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  1. radioman

    Can’t find reverse on BX intermittently

    sounds like either you are really low on hydrualic oil or a blockage in hst oil flow. how the hst oil level look?
  2. radioman

    Bx1860 won't even click when I turn the key

    pull the pto lever back and HOLD it while trying to start. i assume you already made sure the hst pedal is centered. it doesnt matter if you are in the seat or not . everything else is not needed to start bx. I wouldnt worry about the battery since you can hear the clicking of fuel pump.
  3. radioman

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Happened in my town. I'm pretty sure the boat is supposed to be in the trailer , not in front of the truck! :eek:
  4. radioman

    What do YOU use to cut metal roof panels?

    I used this to cut metal roofing. does nice job. i used it on gutters and downspouts too.
  5. radioman

    stripped BX 60" deck blade bolts

    My BX24 60 inch mower deck had a couple bolts stripped and spindles threads was ruined. I think i got a little overzealous :ashamed: with the air impact when tightening them since last summer the blades were spinning and not cutting from one of them. I had a bear of a time trying to take them...
  6. radioman

    Oil & Fuel bx24 glow plugs

    ok - im back inside from working on the BX. first - need to admit a blunder. :o when i at first connected the negative side of tester leads yesterday i used the "wire that i thought was a direct ground" but it was in fact the coolant sensor connector. :ashamed: anyways here what it looks like...
  7. radioman

    Oil & Fuel bx24 glow plugs

    ugh.. not a good week. first off yesterday i went to plow the snow and i had hard time to starting the BX after glowing 30 secs 3 times. so i said screw it .. crank on it till the any compressions makes enough heat to start. got her started. started to plow 5 feet and then POW! my front left...
  8. radioman

    dot numbers for those under 26000lbs

    guys - i bought a ram promaster with Gross vehicle weight rating 8,550 to 9,350 lbs . my registration says 7k weight. I want to tow my 16ft dual axle trailer for work and trailer is rated for 7k gross. I guessing with this combination, ill be over the fmcsa dot weight rating system of 10,001...
  9. radioman

    seat jam nut on BX24 campaign notice letter

    I just got the letter in the mail today about a mandatory campaign notice and it also comes with a sheet with instructions how to check the jam nut. I cant help but notice in the pictures it has the BX25 not the BX24.:confused2: Basically kubota wants me not to operate the tractor if the seat is...
  10. radioman

    horse manure in gardens

    As spring is right around the corner and I'm patiently waiting for it to warm up- I been thinking about the gardens right now. This year I plan on adding horse manure to my garden to improve the clay like soil from a nearby farm that is literally 5 mins from me. The farmer says he has BOTH aged...
  11. radioman

    older homelite super xl chainsaw

    Ok- need your help guys. I got a metal homelite super XLAO . I am 80 percent sure the coil is bad. I wanted to get another coil, but my search on the internet and ebay shows various wild prices for the blue coil a94605. On ebay - from the same guy randy he got them listed at $506,$411,$307,$ all...
  12. radioman

    The Dealer Strikes Again: BX2360 Mower Deck Adjustment

    hieght knob doesnt turn counterclockwise. Always lift deck all the way first before moving knob. If you find you have to adjust again.. I think you have a broken nut on the adjustment bolt. My was broken off after few years of use.
  13. radioman

    BX w Meyer 6' plow

    Yeah I would too. I been manual swivel for several winters now and counting. nice job and its a good start.
  14. radioman

    tail light convertors

    Long story short - I just hooked up my 16 ft landscape trailer to my kia sedona couple days ago to pick up a cub cadet tractor to fix for a freind. I checked the tail lights to make sure its all working before heading down the road and no lights. what?! Was working beginning of the summer. So I...
  15. radioman

    how not to get off the highway with a trailer

    I just saw this video this morning --- Video Captures Moment Truck Launches Off Highway . I cant believe how he went off the highway with the trailer and mower on the back of his truck.
  16. radioman

    BX25 3 point&backhoe

    what is in the kit is in pieces. once you put it together, you will see that you can disconnect it from the connecting points on the tractor and leave rest intact but off the tractor. its no big deal as i do it many times a year. you pretty much have to take the "kit" off to put the BH on. The...
  17. radioman

    Building a Bridge?

    using this fact - Over 12 feet, which is the maximum allowable span between supports, a 6-by-6 beam will hold up to 102 pounds per lineal foot. That said, your design is too simple and will fail. if you built it today, you can cross the creek, but it wil not last and your efforts will be gone...
  18. radioman

    BX25D tool box?

    What are you planning to carry? I used PVC piping with caps for my toolbox and mounted on FEL posts. One side is for chains and other for pliers, clips, screwdriver and wrench. Here is old old old pics before I painted it orange.
  19. radioman

    Another Bridge Thread

    I can one up this idea - Add ramp in concrete design.
  20. radioman

    BX25D. Mod #1 and continued.

    :bawling:sniff sniff!! :begging: try to one up me with my mods! :begging: The one on left is my chain holder on FEL and right is my toolbox on FEL .:thumbsup::D
  21. radioman

    Kubota BX Front Quick Hitch Help

    I modified my A frame off old truck plow to fit on my FEL arms as I prefer to use plow in front. No problems what so ever. Since I had scrap metal, and welder I just went at it. I mounted the FEL points as close as I dared to allow the plow to pivot. Dont worry about sfrankland comment about...
  22. radioman

    Digging with a FEL..

    Sorry guys -- I know you gonna hate - but these are the only pics I took. It was for a sewer project I was working on and couldnt find pic that had me driving down digging out a ramp to go deeper for my BH. If you can picture this - its a single lane going straight down to hole. I literally had...
  23. radioman

    Building a stick frame house in the woods in 90 days

    you just need to provide a less resistance channel for water to go to. Just apply dimpled membrane to the walls on outside and then you can backfill with clay.
  24. radioman

    Posible blizzard coming to Massachusetts and surrounding states

    it hasnt hit here yet - just a light flurries right now ...
  25. radioman

    Would you be caught dead on this John Deere Tractor?

    how about this pink tractor? it was painted pink for the breast awareness week and parked at the football games .
  26. radioman

    Lifting rocks with skidding tongs?

    What you need is a rock sling. One TBN'er made this for his 3 pt and the arms moves to adjust to size/shape of the rock. I loved this idea, if I ever get a large rock project - I'd build one of these puppies .:thumbsup:
  27. radioman

    Replacing the BX1850 hood with a BX1860 hood

    yes I have made my own. went to a metal store and picked out a 1/4 thick scrap cutoffs sheet and welded up a skid plate. I see the damaged hood. Wow .. how did that happen?
  28. radioman

    Boss Plow on BX Tractor

    You asked - you got it .
  29. radioman

    beet juice being used on roads instead of tractor tires.

    I just came across this article today and needless to say , I am surprised. They are using beet juice (rimgaurd ?) and mixing with brine spreading on the roads. After all these years, I never heard of this till today.NYS Thruway Authority to use beet juice to pre-treat roads - Victor, NY -...
  30. radioman

    Android App

    My TBN android app just did a self upgrade sometime today and whenever I try to open it - I get a crashed message. Is anyone else having this issue?:(
  31. radioman

    Homelite super XL

    maclawn- don't feel bad- I got the housewife model too. one torn apart - other needs fixing. I'm working on it but with limited funds.
  32. radioman

    Homelite super XL

    Forgot to attach pics-- here are the pics of the saw and grommets with filter cover removed.
  33. radioman

    Homelite super XL

    I got a homelite super XL recently off from craigslist and found a crack fuel line on it. Got a few questions. When I ran it before discovering the line was cracked- it was running real rich and hard to start. I replaced the line and it ran a whole lot better, but it was a bear to put the line...
  34. radioman

    Mice chewed brake wires

    a few days ago I came home with a full load of firewood on a rainy day with my 16 ft trailer. On the way I was wondering why my trailer was listing to one side when stoping and felt rough. I saw the tire was worn thru as you see in the pictures. It was only one tire and not the other three. I...
  35. radioman

    Post photos of your improvised tool box for your SCUT

    It was a scrap piece of pvc pipe I had for sewer line job leftover. I was blessed to have a hole already in the BX FEL arm and I used a single bolt to hold it. The hardest part of the whole project is getting the nut started inside the pipe without looking at it. :rolleyes: It was really easy...
  36. radioman

    Post photos of your improvised tool box for your SCUT

    This was before I painted it orange. a small box for few hand tools. 4shorts - as usual you do good work and great full out ideas of designs.
  37. radioman

    sand roller

    Now how cool is that?! :thumbsup:
  38. radioman

    Will a BX Plow Snow

    Yup -- I think the BX will plow just fine on blacktop with no chains. I even plow my path in woods with the same setup with turf tires/no chains/loaded tires.
  39. radioman

    MF1250 FEL hydraulic pressure

    Does anyone know how to check the pressure on MF1250 specifically? (tractor belong to my father and he doesnt use computers so I am doing this for him) I did a quick search here and did not find anyone doing it for the non-hst 1250 model. He is saying that the FEL feels pretty weak and I want to...
  40. radioman

    Forum Upgrade - Any Issues?

    For some reason I am seeing a few sigs not having the wrap around on text of some members like this one.
  41. radioman

    creative use of farm part in a truck hitch

    Ummm .. say what is that?!?
  42. radioman

    string beans plants being eaten

    GRRRRRR 3 days ago, I spreaded the rabbit,deer repellent granules in my garden to keep the animals out and yesterday I saw HALF of my string bean crop leaves eaten!!!!! I saw a couple small bunnies hopping around, couple different sizes of deer across my garden so its not working. Question is...
  43. radioman

    Tiller for BX...

    Here is a pix of my slip clutch mounted under the safety cover
  44. radioman

    need to bleed ABS block after line replacement

    I just replaced the rear brake lines on my 98 chevy blazer along with new calipers all the way around. The problem is when my line blew, the fluid was low and air got into the ABS block. I have trouble bleeding it and discovered through google that I need to have a ABS scan tool to help purge...
  45. radioman

    bellows for fireplace

    Instead of buying one ready made, how many of you have made your own? Any plans you can share?
  46. radioman

    untaxed fuel

    I came across a forum today that talked about IRS red dye and EPA red dye in fuels in kerosene and diesel. Now What has me confused is which is which? which one is darker? Is it true that EPA red has too much sulfur for on road engines? The reason I asked is because my wife tried to do the...
  47. radioman

    leather jackets

    Does anybody have a recommendation on killing the leather jacket larvae? couple weeks ago I saw them on my driveway and couldnt figure out what they were till I saw an newspaper article on identifying them. They are dirty gray wormlike and stinks when smooshing them flat.
  48. radioman

    diesel weight

    I did a quick search here on TBN and havent found any threads on this. or maybe I am looking in right place?:o Anyways, I am planning on getting 50-55 gallons of biodiesel or off road since the prices is killing me now. I was hoping to get enough from now till fall to curtail the higher prices...
  49. radioman

    float on mf1250

    Can anyone confirm if the MF1250 has float on the FEL? I know my kubota has float and I can engage it by pushing up past detent. I tried it on my fathers mf1250 and there seems to be no float position.