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    MF1010 fuel gauge not working

    Well, its a place to start. Any idea where the sending unit is located on the tank?
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    MF1010 fuel gauge not working

    Truth us, it never has in the 13 yrs I have owned it. I would like to resolve that, but I know very little about the systems. Not 100% sure how they work. So I would greatly appreciate any insight on how to troubleshoot one. For the last 8 or so years, I have used one of those spiral gauges...
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    Charging system questions

    Ok so my MF1010 has not ever really charged since I have owned it, 6 years. I have just kept putting off repairs by keeping the battery on a trickle charger. Bad I know, but charging systems have always been my achilles heel. So I finally dove into it. The generator is ok, the voltage...
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    Bush hog shaft frozen

    Lol, still stuck on my old problem, I guess. I got em freed up this morning. Some WD40 and a hammer. Nice and free now. Kinda tight for time right now but will flip on its side and pull blades when I get more time and sharpen/balance them. I was really impressed how well it cut my fields...
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    Bush hog shaft frozen

    Well got back at it today with the same result. No budge! Here are some pics. . . This is to show how I was doing it. The chain around the tree, with 2x lumber to protect the tree. The end wrapped around the yokes and the other end is to my truck. I put the truck in 4wd and revved to...
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    Bush hog shaft frozen

    So my neighbor approached me a week or so ago. Says he has this 4' bush hog that he has not used in years, and wonders if I want it, duh, of course. Everything is in great shape, except, the drive shaft slip section is frozen. He told me it was but said with heat and a hammer it has always...
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    Mig welding question

    I have a small Campbell Hausfield 110v welder I have used about 20 years. It has done very well for me. I am pretty much self trained and can most of the time run good beads and get the penetration I need, for what I am doing. For settings, it only has hi-lo and 1-2 so hi-1 or hi-2 etc. I am...
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    MIG welding question

    I have a small Campbell Hausfield 110v welder I have used about 20 years. It has done very well for me. I am pretty much self trained and can most of the time run good beads and get the penetration I need, for what I am doing. For settings, it only has hi-lo and 1-2 so hi-1 or hi-2 etc. I am...
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    Framing nailer question

    I figure you guys would know this as well as anyone. Been considering a framing nailer for some time. Don't have a lot of uses for it, but occasionally one would be handy. I see there are 21* and 30* models but have no clue which I should get or which is better. I the steeper 30* just for...
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    Warning for all

    Wasn't sure where to post this so I tried here. I hesitate to post this because it's not my stuff so I won't post particulars. My neighbor is not always at home, in fact seldom is. It's not a primary home. He lost the house in a brush fire nearly a year ago, but still had lots of equipment...
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    Cutting rectangular holes?

    So, I installed my Air Rite dual airbag control in the overhead console of my truck, (2006 GMC 2500HD) where the cubby used to be. It looks OK, but I have the face plate from another overhead console that had the rear AC control in it and want to use to make it look professional. I popped the...
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    Which blades?

    I go through blades pretty frequently but am wondering if anyone has found a set, style, brand that does a better job in cutting and ejecting tall grasses and weeds? Mower is GT52XLS
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    Inverter subpanel question

    This is what the battery cover looks like without the stuff on top.
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    Inverter subpanel question

    Well, as promised, batteries 3 and 4 are installed. Hoping to test it all out soon. I really want to get a meter to read battery percentage and charge state, but that is in next month's budget. And with all my previous gear stored above them. This is actually a picture of when only 2...
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    Inverter subpanel question

    So I installed my inverter in my RV. Currently has 2 batteries, soon to have 4, running it. The inverter is currently set up so that I plug a cord into the outlet on the inverter, and through adapters to my 50amp inlet on the side of the RV. I eventually want to add a sub panel and separate...
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    Battery box ideas

    Just an update. I did set the batteries in plastic battery boxes, with modifications, but the 4 battery cover is made of wood. However I lined it with coroplast (sp?). I got it at Home Depot and it comes in sheets of various sizes from about 1'x3' to about 4'x6' and is reasonably priced...
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    Battery box ideas

    OK, so I am adding an inverter to my 5th wheel. Currently it has 2 batteries, that are on either side of the coach. I plan on eventually going with 4 batteries, and want the mounted in the canter, width wise, of the coach, side by side. There is a generator prep area in the front storage with...
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    3/0 Wire stripper/cutter?

    I am getting ready to put a 2000w inverter in my 5th wheel. Instead of buying new cable (2/0) I have a lot of left over 3/0 THHN from our home build that was completed in 2010. Yes I saved it. For min voltage drop it calls for 2/0 but bigger is better I feel. Less chance of wire overheat...
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    Gate lock question

    Last night I was rummaging through my mind (LOTS of empty space there) and drew up this little idea. The horizontal bar is a handle, one on each side, and the black bar is the locking bar. The handle will rotate downward and pull the spring loaded bar back. The round part at top left is a...
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    Gate lock question

    OK so a little background. We like many of you, live rural, and have a gate at the entrance to our property. Our entrance is off a dirt road, and ever since we have lived here there was a coded gate at the entrance to the dirt road. Lately someone has broken that gate, forced their way...
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    Inverter question

    I know this is a little out of the wheelhouse of "tractor" but I respect the knowledge and experience of you folks. The honesty too. So here goes. I have a 2000w inverter I plan on installing in our 5th wheel. I ONLY went 2K because the wife wants to be able to use her hair dryer.:rolleyes...
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    Fence painting question

    We have a fence surrounding 3 acres, that is wood post, with 2x8 runner across the top, and either 2x4 or 4x4 hog wire in between. I have no desire to paint this by hand, but I also have no desire to try and remove the wire fencing to keep from spraying it at the wood. Is this how folks...
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    Will this end cap work?

    OK so I took my splitter cylinder apart today. Well, I just took the end bell off. So here is a link to and end bell that looks like mine and is same size. I measured mine and the piece of the cap that holds the O ring measures 3.98" and the...
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    86 TRX350 ball joint adjustment

    The upper ball joint is an interesting thing, since it screws into the yoke and then unscrews to press into the axle. The lower one is presses in place but a step shoulder bolt screws into it from below. I have my new bearings in the yoke and have figured how to adjust the top ball joint...
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    1986 TRX350 questions

    OK so I got an 86 Fourtrax TRX350 4x4 for a decent price. I paid $850 for it, when the seller said it was kick start only. I got elec start going in short order so its value jumped pretty quick. Plus it was a bucket of rust when I got it, and literally painted 3 different colors and they all...
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    Thinking of a solar back up for well pump

    We are in the process of getting solar on our house, with a 14KW Lithium Ion (Tesla) battery backup, for power outages, mainly. The solar will provide 96% of our annual usage, compared to past electric bills. The battery is a iffy right now, the engineers are deciding if and how they can...
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    Anyone a Honda ATV member?

    I am talking about Honda ATV Forums - Honda ATV Forum I am a member there, or once was, and now I cannot sign on. It says incorrect password. When I put in my email address for them to send me a reset, it says "email sent to that address" but I never get it, and it's not in junk, just never...
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    Is 20 ton enough?

    I have a project I am working on that needs some metal bent. What I am doing is taking a piece of 3/8" 2x2 angle, and with cutoff tool, slicing one end length ways about 1.5" so I can fold that end in and basically cap off the end of the angle. I want to bend it like this to preserve some...
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    Wheel brakes?

    I have a GT52LX I bought a couple years ago and have very impressed with it except for the limited slip. I debated between this and the locking model, but don't really regret not getting the locking. This, at the time, was the only CA model still to get the Kawasaki engine, which I wanted. I...
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    Will this be strong enough?

    Since I was dumb enough to buy a short bed truck, when I bought my diesel, I have had to go through some changes finding the ideal hitch to tow with and avoid damage to the truck. I started with a Curt slider, and hated it because it felt and sounded like it was going to come inside the truck...
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    Mark at Everlast

    Is Mark, the rep from Everlast, no longer on this forum? Sent a PM long time ago, and I see no updates on his sticky thread.
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    Hyd question about MF1010 FEL

    When I use the FEL on my MF1010, I usually have to rev it at least to 1500 RPM to keep the bucket going all the way when dumping a load. If not it will slowly go down till about 3/4 of the way and stop. If I rev it up, it will finish out the full extension. What are my possible causes? This...
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    MF1010 conversion to altenator questions

    Mine is a 1995 MF1010 with generator. I have had the generator checked out and it is good, but low voltage light stay on until it's revv'd to around 2K. Plus it does not recharge the battery. Plus left of the steering wheel, where I assume, the regulator is, gets hotter'n crap. I would like...
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    iMig 200 questions

    Soooo, I am thinking of getting an Everlast iMig 200, for some larger projects than my little Campbell Hausfield can handle. I'd like to build a flatbed trailer so I will need something a little heavier than 90 amps will do :). I am posting here, hopefully it's the right place, as the welding...
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    a new EASY project

    While out yesterday shopping for drain parts and other items to fix my "roots in the septic" issue, I came across a distraction. In the local Craigslist there was a quad I HAD to look at. It's old, 1986, a Honda TRX 350. All time 4wd. The good part, is it was owned my a motorcycle shop, and...
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    Roots in the septic tank

    Just had our tank pumped for the first time since building in 2010. Probably could have gone longer, but a number of things started working against us. First there are tree roots growing through, where the PVC lines enter the tank. There also appears to be some actually coming through where...
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    Not my wood shed, but a shed

    I posted before about wanting to build a firewood storage building, of some type. I haven't gotten to that yet, still trying to clean up some part finished rojects from earlier. This one is my pump house. It houses my water booster pump, pressure tank, and water valves that control ALL my...
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    Fire wood storage building?

    I have a couple really nice 20ft long 4x12's that were given to me. Well sort of, I hauled about 30 of them on a flatbed, for a family member, so it was kind of payment. Anyway I have a couple ideas in mind for projects to use them on. One, would be a 20x20ft pole barn for firewood storage...
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    MF1010 bucket hydraulics are backwards

    About 6 years ago I bought a MF1010 (first tractor if case you didn't guess) and later learned the bucket hydraulics are upside down. By that I mean the cylinder sits at the bucket end of the arm and it moves as the piston extends, thus stressing my lines and making them impossible to anchor...
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    Hyd cylinder parts

    On my splitter, the end plate, the one the piston goes through, has developed a leak. It started with a pin hole in the top section, that leaked occasionally, but now it seems to leak constantly when in use. Can I get just the new end plate or do I have to get a whole new cylinder? I hope...
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    Which new tires?

    Talking to the tires shop they are recommending either Hanook or Yokohama's. This is for my 3/4T GMC Duramax 4x4. Size is 265/75R16, and I will be staying with that size. I want a tire that is quiet, and smooth, maybe a M/S type tread. The truck is 4x4 but I don't really "off road" with it...
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    Splitter leak

    I had an old thread on this but cannot find it. I posted before about it leaking around the filter, and I FINALLY got around to cleaning it and testing to see exactly what was leaking. Turns out it's leaking at the threads of the inlet side of the filter housing. I used a galvanized street EL...
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    Tire pressure question

    Looking for answers from the pro's on this. OK, got some new Duravis tires for the 5th wheel, and so far love them. I do have a question regarding OFFICIAL opinions on tire pressures. Here's the story. Before we left our area (hot...90+) I checked all 4 tires, sitting right at 80 PSI (MAX...
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    How hard is TIG to learn

    title says, just wondering. I want to upgrade my welder in the future, and am torn between a bigger MIG or a stick/TIG unit. No production work, just around the property, and my occasional projects, but I want to be able to do some heavy metal welding, like 3/8-1/2 stuff with the power to do...
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    Round tubing

    Since I welded up my trailer with round tubing, I spoke with someone (online or in person, not sure) and they told me about how to easily "notch" tubing with a cutoff saw, by setting it at "?" degree and cutting both side, and it's a near perfect fit. This is for a 90 deg angle only. Anyone...
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    Splitter leaking

    Some months back, I added a proper oil tank, and filter, to my splitter, but now I have a leak. It leaks around the spin on filter, and I have tightened it with a oil filter wrench, much tighter than I do, say on my car or truck. Still leaks, On my valve, the line from the "OUT" port on the...
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    DIY aux tank for truck

    I have been reading about some folks that have made their own aux diesel fuel tanks for mounting UNDER the truck bed, and plumbed into the system to fill and drin as the main tank does, no switch over system. Anyone here done this?
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    Rebuild a generator?

    Just wondering out loud. A relative recently bought a used generator, for cheap, and after a bit got it running. It ran and worked for a few days then quit generating. My BIL checked the windings and they are open. I wish I could tell you the brand but do not know it. It does have a 7.5hp...
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    ATV Trailer build

    So I decided my previous half wood, half metal trailer with the 8" Harbor Freight wheels, that are ALWAYS going flat, just wasn't going to cut it any more. I had an old riding mower (minus the deck) that I wasn't using and sold it for $200, funds for the trailer build. I think that will pay...
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    Trailer build question

    There is a local steel supply shop that sells used steel round pipe in various diameters. It is usually dirt cheap compared to new steel. I got this idea of using stacked tubing (3" or larger) for the frame with gussets welded to make them as one piece or close. I am thinking of something...