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    X324 throttle adjustment

    The throttle on my X324 will not stay where I set it, it creeps down until I notice that I am crawling along. I took a quick look under the dash, the chock and throttle cables both go into a black plastic box without any apparent adjustments. Has anybody else encountered this issue? If so how...
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    New fuel can feature

    Recently was on our way into town to fill my diesel cans when my wife suggested that we stop at TSC and get an additional 5 gallon fuel can. I certainly was not going ignore that suggestion! So we stopped in, I purchased a new can and we proceeded to the gas station to fill the cans. Now we all...
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    Gulp went the big fish

    Just noticed that Pape Machinery just swallowed Washington Tractor, which was already pretty much the sole John deere dealer here in Washington.
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    It's cold a bit snowy in Western Washington

    It's cold and a bit snowy in Western Washington this week and everybody is losing their minds as usual. We have cold snowy winters here about one winter in ten around here. When it does snow everyone freaks out, including my wife. We have enough food and fuel put by to get along for a couple of...
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    Articulated tractor project for sale

    About a year ago my brother in law passed away. He had been working on an articulated tractor project for a number of years, it is mostly complete, with some the hydraulic plumbing and the control system not yet completed. My sister would like to sell it to someone interested in completing it...
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    To all who are members of Machine

    The web site is not being maintained at this time. This is due to Matt the owner and creator of the site passing away last November. Matt was my brother in law and friend. We all miss him very much. He died from complications following heart surgery.
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    I think my new neighbor will be Ok!

    Some folks just bought the 5 acres next door to us, my other next door neighbor's have been great and i think the new folks are going to be as well. They are currently cleaning up the old homsite and preparing to build a new home. They had an arborist come in to evaluate the trees on the...
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    Nice surprise in the greenhouse

    I have been fighting a daily battle with aphids on my peppers this year. They seem to be impervious to most insecticides that I am willing to use on my food plants, so I have been washing them off every morning for since late April. A few days ago I noticed a small (1/8") worm looking thing on...
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    Living in a magic place

    I've spoken in the past about my sister's farm in the Skagit valley, the link below shows what they are all about. My sister has a degree in biological oceanography, she has applied a great deal of her education to the practice of sustainable farming, and has made a good living while doing so...
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    I'm puzzled

    As I travel around the area that I live, I have noticed that there are a lot of tractors that are parked outside. In many cases they are parked outside of barns, sheds and shops. Why would you make a substantial investment in a piece of equipment then let it sit out in the elements. I have...
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    Hi from Yelm

    I have been reading and posting for a month or so on TBN, so I suppose it would be polite of me to introduce myself. My wife and I live a bit south of the town in rural Thurston County. I have been a tractor owner for over 35 years, up until a couple of years ago we had a 1948 8N Ford. As I am...