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  1. nybirdman

    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    Just read GM,Subaru and others now are going to have a mandatory subscription for;heated seats,remote start ect.Can you imagine!Unreal.In GM's case you are forced to purchase OnStar,no choice rolled into the price. I was considering a trade,this may be enough for me(and a lot of others) not...
  2. nybirdman

    No Kubota loaders?

    Happened to reach a salesman when I called for parts;asked about inventory and he said he had a few 50 HP tractors but no loaders(FELs) for them and didn't know when they would be available.Like everything else;hard to come by.
  3. nybirdman

    HST repair again?

    Have a L4240 HSTC with 1300 hours;one year ago, it developed the dreaded HST leak(bad seal) in transmission.Had it repaired(tractor must be split by the local dealer)six weeks down.Used it yesterday and appears it's gone again;small leak about a drop a minute. I have only put about 75 hours on...
  4. nybirdman

    Handy little pump
  5. nybirdman

    This year's Hatch

    We hatch about 1k pheasant every year(our 19th) ,a few bobwhite and chukar.This year's hatch is going pretty well,about 600 hatched so far;maybe 65%.We keep breeder birds and purchased 720 eggs from a hatchery in Pa. We bought eggs the last two years to get a jump on our weather(cold and wet...
  6. nybirdman

    Major repair to my L4240 Kubota

    Just found out while brush-hogging,noticed a hydraulic leak under the tractor;that little loose plug that tells you have a seal gone.Big repair ,have to split the tractor.1350 hours and a 2009 model. O well,been trouble free to this point.
  7. nybirdman

    Kubota keys

    FYI for anyone in need of a key for Kubota tractors;looked on Amazon and find that I can purchase five keys for $12 that will fit "ANY" cabbed Kubota':from a B2650-M135.Can we say lack of security!Keep up your insurance!
  8. nybirdman


    Seeing the way things are now we just tried Instacart (for groceries).Wife does the shopping normally but concerned about going into the stores.A little delivery fee+tip(we are 7 miles from store).More than happy with the service.Stay home and be safe!
  9. nybirdman

    HIgh speed internet

    Finally got a high speed internet hook-up in our area(fiber-optics).Amazing for sure;started on dial-up got over the air a few years ago(1.5mpbs down 0.5up) not bad and usable.Fiber-optics is 25mpbs down and 20 up). Just got a Amazon FireStick today;along with Amazon Prime opens a whole...
  10. nybirdman

    L6060/M7060/M471 Kubotas

    Thinking about trading my L4240 HSTC for one of the above mentioned.Purchased the L4240 new and it only has 1200 hours on it.I would like a little more power and weight but not sure on giving up HST.The L6060 seems to be the same tractor but with more power so not a big jump;to go with the M...
  11. nybirdman

    Three point sprayer

    Looking to purchase one in the spring;about 50-60 gallon unit. Recommendations?Roller pump ?I assume they run off the rear PTO(don't want electric),is a drive shaft included?
  12. nybirdman

    Third function to the rear

    We acquired a grain drill this spring;I don't have any rear hydraulics but do have a third function on the front to run my bucket thumb and snow plow.Your read about people running their rear hydraulics to the front;I did the opposite. Just a temporary set-up(only going to use for a couple...
  13. nybirdman

    Looking for adjustable lift arms

    For a Kubota L3300(1997),my BIL's.Looking for the type used on the Grand L's;slotted with a pin.My son has a set on his L3000 that are painted blue so assume New Holland? His has the turn buckle type now;not fun.
  14. nybirdman

    Change in diesel fuel?

    Our busiest time is spring food plot prep;this year we have noticed on both of our tractors(32&44 H.P.) an increase in fuel use.I first put it off to left over "winter" fuel but the uptick in consumption has continued.Has there been a change in diesel formulations? Granted we are small time...
  15. nybirdman

    top link location

    My Kubota has three locations for the connection of the top link of the three point;never needed to try moving until recently. I was trying to gain a little height for a big two bottom plow.Not finding anything in the manual;have three choices;so what if any advantage to moving it.
  16. nybirdman

    International Grain drill

    We lucked out and found and International Grain drill T10 which is a 18 row drill.Needs some work but usable as is . We are in the process of adding a few missing parts,seed tubes,hydraulics and adding a jack. Hoping to use it to plant our food plots,corn,sorgum,cow-peas ect.We sold a two...
  17. nybirdman

    Battery Tender Connections

    My tractor starts well with the block heater plugged in but I would like to connect a battery tender.Tractor sits out-side and calling for "more"-20*F temps. My tractor battery only has the top round post;doesn't have the side connectors or 1/4" stud on top like my boat batteries. I have...
  18. nybirdman

    New mailbox

    Decided to replace my 30+ year old mail-box;left the post as is.I have a couple neighbors with JD boxes(and they don't own anything),this ought to "torque em".
  19. nybirdman

    Finaly got a contractor to clear

    As stated;I have been 7-8 years trying to find a clearing contractor to help with my land.I had found several but I guess they are independent and didn't need the work.Only had one look at the job(he was hired) and I am happy with the work he did. We have two tractors with bush-hogs but this...
  20. nybirdman

    How to;video upload

    Not having any luck trying to upload a video.
  21. nybirdman

    Got snow?

    On the news tonight;60 miles South of us between Watertown and Syracuse.........59 inches and still coming down.Been there done that..........they can have it.So much snow they are telling the snowmobilers to stay away. Check out Redfield,NY snowfall on the news.
  22. nybirdman

    B2650 HSDC

    Our village is looking to purchase a new "side-walk" tractor and must be less than 60" and front snow-blower capable. Also will see mower duty in the summer.Just checking if any-one has this particular tractor(B2650 HSTC).Not interested in other brands.Have heard of some problems with the...
  23. nybirdman

    The girls score big(deer)

    Well the girls already scored;189lb. nine point(DIL) and granddaughter(15yrs.old) 176lb.six point.This in very upstate NY. Both shot at about 170 yards with a .243(of all things).Hand-loaded with 100gr.Accubonds.
  24. nybirdman

    Amazon "spoof"

    Maybe not the right term but;I deal with quite a bit,I recently got an email that "looked"like it was from them but worded funny.Asked to change my password and update my information.I did not bite;Amazon shoppers beware.
  25. nybirdman

    Air Conditioner quit

    On my L4240 HSTC.Sure is hot with-out it.Anyway was about done brush-hogging any way.Popped the hood blew out the radiator(s) noticed that the belt was off the compressor.Easy job or so I thought.Three hours later I finally removed the muffler to access the tensioner.Hint;the idler bolt needs to...
  26. nybirdman

    New front tire time

    On my L4240 HSTC,seven years,one thousand hours and a lot of paved road.Factory was 8.3x16 R1's.,replaced with 8x16 R1 ,Carlisle 6 ply.Back tires are still fine.I had a fair amount of thread left but the side walls were cracking and leaking.
  27. nybirdman

    Where to buy LED lights for John Deere Tractor

    Superbright LED's or Ridgid.Both good quality.Have used both on our tractors & boat.
  28. nybirdman

    Another computer problem

    I have Windows 7 and using Internet Explorer;I am trying to access a web site.Welcome to - Search Results for "" which is New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.I need some forms for my business from them. I have accessed in the past;currently their...
  29. nybirdman

    2016 Viking

    Just had my 2016 Yamaha Viking delivered;my third new Yamaha.We have had very good luck with them over the years.This machine should prove to be a good compromise for work and play.Mostly work though;hauling birds ,people,feed,dogs and pheasant manure! My 2006 Rhino had 4,000 miles mostly done...
  30. nybirdman

    Can't upload pictures

    I have uploaded quite few in the past;can't now for some reason.Anyone know what going on with this?
  31. nybirdman

    Loffness Front Snow Blower for sale

    My BIL has a front mounted,rear PTO driven,6ft,double auger snow blower for sale.35-80 HP tractor required.Only has a max of 170 hours use.Sub-frame,gear box,PTO shaft electric Shute control included.Purchase with a L3300 Kubota that only had 170 hours on it.Requires FEL to be removed.Located in...
  32. nybirdman

    Help deleteing uploaded pictures

    How do I delete pictures that I have uploaded to TBN?
  33. nybirdman

    Food Plot reward

    This is why I have a tractor and put in food plots every year.Lots of pictures of turkeys,does and fawns and small bucks also. This guy is 200#+
  34. nybirdman

    Contractors in Northern NY

    Looking for a contractor for Northern NY;St.Lawrence co.P.M me if you know of someone in this area.
  35. nybirdman

    First Yamaha Rhino failure

    And I am "NOT" complaining.Finaly replaced the original battery on my 2006 450 Yamaha Rhino.It didn't leave me but was getting weak for sure. The machine was purchased new and currently has 3900+miles on it.On my third set of tires(road rider) and other than oil/filter and air filter and one...
  36. nybirdman

    Loffness Front Snow Blower for sale

    Located in Northern New York(St.Lawrence co.),6ft.? rear PTO driven front mounted Loffness snow blower. Purchased with a L3300 Kubota with only 172 hours so the blower had very little use.Electric shute control,hyraulic lift.FEL must be removed. All mounting hardware,gear box,universals ect...
  37. nybirdman

    Bargin Kubota

    We just added the third Kubota to our family.My brother-in-law has been looking for a tractor and found a gem.$12,000 1997 Kubota L3300 4WD, GST,garage kept one owner with 172 hours on the clock. Included;Front mounted Lofness snow blower(to be sold),unused 5ft.Landpride bush-hog,Kubota 480...
  38. nybirdman

    Value of a John Deere 790 (about a 2001)

    Had a family member stumble across this cherry JD 790+FEL with 176 hours.Garage kept and looks new.Owner has passed and his wife is looking to sell.We would like to make a fair offer for both parties. Our first offer was $10,000.She said the paid $17,000 when new. We are not a big fan of...
  39. nybirdman

    April 8 snow

    We were "blessed" with two inches of heavy wet snow yesterday,April 8,2015.Unreal winter;it was just beginning to dry out.Up to 50 degrees tomorrow so it will be gone soon. Don't know exactly but we must have received 120"+ this year.At least there will be no drought.
  40. nybirdman

    logging winch build

    We are considering building a PTO powered logging winch;similar to Farmi,ect.Does anyone know a source for the clutch that we would be using.We have the capabilities of building the rest.
  41. nybirdman

    Direct TV "Genie"

    My wife had been after me to add a second Direct TV receiver;I finally gave in.I have no connection to Direct Tv other than being a long time customer. I should have done this before this long cold winter;anyway adding a second receiver,Genie and DVR is quite an eye opener.I also had to add...
  42. nybirdman

    Virus problem recently

    While on this site recently my anti-virus has stopped numerous attempts:never have seen this on TBN. Administrators ?
  43. nybirdman

    1023E vs BX2370

    A friend is looking at these two models,both with MMM and front snow blower and FEL.He told me he was quoted $2,000 more for the Kubota.I am a Kubota guy I quess having owned three of them but all a lot larger than either of these sub-compacts. Both dealers are very good,I have dealt with...
  44. nybirdman

    storm Nov.18,2014

    Missed us so far but Western NY state(Buffalo area) is getting pounded.....6ft.or more.Just south of us in St.Lawrence Co.has two-three ft. so far and it's still coming down. Hope every-one was ready for this early storm.
  45. nybirdman

    side by side diesel tractor?

    Just saw this on Craig's List.,never heard of one.Based on a Cub Cadet.I would guess homemade and done well.No price.
  46. nybirdman

    Tree Shear build

    Another tool I didn't know existed or needed until I saw one on TBN. I had some 4" & 3" tubing, a little scrap angle so I decided to go ahead with a new project. I have a young friend with a complete fab shop,plasma cutter,torch,mig welder ect.I can weld but don't have the cutting...
  47. nybirdman

    Dodged a bullet

    I have been purchasing a lot of diesel for the tractor lately,with bush-hogging/land clearing in full spring. I use five gallon cans and purchase 15-20 gallons at a time.What I just read my local station had their "diesel" tank refilled with "gasoline" and messed a number of vehicles.They also...
  48. nybirdman

    Broke my new cutter

    With just about five hours on my new Landpride LCR2072 managed to break one of the blades.My fault hit a rock. It snapped about a foot off of one of the blades,made quite a racket and serious vibration.Dealer to pick up soon. I don't believe it will be covered under warranty but we will see...
  49. nybirdman

    2014 Silverado purchased

    Recently traded my 2013 Z71,4 WD,extended cab for the new 2014 model Silverado.Equipted very similar.My 2013 only had 5500 miles on it but was taken by the new interior of the 2014's.Lots of improvement on the new truck quieter ride,better mileage(same 5.3 displacement) direct injected,rear...
  50. nybirdman

    Massey Harris two row planter

    Crops are in for this year but picked up a Massey Harris two row,ground driven planter.Would like to know a source for a manual and parts if available.It seems to be in fair condition,as always the fertilizer buckets are bad and need one drive chain.Thanks for any information.