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  1. J

    Wheelbarrow tires going flat

    They are so nice and can be used with one hand. Very stable but not usable sideway on a slope. I have both.
  2. J

    Finding a reasonably priced 6V tractor battery?

    Years ago in the 70s, I had a 6V VW and a 12V radio I wanted to install. I installed a 12V battery and ran a big screw through the top center of the battery to get the 6V to start and run the VW. Worked but I don't remember how well the battery charging worked out.
  3. J

    Can I test/measure the load at my generator?

    I use this meter from Fast and easy, Volts, Amps, Watts.
  4. J

    New to me 2210d

    Sweet Deal! Congrats. My Yanmar TM2020D, like yours, is built like a tank but your's looks much taller.