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    Splitter Wars 2020

    Splitter Wars is a collaboration between 8 YouTubers. There are 7 different types of splitters and a maul. This is not a competition. It is a demonstration of different types of splitters. Hopefully this will help people figure out what kind of splitter they need. Here is the line up: Splitting...
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    Video: The Importance of Ballasting Your Tractor

    Here is a little video I made on ballasting your tractor. I show that it is important to ballast for use with the loader or 3 point hitch.
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    Video: How to shift in and out of 4WD on the fly

    Here is a video I made on how to shift in and out of 4WD on the fly.
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    SS Harley Rake on CUT

    Would a CUT with 9.9GPM run a skidsteer harley rake? It looks like they require a minimum of 13 GPM. I assume it would just turn it slow but would it function right at a lower speed? Nobody here has a rental for a 3PH.
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    400hr service time

    I got everything to do the 400hr service on the BX. I started on it tonight and I will finish it tomorrow, I'm letting the fluids drain over night.
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    Peerless Tire Chains Review

    I recently purchased 2 set of peerless tire chains. I purchased #10165 for a 10-16.5 tire, the front of the L4240. The other set was a 1062256 which was for a 18x8.50-10, the front of the BX2360. Snow Chains for Tires, Best Tire Chains, Truck Tire Chains Snow Chains for Tires, Best Tire...
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    Tire chains for front axle

    I am looking for a set of tire chains for the front of the L4240. It has 10-16.5 tires. I would like to get something that is going to have lateral grip and make steering easier. I don't want studded/ v-bar chains or duo grips. I would like to find have net style tire chain. The only place I...
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    British Flat Face to NPTF

    I am looking for a couple of adapter fittings. I need one that is male #8 British flat face to 3/4 male NPT and another one that is female #8 British flat face to 3/4 male NPT. Anybody know where I can find them? Thanks for any help.
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    Weight Distribution Hitch Setup

    Does it look like I have the WDH setup right? I'm setting on completely level ground in the pic. The jack was not supporting anything.
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    Foot Pedal for TIG

    I have a snap on mig with a tig conversion for it. I have had it 3 years but have not used it much. I tried welding some 20 gauge on the lowest setting (50amps) and it burned through it. If I get a foot pedal will that allow me to lower the amperage for welding thinner metals like 22 or 24 gauge?
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    How to Easily Remove Grease and Diesel Smoke From Your Tractors Loader (Video)

    I figured out an easy way to remove grease and diesel smoke from your tractors loader. I made a video so you can see how it works.
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    Who wishes their BX had mirrors?

    The BX's in Europe have mirrors as an option. It would be nice if Kubota offered that option for North America. I thought I would start this thread and see how much interest there is. If it looks like there is some interest in mirrors for the BX I was going to email the link to this thread to...
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    RTV Brake lights

    Does a Kubota RTV have brake lights?
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    Could you measure your B or L filter assembly for me?

    Could someone with a B2330, 2620, 2920 or L3200 or 3800 measure the overall height of the fuel filter assembly? This is the filter assembly I am talking about. Kubota Fuel Filter Assy Part #6A320-58862
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    7 pin extension

    What do you guys do for a 7 pin extension? I have seen 7 pin harnesses in varying lengths with the male end but no female end. Do you guys just buy one of these and put the female end on it and would that be the best way to go? I need an extension for the the tractor. Conntek ROJ...
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    Kubota Combine

    Here is a video I found of a Kubota combine in Korea.
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    Weight Distribution Hitch

    Is this a good weight distribution hitch? CURT Manufacturing - CURT Long Trunnion Bar Weight Distribution Hitch #17302 CURT It will be used on a 10k car trailer and maybe a dump trailer.
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    BX 4 in 1 Bucket

    I remember a thread a while back that someone had a video of a 4 in 1 bucket on BX. I think it was offered as an option through Kubota in Australia. I remember somebody wanted a 4 in 1 for a BX. I was looking at craigslist tonight and I came across a 4 in 1 bucket for a BX. It is made by W.R...
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    Kubota BX Plowing Snow Video

    Here is a little video of me plowing snow with the BX earlier this week.
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    How to Install the Mower on a Kubota BX Video

    A while back I made a video on how to remove the mower on a BX and a video showing how fast it can be removed. I finally got around to making a video on how to install it and one on how fast it can be installed. Here is how to install the mower Here is a video on...
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    Plowing Snow in VA

    I know some of you remember my posts about FEL snow plows and how they don't work well on a gravel driveway. Here Monday it was over 70 degrees and the weather man said we were going to get snow on Wednesday. Well Wednesday it did snow and it was in the mid to high 30's throughout the day. Of...
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    GM test cars

    A few times I have mentioned that GM test cars travel through my area. I don't think anyone believes me so I finally got some proof. Check out the Nurburgring decal on the back. I wonder if this cars has been there?
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    best way to treat wood truck and trailer floors?

    What is the best way to treat a wood truck or trailer floor? I remember something about ATF and diesel but I don't remember the ratio.
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    Running a wood splitter on a Kubota L4240

    I'm thinking about running a hydraulic wood splitter on the 4240. What would be the best way for me to do this, Just hook into a remote? The tractor does not have a detent on the remotes for it to be always on so I guess I would have to use a rope to tie it on?
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    Ditch Witch 350SX Specs

    Does anybody know where I can find the specs for a Ditch Witch 350SX Diesel? I am curious how much power it is, how much it weighs and the GPM.
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    Stihl MS 170 timing advance

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    A backup camera for $50!!!!!!!!!!!

    At first I was against a backup camera in a tractor but after seeing how nice they are in vehicles I thought it would be nice to have in the tractor. There is not a good place to put a rear view mirror in the tractor. I keep my mirrors adjusted down low so I can watch my tires for maneuvering...
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    What is this aircraft?

    I saw 3 fly over tonight. I have seen them fly over 4 times previously too. I'm pretty sure I know what it is, I just want someone to confirm it.
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    94BULLITT's Home Built 3 Point Hitch Dethatcher

    I bought a 10' piece of 2x2x3/16 angle. I cut it in half for the front and rear of the frame. The frame after drilling the holes for the teeth Here is what the tine spacing looks like I notched 2 pieces of 2x2 angle for the ends Uprights for the 3 point hitch Crossmember for the...
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    Need Recommendation for Good Chop Saw Blades

    I have a 14'' chop saw and I wanted to see what kind of blades you guys like and dislike. I currently have a Forney blade on it and I don't think it works too good.
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    Broken Magnets on Winch Motor

    Is it possible to just buy magnets for a electric motor?
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    How do baler teeth attach to the baler???????????

    I am working on a project and I am going to be using hay baler teeth on it. I was wondering how the teeth attached to the baler and what kept them from turning.
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    94Bullitt's Attachment Restoration Thread

    I made this thread to show that you can take something that does not look that good and make it look like new. I also have a couple of broken attachments that I repaired. The first is a Woods RB60 Blade. I showed pictures of this one in another thread. These are the only before pictures I...
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    iMATCH Craigslist Find

    I found an iMATCH on Craiglist. Like everything I find on craigslist it was over an hour away. I called the guy and asked him if he was going to me in my area anytime soon. He said he was going to be in my area today at the Bobcat dealer. The Bobcat dealer is 10 minutes away from my house. I met...
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    Carry All for Pallet Forks

    About 3 years ago I built a set of forks for the 3 points hitch. I also bought a set for the front. I built a carry all out of a old pallet so I can use it with the front or rear forks. I used saw mill...
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    Estimate the Weight of this log

    It is a Pin Oak log 29' long, 24'' on the big end, and 12'' on the small end.
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    Tomato Cages

    What kind of tomato cages do you use? I want to make something that will last for years. I would also like something that is easy to store.
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    Netwrapping Firewood on Pallets

    I got the idea to use netwrap to help secure the firewood to the pallet and help keep leaves out so it should dry better. I tie the netwrap to the pallet. Stack the wood on the pallet and then wrap it. I go about 1.5 wraps then tie the net wrap back to the pallet. Here is the finished...
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    Stihl MS 441 C M vs MS 660 video

    Here is a video of the MS 441 C M against the MS 660. I think the 441 does so well against the 660 because the of the wood and the 441 turns more RPMs. The 660 has way more power/ torque, you can really dog it in. I added a dual port muffler and tuned the 600 to 13,000 RPM and tested it again. I...
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    I got a new saw today

    I have been looking for months for a 70cc Stihl. There are very few locally forsale. Most of them are rough looking or way over priced or a 20'' bar. I found a MS 441 CM and emailed the guy a back and forth a couple of times then he quit replying. I found a 046 and sent the guy a text asked him...
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    Wheel Chocks

    Has anybody used these wheel chocks? Camco 44412 Wheel Chock : : Automotive The guy I bought my trailer from gave me one. I had seen them at Walmart and thought they were junk. I usually use blocks of wood. One day I went to move the trailer with the BX and forgot to move the wheel...
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    Trailer Tongue Box

    I bought this trailer tongue box and it is was made with extremely poor quality. Tradesman TAL16TTBBK Black 16" Aluminum Trailer Tongue Box: Automotive I am not sure right now if I want to return it or exchange it for one like it and hope it is better. What kind of tongue box do...
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    My first Muffler Mod

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    Trailer hub covers

    I want to do something to make my trailer wheels look better. What do you guys do? I found these covers.QuickTrim® Chrome Trailer Hub Cover, 6 on 5-1/2" #QT655CHN Right now they look like the best bang for the buck. In the past I did chrome lug nuts and chrome center caps but they rust up...
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    Dehumidifier Recall, they can catch on fire

    I think there are 10 brands involved. The affected model were sold between January 2005- August 2013. Check here to see if yours is recalled.
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    Any ideas for cleaning out a rusty gas can?????

    I have a older pre-EPA gas can. It has some rust in the bottom. Does anybody have a idea on how to make it a usable can again?
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    Dump trailer with removable sides

    Who all makes a dump trailer with removeable sides? All I can find is Appalachian trailers. Utility Dump Trailers I know there are some with fold down sides but they all seem to be real expensive.
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    How long does it take to remove the deck from a BX?????????????????

    I made a little video to see how long it really takes.
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    Cat vs Squirrel

    I have a stray cat and 3 kittens outside. The mother cat has caught a lot of chipmunks and some mice and moles. Sunday morning there was a full grown squirrel on the deck she had caught. I thought she must have got lucky. Then Tuesday she caught another one. This morning she caught another fully...
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    Who is your ISP?

    I currently have Verizon DSL and I am happy with it. It is fast enough for me, reliable and reasonably priced. I would like to do away with my phone line so the DSL would have to go. Right now I am exploring my options. So who is your ISP?