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    Broken Lower 3 Point Hitch Arm

    I was working on road drainage with a box scraper on my GC1720 , going slowly on a mild downgrade when Snap! The corner of the scraper caught on an immovable rock and one of the lower 3 point lift arms broke right off. It appears to be cast steel, as opposed to cast iron or fabricated from...
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    Rear Counter Weight for Front Mount Blower

    I have a Massey Ferguson GC1720 TLB (SCUT) that I use with a front mount snowblower in heavy wet “Sierra Cement” snow. I haven’t been removing the backhoe when snowblowing. I sometimes have trouble turning but all I have to do is raise the blower slightly and it will turn. I’ve been...
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    GC1700 Hydrostatic Drive Cooling Fan Replacement

    I’ve been clearing brush and in spite of a home made skid plate something got past it and took out the cooling fan. I was dismayed when I tried to remove the old fan. The fan binds in the narrow gap between the floor pan and a cross shaft for the midmount mower control. I will never have a...
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    Loose and Rattling Steering Cylinder and Tie-Rods

    Yesterday I hooked up the snowblower on my GC1720 and while putting the tire chains on I noticed that the steering cylinder was loose and rattling around in its brackets and the inner tie rod joints had about an eighth of an inch in and out play in them. A search shows that I'm not the first GC...
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    Another No Start and Easy Fix

    Got up at 0400 yesterday to run the GC1720 with snowblower up and down the road. Everything worked fine, went into town, came back and it was still snowing so I decided to make a other pass on the road. Starter would not crank. Turns out the PTO neutral safety switch was iced up and stuck in...
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    Float Position for Snowblowing

    Hello, I just finished installing a snow blower in my MF GC1720. I have a question concerning the hydraulics. Do you guys with tractors that have a loader �loat feature, do you use that for snowblowing? I have a mile or so to clear, some of it gravel but most of it is a plain old dirt...
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    GC1700 Series Snowblower Width

    I知 looking at a used 63 wide front mount PTO snowblower for my GC1720. The blower is from a larger 30HP compact tractor and I will have some adapting and fabrication to do on the mount. I知 a little bit concerned about the blower width. It is a foot wider than the 登fficial MF2360 blower and...
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    MF GC1710 RPM

    I understand that the GC1710 reaches its rated HP at 2600 RPM. Is there a rev limiter that keeps the RPM at 2600 max, or can you go above 2600? Thanks!