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    Loader No Start New Holland LX665

    1997 New Holland LX 665 skid steer. Turn key and only get a ka-chuk. No crank, no battery problem, just a ka-chuk. Unbuckle seat belt and only a somewhat mild version of ka-chuk. I'm not an idiot, but would appreciate some tips and directions. I can test if told what to test and how. Have...
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    LX 665 heater control

    LX 665 New Holland heater fan works but no heat. Radiator is full, unit gets warm but I don't think it is circulating through the heater core (unit has factory heat and ROPS, glass, etc.) What should be checked first? Any fuse or relays or is it only a manual lever/switch? Need some help...
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    No tachee, no dirty!

    1997 New Holland LX665 skid steer. Replaced both starting relays for one problem (corrected), but have no tach reading, only 000's. Prior to repair the tach indicated 000 the last time. I have the overhead console for RPM, hours, temps, etc. Pulled the alternator and had it tested and it is...
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    Help! It won't shut off!

    1996 New Holland LX-665 skidsteer bought new (I'm the only owner). Several years ago developed a problem when cold only (30* F and snowing). Machine started but the starter stayed engaged. Shut machine off but starter kept turning (great battery). If while running, I jerked the controls a...
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    New member intro

    Contractor with 34 years experience. Own a 1996 New Holland LX-665 skid steer, attachments, Ford F350, compactors and many, many tools, saws, etc., etc. I love to plow snow. I hope this site can teach me a few things!