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  1. Macinnis

    LS MT3 57 - 50 hour service and filter issue

    I received the following filters from my dealer (all of which are ls genuine parts) oil - p/n 40409065 hydro - p/n 40347274 hydrostat - p/n 40007563 the hydrostatic filter would not go on. I call the dealer, they assure me I have the right part. I try it again, no dice. I get the calipers...
  2. Macinnis

    Terraced land

    I bought 60 acres about three years ago. 50 of it is open pasture land that was neglected the past few years. I recently bought a new tractor and flail mower. The flail mower is doing a fantastic job reclaiming and rejuvenating the pastures (lot of sticker bushes 4-6 feet high are longer...
  3. Macinnis

    Hydraulic issue

    I have a new ls mt3 57 hp tractor as well as a new hydraulic side shift flail mower. this is my first tractor, so keep that in mind. while hooking up the flail mower, one of the two hoses did not reach the tractor. Since this was brand new, i wanted to test the shift (with only one hose...
  4. Macinnis

    Concrete control joint question

    I have a 60x60 pole barn. All posts are 10,000 psi concrete posts set in ground with concrete and dirt material filling the 4 foot hole they are set in. At 6 inches out of ground they are 3 2x6s screwed together up to the truss. 20x45 of this space will be used as an apartment with the...
  5. Macinnis

    Quick hitch question

    The tractor I am going to purchase soon is category 2. The flail mower I am planning to buy is category 2 NON QUICK HITCH COMPATIBLE. I will be using the mower most for the first year, but after that, will be changing attachments more frequently. My question is...should I even purchase a...
  6. Macinnis

    Pole barn order of operations

    I recently had a 60x60 pole barn built. Ultimately, 20x40 of that will be an apartment for the wife and I to spend the weekends at our land before we build our retirement house on the property. I choose a pole barn because I could get the structure up and finish the apartment out as cash...
  7. Macinnis

    Pole barn finishing question

    I finally pulled the trigger on a 60x60 pole barn that should be completed in may. About 20x45 will be an apartment so the wife and I can spend the weekends until a house can be built (this is our retirement property). My posts will be 7.5 on center. Would you stick frame the outside walls or...
  8. Macinnis

    Horseback riding helmet safety

    My wife is an avid rider. We live in St. Louis, but her house barn is a mere 20 minutes away, so she rides 3-4 times a week. She always wears a helmet. Last night I got a call that she had fallen off the horse and was in route to the hospital. The horse either kicked her or more likely...
  9. Macinnis

    Yt359 cat I hitch?

    Is the 59hp yt359 really a cat 1 hitch? It痴 on my list of top three tractors, and one of the implements I plan on using most is cat II only. If I can稚 get that implement, then I may as well downgrade to a 50hp tractor and save on some implements. Thanks,