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    Jinma broken transfer case gear

    Working on a Jinma 254 for a friend of mine, the gear that drives the transfer gear to the front drive (the gear that's in the gearbox case, not the one in the transfer case) needs replaced. I know I need to split the tractor to get that gear out, but where do I need to split it? Can I split...
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    Need a favor, JD 2320, 2520, or 2720 owners near Denver

    Got a favor to ask if someone in the Denver Colorado area has a Deere 2320, 2520, or 2720 tractor. Drop me a PM or Email please. Chad
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    Why tractor insurance???

    I have a question in regards to the thread down below. Why do you have tractor insurance? I've never heard of it (grew up on a 5th generation farm). We have liability insurance for the farm, covers any liability from accidents (tractors or otherwise). What exactly are you insuring against...
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    Water line installer

    Made this quick modification to an old ripper, added a metal conduit elbow, and am now able to bury 3/4 plastic water line anywhere from 8-20 inches deep (depending on how easy the soil works, been going about 14 inches). Put in some new sprinkler line to keep the grass alive, just need to get...
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    Question for BX2200 owner

    I have a kind of strange favor, if anyone who owns a BX2200 could measure how high the end of the 3 point arms are in the up and down position, I would appreciate it. I am working on a new post hole digger for a well-known company and one of our goals is to make sure it fits on the BX tractors...
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    Freedom Hitch

    Has anybody on here dealt with the Freedom Hitch? Looks interesting, but expensive if you have more than one implement. Anybody have any comments?
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    Posthole Digger Good post hole digger

    I am looking for a post hole digger. Rather than discuss brands (TSC's are good, Danhauser is great...) I would like to know what makes a good digger good, a bad one bad, a great one great. Differences I've noted: 1) Cutting edges, what is good? Cast steel, formed? 2) Tips, fishtail, spiral...
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    Oil for 3054

    Hey guys, I am at work, need to stop on the way home and get some oil for the transmission on my 3054 and forgot to look at the manual, what specs does the oil need to meet? Thanks.
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    Backhoe Kioti Backhoe Bucket

    I have a Kioti backhoe on an LK3054 that is 12 inches wide. Would like to get a 6 or 8 inch to put some water lines in, do I need to go to Kioti, or is it a standard bucket? I have a place I can buy used buckets, but they are a New Holland/Kubota dealer. Any idea if they will interchange?