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    GT235 Problem

    The mower blades on my GT235 will occassionally stop mowing as if I shut the power take off down. If I push the power take button down and pull it back up it will mow ok. Now & then it will even shut the engine off when it does this. It will start right back up & run ok for a while. I'm assuming...
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    GT235 suitcase weights

    Does anyone know if a R66949 suitcase weight will fit a GT235?
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    LT 180 sputters when backing up

    I Have a JD LT180 that I bought new. It has the 17hp Kaw engine. When I go in reverse the engine sputters as if it is running out of gas. I have by-passed the RIO that is out on the backside of the dash thinking it may be that. It still wants to miss & sputter when backing up. Is there another...
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    Stihl 024 AV ?

    I acquired an 024AV Stihl chainsaw. Per the IPL it appears that the air cleaner is a 1121 120 1610 wire mesh or a 1121 120 1625 which all of the flock is gone.The air cleaner has the 1121 121 7001 baffle. Anyone know what the baffle is for?
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    Belts for belt sander

    I have some old belts for my belt sander that the glue that holds the splice together has given up. The belts come apart as soon as you try to use them. Any ideas of what kind of glue to use to hold them together?:confused: I have quite a few & I really hate to throw them away.
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    chimney question

    A friend of mine is putting a barrel stove in his garage. It has a 6 inch connector for a 6 inch stove pipe. He is building a masonry chimney. What size flue would be best?
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    LT180 ?

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram that shows the wires to the RIO switch and where they go to? My switch only had two wires going to it. Every diagram I found is just about as clear as mud to me as my electrical expertise is next to nothing.
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    I have a cabin in PA with about two acres of ground that I mow. It appears I have voles. Anybody have a suggestion for getting rid of them?
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    Fried potatoes with ramps and a country ham sandwich last night for dinner. Pretty good. Now if I only had some morel mushrooms!
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    Space heater

    I am thinking of buying a space heater to heat add some heat after the wood stove cools down. (before I awake) It will only be a 1500 watt heater. Anyone have any ideas. The room where my wood stove is in is pretty large.
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    Cast Iron Cookware

    I am curious as to how everyone cleans their cast iron cookware? I use cooking oil & a little salt as an abrasive and scrub with a piece of potato. Seems to work fairly well.
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    HF manual log splitter

    I have a HF manual log splitter that due to my stupidity I need to replace the hyd. bottle jack. This thing has two levers, one moves the shaft at a faster speed & the other is used to do the splitting. Anyone know where I may purchase the bottle jack. HF does not have them on the shelf & if...
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    I live in Maryland. I have a John Deere LT180 & a 14SB walk behind that I bought new. I also have a GT235 that I bought used this past May. I also have an old L Model Gravely and a Case VAC tractor. I try to do my own work but I am surely not a mechanic.