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    PTO Control Valve Stuck

    Over the past few times of running the PTO, I noticed that the PTO lever was getting harder and harder to engage and disengage. To the point that I was starting to bend the PTO lever on the console. First I thought that the linkage just needed to be cleaned and lubed but that didn't help. I...
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    Price Check TC35D Price check

    If all goes well I will be going to the dealer later this week to sign the papers on a TC35D. I thought I would run the price by you guys first to see what you think. TC35D, R4 tires, 2 sets of rear wheel weights, grill guard, front end weights, rear hyd. remote, rear work light, arm rest kit...
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    Radiator "Heat Houser"

    Radiator \"Heat Houser\" Has anyone ever operated a dozer with a "Heat Houser" attached to the front of the radiator grill? It uses a canvas tube to provide a stream of warm air for the operator. I was considering buying one, they sell for about $150 and was wondering if anyone thought they...