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  1. weldingisfun

    Pic of a Bull Elk

    Taken by my daughter with her cell phone in Estes Park, CO. Pretty impressive.
  2. weldingisfun

    A date which will live in infamy

    Franklin D. Roosevelt to a Joint Session of the U.S. Congress on December 8, 1941, one day after the Empire of Japan's attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the Japanese declaration of war on the United States and the British Empire. The name derives from the first line of...
  3. weldingisfun

    Never Forget

    September 11, 2001 was a day that should cause every American to realize that we are vulnerable if we we do not remain constantly vigilant. The need for vigilance applies not only Nationally but individually as well. This image of that day should ignite a flame of anger in every patriotic American.
  4. weldingisfun

    Kawasaki Mule Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

    The newer model Kawasaki Mule side by sides have an ECU which controls the idle speed and it cannot be adjusted other than by the dealer. The ECU on my 2017 Trans4X4 Mule began malfunctioning at 50 +/- hours. The dealer replaced it, under warranty, at 100 +/- hours. Now, at 350 hours it appears...
  5. weldingisfun

    Rustoleum Paint in Rattle Cans

    It looks like Lowes is phasing out another product, Rustoleum paint in rattle cans. Went to pick up a few cans of gloss white in the 15 oz rattle can and found only Krylon. I have never been a fan of Krylon paints. Looks like my dollars will be spent at Home Depot now. Anyone else seeing this?
  6. weldingisfun

    Kawasaki Mule Idle Adjustment, Need Help

    I am coming to the Wizards of Smart out there with this annoying problem. Our 2017 Kawasaki Mule 4010 Trans 4X4 is under warranty and this problem is most likely covered. What is happening is the idle is erratic, sometimes it idles just fine, but here of late it won't idle at all, it just dies...
  7. weldingisfun

    Times Are Changing

    What ever happened to all the friendly folks who used to live in the country? Today, while towing a 20 foot tandem axle trailer loaded with four round hay bales, approx 8,000 lbs, the right rear tire on the trailer came apart. I saw the blue smoke in the mirror and found a safe place to pull off...
  8. weldingisfun

    Tractor Supply Does It Again

    What is going on with TSC? A while back I needed welded wire fencing to layer over my perimeter fence to prevent my goats from putting their heads through the fence and becoming chew toys for the neighbor's dogs. Red Brand was my brand preference. I checked out the TSC Website and found that...
  9. weldingisfun

    Christmas Holiday Greetings

    Best wishes to all you TBN followers.
  10. weldingisfun

    A Day Of Infamy

  11. weldingisfun

    Utility Trailer Gets a New Purpose

    I recently took a well used utility trailer and gave it a new life as a livestock trailer, primarily goats. To date, I have done this to eight utility trailers and sold every one of them within three weeks. Why they are not building these commercially is a mystery? For those who may ask, how...
  12. weldingisfun

    Kawasaki Mule Fuel Tank Leak

    Just thought I would throw this out for all the "TBN Wizards of Smart", especially those with Mules. My 2007, 3010 Trans 4X4 has a fuel tank leak problem that, I hope, some one can help me solve. I don't mind the gas fumes smell, but they offend my Bride's sensitive nose. The leak occurs at the...
  13. weldingisfun

    Win 10 Question

    Just wondering if anyone else, using Win 10, is experiencing this? Every so often, 7 to 10 days, while I am using the computer the monitor will just go black. After about a minute or two the blue screen comes up with a message that Windows experienced some problems and must gather information...
  14. weldingisfun

    Anyone Know What is Going On?

    What is up with this? Forum Message Your submission could not be processed because the token has expired. Please push the back button and reload the previous window. And, what on earth is a token?
  15. weldingisfun

    2015 Kidding Season

    The 2015 goat kidding season is upon us. This is what it is all about.
  16. weldingisfun

    December 7

    The day that lives in infamy. Photo taken from the bridge of the USS Missouri.
  17. weldingisfun

    A Way to Build Trailer Bows

    If you want to see a method to bend square tubing to make trailer bows visit my thread in the Build It Yourself Forum.
  18. weldingisfun

    Building Trailer Bows

    One of the things I do to keep myself out of trouble is to convert small utility trailers into small livestock trailers. After repeated failed attempts to bend 14 gauge, 1 X 1 inch square tubing for the bows I found a way to do it without destroying the tubing. The downside was that method took...
  19. weldingisfun

    Another Good Snake

    Had a close encounter this morning with this fella. I was going to put sunflower seeds into the bird feeder when I looked down at my feet. Lying coiled, less than a foot from my feet, was a Western Diamondback rattlesnake. He blended perfectly with the seed hulls lying in the grass. He allowed...
  20. weldingisfun

    2014 Kidding Season

    We had a good crop again this year. The season began on 5 March and ended on 2 April. The yield was two single births, 5 sets of twins, three of triplets and two of quadruplets. The picture is of the 5 March triplets.
  21. weldingisfun

    A Day of Infamy, December 7, 1941

    We were asleep at the wheel 72 years ago too. Will we never learn? Photo taken from the bridge of the USS Missouri overlooking the final resting place of the USS Arizona.
  22. weldingisfun

    Birds in the Barn

    Has anyone found the secret to keeping birds out of your barn? We built our hay barn 6 or 7 years ago and there have always been a few birds finding shelter inside it. But, this year year we have a bumper crop of English sparrows and they finally did something to really get me upset. They are...
  23. weldingisfun

    Trailer Recycling

    Old trailers never die, they just get recyled. Thought you might like to see how an old utility trailer became a useful livestock trailer.
  24. weldingisfun

    Kawasaki Mule Feedback

    All you Kawasaki Mule owners and dealers, we would like your feedback. We have been driving a Mule Trans 4x4 for about seven years and love it. The time has come to retire the old girl and look at getting a new one. We willstay with the Kawasaki Mule Trans 4X4, so all you Polaris, Gator, Rave...
  25. weldingisfun

    First Kid of the Season

    The first kid of the season arrived yesterday morning, early. He had a twin, but that one didn't make it. We didn't think this doe was ready or we would have been there and the twin would have made it. Anyway, he was only 6 hours old when the picture was taken and he weighed in at ten pounds...
  26. weldingisfun

    Thank a Veteran Today

    Don't forget to thank a veteran today.
  27. weldingisfun

    Diagnosis, analysis, opinions needed to solve trailer sway

    Okay guys and gals, your help is needed. Just bought an old, home built, livestock trailer (pic attached). It is 5 X 10 feet, single axle. Looks to have 5000 lb leaf springs on it (pics attached). On the ride to our place there was a very pronounced sway beginning at 55 mph. My truck is a 3/4...
  28. weldingisfun

    Lucked Out On Craigslist

    Found an ad on Craigslist for a HF 20-ton Shop Press 20 Ton Shop Press - Hydraulic Shop Presses on Sale From the picture on the ad, it looked brand new. His asking price, $125. Fella said the jack didn't work. Well, I was already planning on getting the HF 12-ton shop press and figured, "Why...
  29. weldingisfun

    Wahoo! Top-n-Tilt

    Once again, I have been inspired by this forum to do something I probably never would have done had it not been for the ideas and projects of the TBN contributors. Thanks to all. I finally gathered together enough money to have a Top-n-Tilt installed on my Mahindra 4500 4X4. This is something...
  30. weldingisfun

    Memorial Day

    Remember those who gave all allowing us to live in this great land as free men and women. Fly your flags at half staff until noon. God Bless America.
  31. weldingisfun

    Floating Dock Advice Wanted

    We plan to build a 4 X 8 foot floating dock on one of our stock ponds. It will be attached to a fixed dock extending from the bank ten feet out into the water. Where the advice is needed is to determine what flotation devices are best. Right now we are looking at 30 or 55 gallon plastic drums...
  32. weldingisfun

    Day of Infamy Remembered

    December 7, 1941. The battleship USS Arizona Memorial viewed from the bridge of the battleship USS Missouri.
  33. weldingisfun

    Welding Table Build

    All fired up, getting ready to start a project I have been thinking and dreaming about doing for years. I am going to build a welding table and promise to carry you along, if interested, from start to finish. My materials list consists of: 4'x8'x3/8" plate for the top; 3"x1/8" square tubing...
  34. weldingisfun

    11 September 2001

    Thank you TBN for the nice tribute. Here is another.
  35. weldingisfun

    10% Ethanol, Heads Up!

    I recently bought gas from the filling station at Fortt Hood. Didn't think anything of it at the time, but that gas has played havoc with my chain saws and gas weed eater. The gas caps on the chain saws have swollen to the point where they must be removed with pliers and the brand new Echo...
  36. weldingisfun

    Buying Advice Pressure Washer

    I would appreciate some input from those of you experienced with pressure washers. It would be used primarily for general clean up around the place, washing the tractor and other smaller equipment. Price is a consideration but not the most important. What I want is performance and reliability...
  37. weldingisfun

    Achieved the Point of Absurdity

    I have irrefutable evidence that we, as a country, have achieved the point of absurdity in our litigious society. Yesterday, I purchased a new gas-powered grass trimmer/weed cutter. Coming along with it, at who knows how much additional cost, were 200 pages worth of manuals and statements. 95...
  38. weldingisfun

    Bradco Rock Bucket

    Need a Bradco, 66" rock bucket? This one is set up for QA not Skid Steer. You can see that in the pics. The tines are spaced at 3 inches. Since it weighs over 500#, I'm limited to Texas buyers. New, this thing costs over $1900. My price, and it is a firm price, $1250. Please, serious...
  39. weldingisfun

    Battery Terminal Corrosion Prevention

    Just looking for the different things you all do to reduce or prevent your battery terminals from corroding. It just seems like I have to pull and clean batteries every six months or so. I have used multi-purpose grease, a red grease-like substance sold at O'Reilly's Auto made for batteries and...
  40. weldingisfun

    Omni Dual Saw

    Anyone out there have any experience with the Omni Dual Saw? The price isn't too bad if it actually does all it is supposed to do. But, neither the saw nor the replacement parts are available at any retail outlets. That means everything must be ordered...
  41. weldingisfun

    Outdoor Electrical Wiring

    Can anyone tell me what would be the longest run I can do off of a 20 Amp breaker using 12-3 outdoor wire. It is for lights in a goat shelter located approximately 350 to 400 feet from the breaker box.
  42. weldingisfun

    4th of July

    God, bless America.
  43. weldingisfun

    Kawasaki Mule Hourmeter

    Does anyone have a repair manual for a Kawasaki 3010? My hourmeter stopped working and I am wanting to repair it. A wiring schematic is probably what I need to see. Appreciate any help you can offer.
  44. weldingisfun

    We Lost Friend Saturday

    If you haven't heard the news, we all lost a friend on Saturday. Paul Harvey died at age 90. Radio Legend Paul Harvey Dies at 90 Don't know about the rest of you, but I will miss him.
  45. weldingisfun

    Merry Christmas

    Will be headed out for Colorado in a few hours for Christmas, weather permitting. Want to wish all who read this thread a: Merry Christmas May the reason for the season be first and foremost in all your minds this week and don't forget those who serve in uniform to provide us with a safe holiday.
  46. weldingisfun

    Electrical Wiring Glitch

    I just redecked a utility trailer. While the decking was off, I rewired the lights. The original wires were pretty sad. The glitch is when I use the turn signals, either side it makes no difference, there is a faint blinking in all the other lights to include the side markers. It didn't do this...
  47. weldingisfun

    Round bale Feeder w/ pics

    If you raise goats then you know that feeding round bales of anything is a waste of money. They love to get on top of the bale to do their business, urinate and defecate, then they won't eat anymore of the round bale. Well, I may have found the solution to the problem. A friend told me about a...
  48. weldingisfun

    I'm just curious

    Help me out here folks. There must be two or three active threads discussing the use of a gun to dispatch Ol' Mr. Noshoulders. Does anyone ever use the plentiful and inexpensive BFR (Big Fat Rock) anymore? The next best snakecharmer is the good old shovel. Both are inexpensive, easy to operate...
  49. weldingisfun

    Never Forget

    God Bless America. Moderator: Please remove this thread 12 Sep 08.
  50. weldingisfun

    Seeking Ball Mount Advice

    I have 2001 Dodge Ram, 4X4, Cummins Diesel, 6-Speed manual tranny with a 2" receiver hitch. I have four trailers, 2 stock (8 foot two wheel and a 16' tandem) and 2 utility (a 12' and a 20' both tandem) that I tow frequently. Three of the trailers have 2" hitch balls and one is a 2 5/16". Each...