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  1. BackRoad

    ORB Leaking...Replaced O-ring...Any Other Hacks?

    3rd function uses flatface Male and Female Quick Connectors (QCs) with 1/2" nominal port size (-08) O-Ring Boss (ORB) seals. On the tractor side, the Female QC was dripping sufficiently at the ORB fitting to warrant investigation. 1. Attempted to tighten the ORB fitting: No joy 2. No visually...
  2. BackRoad

    Post Hole Auger "Nice to Have" Features?

    Looking to add a 3PH - PTO driven - Post Hole Auger to use with my 60hp MX6000. Not all implements are built with the same quality or features, and I have no problem buying new or used, but preference is to only buy once. addition to the normal and expected basic functionality of a...
  3. BackRoad

    Removing the Chains of Bondage...

    It's March 2nd in Northern PA..10 day forecast indicates a warming trend. Looks like Mud Season is officially here. Has anyone taken off their tractor snow chains yet??? Thinking it might be time, but I have been known to rush Spring!!!
  4. BackRoad

    FitRite Top and Tilt on MX6000 - My Experience

    It's satisfying to have a plan finally come together... I added Top and Tilt to my Kubota MX6000...but it wasn't straightforward. The following was my experience...putting it out there as reference only. As background, my original do everything tractor is a 1960 MF-35. Lots of hours together...
  5. BackRoad

    Kubota MX6000 FEL Not Raising - Resolved

    Some people are born knowing everything about hydraulics. It is not part of my DNA. Kubota MX6000, 300 hours, 11 months old. Out clearing more fields on my 35 acres...had just dumped a grapple full of limbs on top of one of my large brush piles...FEL raised to the max. Seemingly without...
  6. BackRoad

    Kubota MX6000 E20 Error Code

    MX6000 HST...~300 hours Hot day, combination of finish mowing and brush hogging for ~6 hours. At the time of the event, the brush hog was on, RPMs at PTO speed, HST in low range, cutting ~2 ft. tall brush or saplings in this part of the field. Tractor simply shutdown...would not...
  7. BackRoad

    Converting Unleaded Gas Transfer Tank To Diesel

    Picked up a used 100 gallon transfer tank with a 12v pump, which had been used for Unleaded fuel - plan is to use it for diesel. Drained the Unleaded gas and aired out the tank for a few days. Put about a gallon of off-road diesel in, rinsed it around well and drained the tank. Removed the...
  8. BackRoad

    Leaving Implements Raised - Bad For Hydraulic System?

    Is there any real evidence (kindly not seeking opinions)... that leaving the 3PH or the FEL raised with the tractor not running places extra stress on the hydraulic cylinders or seals?
  9. BackRoad

    MX6000 Add on Remotes - Float Options?

    MX6000 ROPS, FEL with 3rd function for grapple already installed. Working with Messick's to add (3) "Kubota factory" rear remotes - which is stretching my very basic knowledge of hydraulics in spite of having researched lots of threads on the subject. Plan is to use (2) rear remotes for TnT...
  10. BackRoad

    Use 3rd Function for Rear Hydraulic Purposes?

    MX6000 with a 3rd function hydraulic connection added for the front. No additional hydraulics currently installed for the rear. Looking at a used traveling disc harrow with a hydraulic lift for limited use (and not while the grapple is attached!) Though not ideal, could the 3rd Function setup...