunctioning at 50 +/- hours. The dealer replaced it, under warranty, at 100 +/- hours. Now, at 350 hours it appears...
  31. weldingisfun

    Rustoleum Paint in Rattle Cans

    It looks like Lowes is phasing out another product, Rustoleum paint in rattle cans. Went to pick up a few cans of gloss white in the 15 oz rattle can and found only Krylon. I have never been a fan of Krylon paints. Looks like my dollars will be spent at Home Depot now. Anyone else seeing this?
  32. weldingisfun

    Anyone have a Metal Quonset Arch-Style Buildings

    All this talk about how the Quonset style building cannot be used as a shop is interesting. I have been using a 30'X60' as a shop for over ten years. My work benches and an office are along one side wall and materiel and equipment storage along the other. The work is done in the middle. There...
  33. weldingisfun

    Kawasaki Mule Idle Adjustment, Need Help

    I am coming to the Wizards of Smart out there with this annoying problem. Our 2017 Kawasaki Mule 4010 Trans 4X4 is under warranty and this problem is most likely covered. What is happening is the idle is erratic, sometimes it idles just fine, but here of late it won't idle at all, it just dies...
  34. weldingisfun

    Times Are Changing

    What ever happened to all the friendly folks who used to live in the country? Today, while towing a 20 foot tandem axle trailer loaded with four round hay bales, approx 8,000 lbs, the right rear tire on the trailer came apart. I saw the blue smoke in the mirror and found a safe place to pull off...
  35. weldingisfun

    Today's Welding time!

    Just finished this one.
  36. weldingisfun

    Tractor Supply Does It Again

    What is going on with TSC? A while back I needed welded wire fencing to layer over my perimeter fence to prevent my goats from putting their heads through the fence and becoming chew toys for the neighbor's dogs. Red Brand was my brand preference. I checked out the TSC Website and found that...
  37. weldingisfun

    Those Craigslist photos

    Is there a trailer in there somewhere? I wonder if the buyer has to take all that junk off of it? Here is the accompanying text: foldable 4x7 trailer - $200 I have a foldable 4x7 trailer for sale. Decwnt shape, just used as storage. Tires are great, everything works, deck is solid. Rated at...
  38. weldingisfun

    Those Craigslist photos

    Some assembly required. :thumbsup: Here is the text: 1984 dodge - 1984 dodge 225 six cylinder intake manifold end hood,4 speed overdrive transmission standard and shifter,1959 studebaker 3 speed overdrive transmission. ask for Allen cash only call for prices 1984 dodge
  39. weldingisfun

    New Trailer Pics

    Here are a few pics of trailers I have built over the years.
  40. weldingisfun

    Christmas Holiday Greetings

    Best wishes to all you TBN followers.
  41. weldingisfun

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Winter has arrived in central Texas. Talk about extremes. Take a look at the two pictures taken in our goat shed. The wind chill, and it is windy, is reportedly 9° to 19°. After spending the last 30 minutes out there I will go with the 9°.
  42. weldingisfun

    A Day Of Infamy

  43. weldingisfun

    Utility Trailer Gets a New Purpose

    Back into the shop for the final steps, wiring and lights. The oval shaped super bright tail lights right at eye level to the driver behind you. If that driver is in a car. Rear side marker LED lights. Even the license plate light is an LED. Add the tarp, reflective tape and my contact...
  44. weldingisfun

    Utility Trailer Gets a New Purpose

    The weather finally cooperated and with the help of the Mahindra :thumbsup: the trailer went outside and up on jack stands again to be painted with 1.25 gallons of Rustoleum Gloss White. After 3.5 hours it looked like this.
  45. weldingisfun

    Utility Trailer Gets a New Purpose

    Three new 225/75R-15 ten ply tires mounted on the newly painted wheels are ready to go on the trailer. 2" x 6" x 10' pressure treated boards for the floor. The new floor is in. The boards are screwed down to the frame at mid point. The angle steel over the end (painted white) is bolted on...
  46. weldingisfun

    Utility Trailer Gets a New Purpose

    The fenders went back on and the seam between the fender and the sheet metal was filled with caulking. The sheet metal received a heavy coat of primer before the fender was welded on. The seams between the metal sheets were filled with liquid metal, sanded and primer painted. Caulking was...
  47. weldingisfun

    Utility Trailer Gets a New Purpose

    The tarp tie down bar was welded on. This will be used to tie the tarp down over the sheet metal and the spare tire mount bolt was also installed. Do you always lose the lock pin for your hitch? You'll have to try to lose this one.
  48. weldingisfun

    Utility Trailer Gets a New Purpose

    Mounts for the rear marker lights were made with 1 1/4" X 1 1/4" X 1/8" steel angle. This serves to protect the lights from big feet and heavy dropped objects. After the dings were knocked out and the rust removed, the original fenders received a heavy coat of red oxide primer. It was time...