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    Massey GC1720 Fuel Line

    Not much help here. Mine is not leaking.
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    Wrong hydraulic oil causing too much resistance in hydraulic pump?

    Have you tried taking it off the jack stands and running it on the ground?
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    Michelin CrossClimate2

    I put them on my wife’s Kona a few months ago and she’s very happy with them. Plus, they look cool.
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    Finally a Home for My Stuff

    Looks great. Plus an office upstairs. Doesn’t get much better.
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    GC1720 CB65 Backhoe wear

    I checked the AGCO parts site and all I found were pin and bushing kits for larger tractors. If all else fails, it would be a project and maybe not worth it but you could ream the bores and install suitable bushings.
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    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    Made a 400+ mile round trip to CA to pick up a used Rhino rear 3 point hitch blade. It has a 71“ blade which on paper is probably too wide for my GC1720 but it works perfectly and is a big improvement over my box scraper for grading drainage slope at the edges of a road. All of the implements...
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    Massey gc2300

    If you go to an auto parts store most parts are from China these days. China seems to be very adept at reverse engineering parts or making them in conjunction with companies from other countries. Wasn’t like this when I was in charge.
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    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    We’re not too far different here. Turned on a faucet a couple of days ago and water came out of the hose for the first time since probably October. The change this week was just about instantaneous, from freezing snowstorms to t shirt and motorcycle weather literally overnight. I’m taking...
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    Massey Ferguson GC2300

    Welcome to Tractorbynet! There is a dedicated Massey Ferguson Owning and Operating forum further down on the page. I think you should get better answers if you ask your question there.
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    GC2600 Cooling Fan Bolts Torque

    "Enough" with some blue Loctite.
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    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    I hooked up a top and tilt system on my GC1720. I used parts and hoses that I already had and it’s pretty ugly so I ain’t goona post no pictures till I get it cleaned up. It passed a shop test but I haven’t actually used it. Weather is supposed to lighten up later in the week and I’ll be...
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    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    Do you have a link or a name of the product you used to wrap the hoses? Thanks.
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    Hydraulic lift

    How is the fluid level?
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    Massey Ferguson nightmare

    The OP has ‘t been active here since 2020. We probably won’t know how it all turned out.
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    GC1700 series top link specs

    I know this thread is old but it just happens that I recently measured my GC1720 top link. It's 14-1/2" minimum and 18-7/8 maximum.
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    Broken Lower 3 Point Hitch Arm

    Second day working with the welded arm. It seems fine and I think I will give myself at least a B+ for welding and heat treating.
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    Broken Lower 3 Point Hitch Arm

    Yeah, TSC’s offering is way too long. For now I’m going to stay with the weld repaired arm.
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    Broken Lower 3 Point Hitch Arm

    I used it today with a box scraper and the weld held up fine. I didn't have any of the ripper teeth down and that was what caused the initial problem when a tooth got caught on a large immovable rock. So far so good.
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    Broken Lower 3 Point Hitch Arm

    Here is what I found on their website. They say they have 3 in stock at my local store but it is about 10" too long which won't work.
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    Broken Lower 3 Point Hitch Arm

    That’s what I did and I’ll soon know. We have more rain on the way and I need to do more work on the road drainage.
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    Broken Lower 3 Point Hitch Arm

    Yes, a visit to Tractor Supply is on my list for tomorrow, storm allowing. I think the new set just has to be close.
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    Broken Lower 3 Point Hitch Arm

    I agree it’s an unusual looking break. I was pulling. Looking closer at the part, I see bending brake marks where the angles were bent. So, it’s not a cast steel part like I originally thought. Now I believe the break was caused by improper cooling after the end ball was welded in. My...
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    Broken Lower 3 Point Hitch Arm

    That is my plan if I don’t find satisfactory replacements. I woke up in the night thinking about ways to make the bends.
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    Broken Lower 3 Point Hitch Arm

    I was working on road drainage with a box scraper on my GC1720 , going slowly on a mild downgrade when Snap! The corner of the scraper caught on an immovable rock and one of the lower 3 point lift arms broke right off. It appears to be cast steel, as opposed to cast iron or fabricated from...
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    Squatter's rights;

    I think it was in the early 1970’s when a group of squatters had been living on BLM land for I don’t know how many years near Dyer, NV. The BLM tried to evict them but the court awarded the squatters title to the land.
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    Test Drive Massey Ferguson GC1723E/GC1725M

    I do that with my front mount snowblower and it works fine, no appreciable drivetrain stress. However, with a high inertia implement like a rear mount chipper shredder the engine will die unless the RPM’s are up. There is a throttle lag so trying to immediately give the engine more fuel when...
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    Chippers Comparable to Bear Cat CH5540?

    I have a Bearcat chipper/shredder that I’m very happy with and I have to say that I don’t understand why you believe that dealer availability is important. The machine is simple, chipper blades are relatively easy to sharpen or change, although they are a little bit of a project. Mine has...
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    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    Cleared the snow from around the neighborhood fire hydrant.
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    Here is an older, long and very interesting coyote thread. We live in the middle of coyote country and they’ve never been a problem, I think because there are plenty of rabbits and rodents in general to keep them...
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    Gc1705 review

    I have had a GC1720 for 5 years now and have used and abused the heck out of it. I would buy it again. Can’t speak to the MMM though, don’t have one.
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    60 MPH high wind smashed so many live oak trees in central California

    Are live oaks any good for lumber? Could you get someone with a Woodmizer or similar portable sawmill to mill some of it? (I posted this before seeing 3Ts’ post above)
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    Biodegradable hydraulic fluid

    How old are the existing hoses? Very unlikely that they are going to break, especially under such light duty service. If they are old, just replace them.
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    Oil suggestions

    That looks like used oil. My guess is that a scammer bought a bucket of oil, changed it, poured the old oil back into the bucket, carefully cleaned it to make it look new and took it back to Tractor Supply for a refund.
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    GC2410 Critical Hydraulic Leak

    What did the leak turn out to be? I’m guessing itwas nothing serious or expensive.
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    Tools & equipment that are fantastic.

    They are both Chinese now so brand loyalty is kind of absurd.
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    Wood chippers

    I also bought the same chipper used with the shredder accessory. My MF GC1720 with somewhere around only 20 pto HP powers it just fine. If I feed it too much it will bog but it keeps chipping and shredding and rapidly recovers. I mainly only notice that it’s slowed down by looking at the...
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    Best Way to Weld Aluminum

    Eric, Thank you for your detailed reply.
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    Best Way to Weld Aluminum

    The torch “brazing” rod is some sort of zinc alloy. As Tinhack mentioned, it works OK for non-critical stuff. You can also gas weld aluminum with an oxyacetylene torch, aluminum mig wire and the right flux. It takes some practice to keep from melting your base metal into a gob but when it’s...
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    GC2300 Hydraulic Hoses

    Phil, I’ve used thread on do it yourself high pressure hydraulic hose fittings. They work fine, but…using them is a project and not easily done out in the middle of a field. I recall they have an internal nipple that threads into the bore of the hose and an external sleeve that threads onto...
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    Best Way to Weld Aluminum

    ERIC, What TIG machine do you have now? Is it one of the newer high tech inverter machines with all the many different settings and features? I have an ancient old Miller DialArc 250HF that I use for TIG and I’m wondering if it’s worthwhile to upgrade to a modern machine. Asking here since I...
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    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    Real watermelons with seeds in them.
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    Massey Ferguson GC 1710 temperature gauge not working

    Back to those 3 screws again. I think the gauge grounds through them. On mine there was some sort of factory applied clear varnish coating that prevented the ground. I took the screws out and cleaned where they made contact and wallah!
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    Rear Counter Weight for Front Mount Blower

    Appreciate all the replies. I think I’ll start with nothing on the rear since there happens to have nothing on it now. If Ineed ballast I’ll put on the box blade which I can add weight to. One advantage to having the backhoe attached is it’s a very good tool for getting unstuck.
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    Rear Counter Weight for Front Mount Blower

    Thank you for your replies. The backhoe is off now and I’ll leave it off when it’s time for snowblowing and see how it goes. Filling the rear tires is a good idea I’ve been meaning to get around to.
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    Rear Counter Weight for Front Mount Blower

    I have a Massey Ferguson GC1720 TLB (SCUT) that I use with a front mount snowblower in heavy wet “Sierra Cement” snow. I haven’t been removing the backhoe when snowblowing. I sometimes have trouble turning but all I have to do is raise the blower slightly and it will turn. I’ve been...
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    2018 GC1710 Price Check vs. Buying New

    The newer models are no longer made by Iseki in Japan? I have a GC1720 and I’ve noticed that my neighbor’s GC1723 has more plastic but it looks basically the same as mine. Are you sure about India?
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    Bought a new L3560, state shut down the project. Sell or keep?

    Not sure what your priorities are but it seems like you can find a profitable use for it, if you wanted to bad enough. I’d be inclined to keep it.
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    GC1700 Hydrostatic Drive Cooling Fan Replacement

    Dave, Yes, I saved the shaft. My plan was to remove it and save it in case I ever sold the tractor but I couldn’t figure out how to get it all the way off without doing more disassembly than I wanted to do. So, it’s still there, in one piece.
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    GC1700 Hydrostatic Drive Cooling Fan Replacement

    I have a GC1720 with a backhoe and the ends of the cross shaft butts up against the backhoe subframe on either side, making it impossible to remove so I took the right side backhoe subframe off. It wasn't too bad, maybe 8 or 10 bolts. Once the subframe was off I still couldn't take the cross...
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    GC1700 Hydrostatic Drive Cooling Fan Replacement

    Well, it's fixed and here's what I found. The fan itself was intact but the hub that it bolts to had come apart. You can see some tiny spot welds that failed. I suspect fatigue failure due to normal vibration. The fan and hub collar were spinning free on the shaft and the hub mounting...