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    Field work

    Wife caught me working on 5 of the 40 acres today with the faithful little L2550DT. Turned 6,330 hours today.
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    Extra long CAT 1 top link

    Anyone know of a source for extra long CAT 1 three point top link with a collapsed length of roughly 30"?
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    Koyker backhoe cylinder

    Has anyone had difficulty removing the retaining clip or ring from a Koyker hydraulic cylinder? The retainer ring is frozen in the tube groove I assume. THe gland spins freely but the retaining ring is frozen.
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    Fuel gallon counter

    Anyone here had any good experiences regarding accuracy with fuel gallon meters on hand pumps?
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    Is there anyone who does not have moles?
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    Seasonal maintenance

    Who (besides HayDude) performs seasonal maintenance on equipment? What do you maintain?
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    Gravel names

    DKMC posted about the names of gravel types in your regions. In the PNW (to the best of my knowledge), we go by an inch dimension. 5/8" minus is any size gravel that will pass through a 5/8" screen. That would include any fines less than 5/8". 1 1/4" minus is the same, anything that would...
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    Hydraulic cylinder code "L" or "E".

    On my 4520B backhoe I am needing to identify if I have an L or E hydraulic cylinder. Any idea where the cylinder would be stamped? I only see a 13 U stamp on the end of it? I bought two seal kits from Messick's but they were not correct and they need to know the "code" but I cannot find it.
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    I was 68 years old when I started mowing 20 acres this morning with the little L2550. Finished this afternoon and I think I am 70 now...
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    Regular maintenance a must

    Recently someone brought their tractor in with a complaint of a fuel leak. I cannot emphasize enough that REGULAR maintenance must happen. Below is a picture of a fuel filter that had water in the bottom of it. I tapped out the rust after deheading the filter. The rust holes became evident in...
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    Well chlorinators

    I have a well that has a high iron content and I can usually keep the sulfur dioxide smell in check with carbon filters but does anyone here use a chlorine injection system?
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    Uh, ok.....

    But the sheep wool appeal the conviction saying it is mutton but pork barrel politicians using him to knit a web of deceit to evict the sheep to make more room for pigs...
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    Was changing the oil in a nephew's car and he had picked up some Mobil 1 oil and a Mobil 1 filter at Walmart. Everything went well until we pulled the "new" oil filter out of the box. We found a used filter in the box. Open those boxes and double check.... Car will now sit on the lift and after...
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    Gallon meter

    Anybody here use a gallon meter and totalizer on a hand diaphragm transfer pump? I find quite a few but they seem to want a higher flow rate of maybe 10GPM or higher and I am also concerned with the cyclic nature of the diaphragm pump when it comes to accuracy.
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    Tire true dimensions

    On my L2550DT I have 12.4 X 24 rear tires. Both have about equal tread wear it appears but one tire measures considerable smaller than the other (two different brands). Is there a site than can be found that tells the true tire width and height? With one rear being slightly taller than the...
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    Obsolete parts

    On my L2550DT, with the glide shift, it is sad when I need a piece of transmission linkage and I get the response after I find and order it online of "part no longer available". Hmmmm.
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    Maximum thread diameter of CAT 2 and CAT 3 top link

    I need to make the top link of my 2550 backhoe adjustable as opposed to the current semi-fixed length. I need to retain the OEM ends and am contemplating cutting a section out of the 34" length hollow top link. My thoughts being to cut maybe 8" out of the tube and weld in the threaded portion of...
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    Propane prices in your area

    I was just told by a friend that home delivered propane was $3.84/gallon. Anyone else bought any recently?
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    Tough little radiator

    I shoved a stick through the radiator on the 2550 maybe 25 years ago. The radiator never leaked for more than 4000 hours after this incident. Finally last summer it began to run a little warmer than I liked so I replaced the unit. I was guessing it was getting a little clogged over the years.
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    Most useful wrench

    It is my opinion that the air die grinder is about the best wrench for removing stubborn nuts ever made. :)
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    Soil test kits

    Anyone ever used a soil test kit? Either the mail in the sample or the test yourself type? What are your experiences with them if you have?
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    Tire dimensions

    The other day I was looking at my L2550 and noticed it "leaned" to one side in the rear. Must have been a coincidence that I had it someplace with a level floor.. Anyway, I thought it really odd so I looked at the sizes and saw they were both 12.4 x 24 tires although one was 2-3" taller that...
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    Quoting posts

    When I click on the quote button at the bottom right of the post, my post does not actually quote the post. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Fuel bowl plastic shrinking?

    My neighbor just can by with his plastic fuel filter bowl and the threads and shrunk to the point they look like a pipe thread and it will no longer screw in and seal. I am guessing it to be about a 25 horsepower unit and 2.5 years old. Is this a common thing?
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    6004 hours

    Just did another 100 hour lube oil and filter and am working on the 6000 hour series on the L2550DT. Tough little guy.
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    How long have you been in the seat and first tractor

    I first got in the seat in I believe 1966. The first tractor was an old ford truck frame with a flathead six, two four speed transmissions in a row going to duals on the rear. It had no springs. It did have a hydraulic blade (up down only). No power steering. For weight it had a large concrete...
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    Disc mower lubricant

    I have a 9' disc mower for hay cutting and it calls for EP 320 gear lube in the disc assembly. Anyone know where this lubricant is available. I can find it in 55 gallon drums but I do not need 50 years worth....
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    GFCI outlets

    I have quite a few GFCI outlets around the house, barn and shop and I asked one of my electronics kids how they functioned and he produced this video on Youtube: Inside a GFCI Outlet - YouTube
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    IH 584 priority valve

    My hydraulic function ceased to have any power and when I went looking for possible issues I removed the "Priority Valve" from the bottom of the pump. Unfortunately when I removed the cap and spring, the valve portion fell into the pan. Does anyone have a picture of the direction this valve goes...
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    New clutch time

    After 5,500 or so hours the clutch on the L2550DT finally bit the dust. About three hundred dollars to replace both discs, throwout bearing and engine main seal due to a small leak. Never had this little guy in half before. Hopefully just discs and not pressure plate.
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    Springs for a PTO clutch

    I have an old PTO clutch that someone removed the 8 springs from and replaced with flat washers. Does anyone know where these springs can be purchased from along with the clutch discs?
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    Cost of owning a tractor

    I was just thinking, after reading some posts here this morning, about the cost of owning our little L2550DT. This is roughly what it has cost. The original cost was about $14,000. It was purchased used in 1990. It was about three years old I believe. It came with a backhoe, bb and a couple...
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    L245 front diff lube fill proceedure

    Does anyone know the proper front diff gear oil level for an L245? There are four fill ports in all and I can find nothing in the manual for levels. There are no "dipsticks" on the fill plugs. I doubt I would just fill them to the top. This includes the axle cases as well as the bevel gear...
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    4900 hour service

    4900 hours on the L2550DT. Changed the oil and filter every 100 hours as usual, changed the hydraulic filter and oil every 500 hours, last done at 4400 hours. Changed front differential grease, do every year due to the climate conditions and regular use around water. No metal in anything with...
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    PTO clutch

    I have a L2550 and am using a tiller rated for 75 HP. I am uncomfortable with using the belts to adjust the "slip" to protect the PTO tractor clutch (no clutch on the tiller input shaft). I know I can get a clutch that fits onto my PTO shaft and goes inline to the tiller but how can I...
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    Parts manual for a 4520B Backhoe

    Does anyone know of one?
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    Compression tester

    Who sells a compression testers for Kubotas? I have an L2550.
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    Oil & Fuel Fuel filter water drain

    Has anyone seen a fuel bowl with a water drain for a 2550? I get tired of pulling my filter just to get rid of some water.
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    Which glow plug for a L245dt

    Does anyone know the part # for NGK or NAPA that fits the L245DT?
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    Injector cleaning

    I have about 5700 hours on my l2550DT. I was considering getting the injectors cleaned. Has anyone ever had this done?
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    Chains Tire chains

    Anybody know of a good place to get tire chains for a l2550 front and rear?
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    bucket replacement

    Has anyone replaced a bucket on an l2550?
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    L2550D sloppy shift linkage

    After just under 5000 hours my linkage has become so sloppy it sometimes does not stay in reverse when backing. I have to hold the lever. Has anyone ever replaced linkage parts? Are there bushings in the linkage?