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    Messick Video - Kubota Products 2019 Update New M_4

    Information from Kubota dealer meeting, late September, 2018, Orlando. The new M-4 updates the M-7060 Sorry no link, someone else may post one? Just do a you tube search, will work fine.
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    New Injectors, substantial results IH 484

    Have a gently used 484 w/ 1200 operating hours. The exhaust has always been rather noxious from the day it was new. Even though 1200 hrs didn't warrant this upgrade, decided to go forward. Combustion improved substantially, noticeable improved throttle Response, and much cleaner exhaust...
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    New Diesel Emissions Technology

    Just a FYI New life for diesel: Cummins control system reduces emissions to levels previously thought unfeasible | Medium Duty Work Truck Info
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    HIT PIECE POSTS, pet peeve

    Simply put, if a consumer has an issue w/ a store, a dealer or manufacturer, and feel aggrieved, by all means vent till you are content. But include some details. Product? Seller? Dates? The Issue? Resolutions and Outcomes? You would not want someone to disparage you, your family, w/ no...
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    Kubota M7060 Cab Tractor ISSUES !!

    Chuck E 2009 purchased a M7060 12 speed Cab tractor in 2017. In the video below he describes some issues potential buyers may wish to discuss w/ the dealer before purchase. THREE REASONS NOT TO BUY A KUBOTA - YouTube
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    Loader Piggybacking FEL Lift Capacity Thread, Cautionary Message.

    Please see screenshot below................................................................................ Michael, you could Not see it because it was not visible, Sorry, this posting became a two step process. As for another question, not everyone advertises stupidity. By this I mean if an...
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    Loader (FEL) for older kubota

    Saw this website offering loaders for older tractors. NO, NONE, Affiliation w/ this firm, No experience w/ them, so don't ask me ???, JUST a FYI !!!!!!! LEON Front End Loader
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    Comprehensive Purchase Review of 4707

    Massey 4707 purchasing review by another member. Very thorough. This might be a cash purchase, no mention of financing rates?
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    Compact tractor Fatality

    Screenshot below contains current details available
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    A member posted this pricing for the BASE MODEL. Another Member stated that these items below are reserved for the SE Model. Questioning if other folks received these features on their base model purchase or if this sale was an outlier? EDIT:Geotech, Note the member states. NO TILT WHEEL...
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    Honda 150 mph lawn mower

    Yes, it is true. Honda's Mean Mower V2 expected to set new world record at 15mph | Medium Duty Work Truck Info
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    Where is Your Tractor Kept?

    Not trying to redirect TRAFFIC, but question was posed on the ORANGE TRACTOR TALKS website, and it generated significant response. For this Thread, if you care to share where your tractor "Lives", please do so. Attached house garage? Outbuilding/Pole Barn? Tractor Port? Outdoors? An...
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    NEW Messick's U Tube Video R-4 VS Turf

    New video, you tube, Messicks Educational video, R-4 vs Turf. TESTED | Turf Tires VS. R4 Tires (Kubota BX23s) - YouTube
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    Hay fire Today

    Route 531 re-opened after firefighters battle fire in Ogden hay field Newspaper are cheapskates, must pay to see photos. Field w/ large square bales burned, 12 acres or so. Large 4WD tractor burned, (4 equal tires), not sure about baler. Smoke closed intrastate highway. Many Fire Companies...
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    Buying a used 2009 X340. hope this isn't a mistake

    Title states the concern, machine shows 658 hrs. Just going to use it for a few steep grade areas and cut close to trees. Open areas are cut with wide tractor mounted finish mowers.
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    Anticipated Reply

    Strange how some threads just take off with seemingly endless responses and others simply wither and quickly disappear. I wonder the result when a member seems to actually have a problem solving response, and yet the recipient dashes away with problem solving advice, never bothering to...
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    Tractor Guide for Small Equire Operation.

    Saw this article, a guide for small equine operators. Written years ago, but work doesn't change and tractors have remained relatively consistent. There are many different applications for small tractors, again this one focusing upon equine and it is written by a woman. It is no secret that...
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    Aluminum casting rear axle assembly 4066r

    Curious if a new 4066r would have an aluminum rear axle housing ?
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    Messick's new buying guide video You Tube

    The most important factors when buying a tractor is a new Messick's buying guide. Instead of the amateur attempts of the past, take a look at this video, as produced by professionals. Video captures the buyers attention when compared to the "boar you to death" draconian text versions that are...
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    swisher control system. ZTR mowers

    Swisher uses short duel pilot style control arms. Seeking members w/ experience compared to the more conventional long L shaped sweeping Zero Turn control arms?
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    False Deere information

    A FL member posted the statement below under another thread. [U] "The last USA tractor market share numbers posted here showed kubota with 46% market share and Deere with 19% market share. There are a formidable number of players clawing for the remaining 35% market share." I like kubota...
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    Operating in woodlands

    Short and succinct. Many memers advise AGAINST a cab for woods work. Wonder how many actually used a cab tractor in that environment? I have a cab, have 55 acres of woods, drive tractor on trails, collect firewood, feel trees on occasion. I am careful, have no issues. Opinions will vary...
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    mowing speed

    Recently noted a FL member reference 1-3/4 to 2-1/2 mph mowing speed. Mower type wasn't indicated but thread dealt w/ finish mowing. The reference was 48" and 60" cutting deck width. My befco C-70 is factory rated @ 8 mph, 3 point finish style. I mow @ max pedal in med HST range. Do folks...
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    a zero turn worth appreciating

    This is a ZT I could learn to like.
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    Comparison kubota fleet

    Something to ask Messick's
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    Grapple Grapple without additional Hydraulics

    Was unaware of such an animal. Perhaps my life is sheltered, but Westendorf offers a tool called the brush crusher. A grapple that operates without the necessity for a third function. Those that are aware will simply yawn, with that "where have you been smirk", others may go take a look. No link...
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    Forks deleted thread

    Disregard this thread, a correction was implemented, Nothing further available.
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    Canopy Agrital Cab for Kubota, follow up

    Back in October I posted a thread under Customization, that I had purchased and installed a full glass cab on my MX the previous August. This winter proved the coldest in many years, so the timing was ideal. Although I have used cab tractors, I never owned my own. One immediate drawback is the...
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    outdoors with the Morgans

    U tube channel under this name has put his kubota aside for a private label TYM. This is an upfront cooperative aggangement. This is alot of tractor for the money. Channel claims they will put these tractors through their Paces. Dependability remains to be seen and proven in forthcoming videos.
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    Snow Attachments which snow tool is best.

    Prequalificatios: similar threads have been posted and individual conditions/restrictions are applicable, Acknowledged Snow blower, plow. Snow pusher. Bucket use is common but very inefficient, gouging, frequent dumping, snow packs and sticks inside. Snow blower: most efficient in deep snow...
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    OTT poster can't start MX 5200

    Just saw post at Orange Tractor talks, under operating, He, OP got off his tractor, engine quit, now he has NOTHING! No reaction at all when engaging the ignition. Hope he obtains some sound advice. EDIT: Went back to check post, owner did report it was a safety switch issue, which is now...
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    RK tractors are made by TYM

    Is there experience in the community? $30k for 44 hp pto tractor, (55 gross hp) HST, cab and loader + amenities that are options with competitors. Includes extended warranty. A kubota would approach $50k.
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    Tractor Ownership, the true cost

    I propose this thread due to the following. A person wrote that ownership of their tractor, power equipment, and homemade solutions for tasks are practically free because everyone has this inborn ingenuity to repair, design and fabricate every tool they need, in a bubble. They buy chain saws at...
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    Actual cost of firewood

    Yes there is something soothing about an open fire. Also true that many stoves are very efficient, But the actual cost of producing your own firewood can be substantial if you step back and calculate the investment. Summarily just from the equipment perspective, the saw(s), chains, tractor...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Climate Change & Current National Freezing Conditions

    In taking advice to heart, post does not belong here. Error in judgement. It is a failed attempt to allow those with serious imput to continue a discussion after another thread was closed. The post will shortly disappear into the achieved annal of irrelevance. I again offer my mea culpa to those...
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    hard sided glass cab

    If factory enclosed cab were an option, would sales substantially increase? Especially on larger versions?
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Any Erie PA folks want to share?

    Curious how Erie folks are coping with 50+ inches in 48 hours? Seems a bit overwhelming!!!!!
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    new tractor cab, aftermarket

    Saw several older posts regarding AGRITAL Cabs from Italy. If anyone is still interested, I have purchased one for my Kubota MX 5100. Arrived fully assembled in large wooden crate. Weighs about 900 lbs. All glass, operating windshield and rear window. Front and rear wiper, nice sweep action...