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    Which WoodMaxx Flail Mower

    I can confirm that this actually happens, at least on my FM62.
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    Which WoodMaxx Flail Mower

    I just used it again today to mow down 2' grasses and 1/2" saplings in my other field. The BX2200 didn't even flinch. I had it setup at a 1" cut height like you'd mow a lawn, because I left my top link set like that when I mowed my lawn with it three weeks ago... Didn't realize it until I...
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    Which WoodMaxx Flail Mower

    You are supposed to pick it up a little, when backing, then drop it and mow. Same thing with turning. Pick it up, make your turn, then drop it and continue mowing.
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    Everything in my area they switched to boom mounted flails for whatever reason. But I remember as a kid they'd run that setup with a flail and a sickle for the ditch. Always worked well. With that, because they switched to a boom mounted flail for their mowing, they had to get gigantic...
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    No, flail mowers are the safest from throwing debris. That is why they are used on highways.
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    Which WoodMaxx Flail Mower

    I'm a proud owner of a Woodmaxx FM-62 with Y grass knives on my BX2200 back in 2017. I've got at least 100 hours on it, no issues! Actually I just changed the gearbox oil a few weeks ago. Still looked brand new. I purchased it directly from Woodmaxx and picked it up myself on my flatbed. They...
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    Deck drive shaft

    Yes, it's a keyed driveshaft. I just rebuilt mine with new seals a few weeks ago.
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    Woods Groundbreaker 7500 backhoe control valve leak question

    You take it off and either fix it yourself (get the parts from a local hydraulic shop) or have the hydraulic shop repair it. My local hydraulic shop can fix anything hydraulic even eons old.
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    Flail mower help

    Virismo is a good brand. I bought a Woodmaxx only because they are within driving distance if I needed parts down the line. So far, so good!
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    Does anyone make a three-point finish mower that is a mulching mower?

    One thing to note, mulching requires a lot more HP. You may need to go slower to actually get a good cut. Or cut more often like mikester said.
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    It looks nice, doesn't it. :) I'm impressed with the cut and how it pulverizes the clippings versus a rotary mower.
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    PATS Quick connect- Hitch pins keep falling out

    I second on the heavy duty black lynch pins from TSC. I used to lose those cheapy goldish ones, especially with my flail mower with the bumps. Yet to have lost a TSC lynch pin.
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    Chipper clogged by pine needles

    Water doesn't wash pine tar off easily. Ask me how I know. :) You need something like a turpentine injection system to keep things from getting all gummy... lol
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    Ran the Woodmaxx FM-62 62" flail mower with Y grass knives on my overgrown lawn today. Grasses were 6-9" in length. Ran on my BX2200. The striping and cut this flail mower does is unbelievable on fresh springtime grass. Debated on using the MMM or the flail, and I'm glad I used the flail...
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    Bucket pallet forks

    I've got the bolt on forks too, and they are super handy for things other than pallets.
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    Front-End Loader Stout Designs Trail Cutter

    It looks interesting.
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    4ft or 5ft Land Plane for Kubota BX

    If you are just slightly scarifying and distributing the material, the 5' land plan will work fine. On my gravel driveway I just use my box blade as that works fine for my liking.
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    I run a Woodmaxx FM-62 on my BX2200 and it works perfectly. Even hogging up 2-3 foot tall grasses and weeds. I mostly use it to run in between my finish mower as it does a better job during the greener months as it distributes/mulches the clippings better.
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    3pt Auger

    Yes, you need to make sure your check chains are nice and tight for that application. Same goes for things like snow blowers.
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    Sound(s) from Multiple Running Generators

    I have very sensitive hearing, and I noticed this too. One thing I have noticed is that I can hear most diesel engines running from a long ways away. They have a very low frequency that I can pickup. What is really interesting is that my tractor (a BX2200) parked about 1000ft+ away will...
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    dozer security?

    About 20 years ago we had a CAT D5 on a construction site in an urban environment, and some kids figured out how to make it start, but the last operator who used it kept it in gear... well, long story short, there was a run away bulldozer, luckily it only went a few hundred yards before getting...
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    PTO water pump

    If you want to build it yourself, you'll need a pump, a 2 pulleys, a belt, and you need to make a 3pt sled for it. While not complicated, it will take time and possibly trial and error to get it at it's optimal speed. From what I can tell, you are looking at $2000 to $3000 if you want to buy...
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    Ahh, yes, thorny rosebushes.... My father planted a whole row of them on a front section of my lawn to deter deer. Well, they didn't deter anything but me getting near them to mow/weed wack near them. Guaranteed I'd look like I got a hold of a mad scratching cat using me as a scratching post. I...
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    Mowing anthills

    Get some molten metal and make a casting... lol
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    Flail mower shear bolt — 12.9?

    I have a couple implements that use this. I always start with a Grade 2 then work my way up until I'm satisfied. Also goes without saying, most people forget... you should remove that shear bolt and make sure both the coupling and shaft actually move and not rusted together.
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    You should use a flail mower like folks have mentioned.
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    Mowing anthills

    My father told me once, when he worked a farm down in TN, that the old man rigged up a chemical injected flail mower. So when when it got used, you could also use herbicides or insecticides while using it to mow. It had holes drilled in it for nozzles, and when you used the flail mower, the air...
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    Basketball goal attachment

    When I was a kid, my dad would get the tractor with the loader and he made clamp on hoop and board from a rotted out stand. He'd come out with the machine and we'd play ball. Now a days it would bother me to know if the hydraulics failed and I happened to be under it, I would've been a squashed...
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    Woods SB60 Snowblower throwing chain

    I use motorcycle foaming chain lube on my snow blower chain.
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    Flail Mower bottom paint

    Not sure if they got a Rhinolining place in your neck of the down under, but you could try that option and have them spray it like a truck bed liner.
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    loader issues

    Yeah, I agree. Something ain't right here. In my lifetime, the only time I've seen broken bolts on a loader was from misuse. Would love to see pictures.
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    PTO shaft for blower

    Not sure what you are referring to by a "shop"? Are you referring to an actual business "shop"? If so, then no. I do have a shop for friends and family that needs someone experienced helping them turn wrenches.
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    PTO shaft for blower

    Michael, just go down to TSC in North Utica and get a PTO shaft with a shear bolt. If you need help, I'll be more than happy to help with another set of hands.
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    Pull behind brush cutter

    Only other problem with tow behind is the fact that you can't lift it over stumps and other debris/hazards. It's fine for areas that you know what's hidden below.
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    21" Post Hole Auger

    BH = Backhoe.
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    Mine is the opposite. I have the Y grass knives and it will mow a lawn quite well. I'm not hard on my flail mower. But I have munched up small saplings with no knife damage. Still look as new as I got them. 99% of the time it's mowed where it's already been mowed. Or it's mowing my regular...
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    x2 on the FECON or similar grinder. I really don't recommend a flail mower for trying to chop up trees. It's meant for small saplings and mostly grass/weeds.
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    Titan flail side shift

    Woodmaxx is excellent. They carry parts and their service is top notch. I live close enough so I picked up my FM-62 flail mower from them. Great people!
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    Does the John Deere mid mount mower auto connect work reliably?

    Yes it would be, if you need to adjust it or does not go on (or come off) automatically. These systems wear and fatigue with time and use. You will be on the floor scratching your head. lol I just serviced one of these a few weeks ago for a friend that was frustrated with it not auto...
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    Does the John Deere mid mount mower auto connect work reliably?

    If you got the room, go with a RFM. While the MMM is a space saving device and slightly more maneuverable, I've found that the older you get, the harder it is to connect them. Gets old crawling around on the floor. I've got a BX2200... with the MMM. Would I get it again with a MMM? Absolutely...
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    Anybody ever see a 3pt attachment that did the following....

    I was thinking of my trailer mover... yes, can be done with a competent welder and some thought.
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    Nope... here's what it'll fit: (RCK60-24B) B1700D 4wd B1700E 2wd B1700HSD Hydrostatic Transmission, 4wd B1750D 4wd B2100D 4wd B2100HSD Hydrostatic Transmission, 4wd B2400HSD Hydrostatic Transmission, 4wd B2400HSE Hydrostatic Transmission, 2wd...
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    New 8’ bucket today

    CNY gas prices around $5.99 to $6.50. Sad when it costs more for me to use my diesel tractor than my gas tractor. I do like the one post above with the photo of the diesel prices, and what's coming down the road? A propane truck..... LOL
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    Can I plow a garden with only a tiller attachment on new, never plowed, rough ground?

    Way back when we used to use york rakes and rippers to prep a new field. Then we'd disc it up a couple times to unchunk it. That would take care of 90% of the rocks.
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    Attach a snowblower to yanmar

    I have a 70% chance bet that it broke something. OP won't know till they use the PTO. I remember a couple years ago, a new tractor owner of a L3400 got a bush hog and didn't bother to cut the driveshaft, thinking it was universal. When they went to go lift the implement up, it literally shoved...
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    3-pt leaf blowers

    20 hp to move air? lol I don't think so. Some of these implement ratings make me laugh.
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    Carry all options

    I don't have a picture, but I have a 3pt trailer mover, and I bought a Harbor Freight hitch cargo carrier and got my welder and added taller sides to it from plate steel. Best part about it, I can put my trailer hitch in it, and also pull a trailer so I don't loose functionality!
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    Can I plow a garden with only a tiller attachment on new, never plowed, rough ground?

    ^^ That's what I do to my gardens. Multiple passes but several days apart (with rainfall and dry spells). I always get amazing crops and deweeding is super easy.
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    What A REAL FEL Looks Like!

    Where its also probably 100F all day (not including running the torch)...
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    Snowblower Woods SS74 snowblower bad performance

    I know this doesn't help too much, but I got a nice Braber 60" for my BX2200: All I can say is that this machine will put snow back where it came from with it's massive 24" impeller and thoughtful and simplistic design. I have never had it clog...