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    Eradicating moles

    I don't remember that it harmed vegetation. We now live on a small lot in town and have no moles (Yet). Ron
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    Eradicating moles

    Re-Post of my #46 past. Worth considering for large acerage of starting/enhancing an eradicating business. Don't have time to read the whole thread but here is some ideas that may not have been covered. My wife is pretty successful of chasing them off using Pine-sol. She opens open mounds and...
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    Lincoln AC/DC question

    Yon, i new that about Lincoln but slipped on that post. Actually Miller is now the owner of the Smith brand of O/A stuff. They are making those products under the brand name "Weldcraft". Prior to the acquistion of Victor by ESAB Victor had bought up Purox, Oxweld, and Prestolite. I recently...
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    Anybody here ever make money gambling?

    Key to success at blackjack is to memorize Basic Strategy, follow it w/o divegrance, raise your bets when you have the house's money. Still have to be at a table where the parabolic cureve is in your favor. Know when to quit. Craps can get raucous but you have to stay calm and don't...
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    Looking for Older Odds and Ends

    Propane and natural gas are commonly used instead of acetylene for cutting, brazing and heating, especially large users. Acetylene is unique as it is the only heating gas that can be used for welding steel as it replaces the carbon burned out of the steel when melted. Flame cutting is only...
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    Looking for Older Odds and Ends

    TinHack, The sizes and rates are on the postal service website. Cheaper than FedX or UPS on smaller stuff. Depending on what you dig up I could possibly pay the postage. Ron
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    Looking for Older Odds and Ends

    My retirement gig is I put together used welding sets both arc and O/A and sell on Craigs list. This market has done well for me as I can get a novice, garge tinker, small garage and etc with good value over buying new. Normally I only sell complete sets ready to go to work complete with PPE...
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    Lincoln AC/DC question

    They have outlasted the changes in the industry, still made todayand Lincoln has survived being gobbled up instead they have been one of the gobblers. The only old brands left are Lincoln, Airco/Conocoa, Harris (owned by Miller now), and Victor (Now owned by ESAB). I have heard the new Chinese...
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    welding carts

    I am real pleased with the HF ones with the bottle racks. Have both. Use one for O/A torch and tools/etc. Have my arc welder on the otherbwith rod and etac in the bottom compartment. I am contemplating putting a piece of 3/8 or 1/2 " plate on top of the big one for a welding bench. Will...
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    looking to buy first tractor with loader and backhoe

    Kubota BX is the perfect one. Mine has been a real workhorse for chores except mid mount mower. Never needed one, used a riding mower. Ron
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    A lot of hydrogen is generated by many industrial processes. Most is flared off due to cost to capture and store and much is used in compounds created by/for other processes. Manufacture of chlorine comes to mind having worked in those plants that use salt brine as a feed stock. The hydrogen...
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    All compressed fuel gases have the same problem. VOLUME = Range. Hydrogen being the lightest element compounds that issue and it is also leak prone. Welds and other connections that hold other elements and compounds may well leak under hydrogen pressures. Pressure of the gas = thickness of...
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    Do your own Fluids and Filters on a BX

    Simple solution on fuel filter change for stopping flow of fuel.. Install a valve ahead of first filter like I did. Secondary plus is use it if tractor is unattended to prevent theft. Ron
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    Anybody here ever make money gambling?

    Wife just won $1300 on a dollar slot for a $20 investment while I lost $100 at blackjack. Indian Casino's up here are not as viscious as they are in CA. Still double deck on blackjack and shoe games are 6 deks instead of continous shuule machines like down there. Ron
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    Join WeldingSite For More Welding, Fabrication, and Projects

    They have infiltrated every thread. If Mohammed cannot block them he needs to shut down the whole site and start all over. I won't even bother to go to it anymore. There is dagger they may infiltrate and/or corrupt our computers and sites. Ron
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    Power beyond issues

    I stand corrected partially. My BX is factory equipped to operate a BH as the first implement in line from the pump, therefore the P, PB, and T connections are there; with the BH off the P hose is looped back and connects to the PB hose and the T hose left unused. The OPs L is not originally...
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    Power beyond issues

    My BX BH has the 3 hoses; P, PB, and T. I would be surprised if the OPs L is different as Kubota tends to repeat systems among its models. But yes the Tank line is a necessity. Ron
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    Power beyond issues

    This problem is real simple. With the BH detached just use the same connections identical to the BH. The spade valve will then need a PB plug (if the manufacturer makes one) or a new valve with one and a connection fitting in the PB outlet. PS. Here is where the shop manual for your tractor...
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    pulling wire through conduit

    Thanks a lot for all the good ideas. I am leaning toward Moss Road's methods. I have a 125' nylon fish tape that I pushed through to get my measurements as I only have one reel of white #8 so have to cut two pieces for the wires I will mark as black and red each end with a magic marker. Any...
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    pulling wire through conduit

    Wires are THHN, longest pull between pull points is 70' +/-, ells are long radius, new pvc conduit buried and above ground. One end of the long pull is in a 10" at grade pull box with the 45 bend and the other is a condule, all other bends in the remaining 40 feet are through condulets. I...
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    pulling wire through conduit

    Calling on our electricians in Tractor Land. I am getting ready to pull three #8s and one #10 through a 1" underground conduit. What is the best way to connect them to the fish tape for the pull? There are two 90-degree bends and one 45-degree bend. I have plenty of wire lube. Ron
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    Oil & Fuel BX Fuel Filter Change Lessons Learned

    Rational for me: 1. you have to crawl under for one why not both at same time 2. Considered exterior mount but I was working mine in a lot of wooded/brushey areas, too easy to knock off or damage. Already had a lot of scars on loader arms and body form such encounters. My tractor was a...
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    Oil & Fuel BX Fuel Filter Change Lessons Learned

    I have posted on this before: I solved the OPs problems easily, 1. Moved the filter under the hood to underneath like the pre-filter. 2. Installed a valve in the fuel line just ahead of the ore-filter. The valve also allowed to to pretty well disabled the tractor from theft if parked other...
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    Will this hold or crack over time? Do more passes?

    Hard to tell thickness of the parts but assuming the verticals are 1/2" or more then welding like was done , just piling on the surface is iffy. Working with this heavy a sections requires more amps. Adjust so beads are relatively flat. I would start at about I would do the root pass each...
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    wood oil based stain/preservatives?

    Use straight boiled linseed oil. Apply liberally. If stain is needed, apply a oil based stain (two coats first). Let both sink in and dry before applying second or successive coats. Recoat every few years to keep protected.. Ron
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    New Tractor Problems

    New product, I always get the shop manual so I have wiring and hydraulic diagrams. Only efficient way to trace such problems is those diagrams. If you are electrical/mechanical deficient you are stuck with dealer assistance. FELs are easy to lift if you relieve the hydraulic pressure by...
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    Portland cement or other trick for turning a soup pot into a driveway?

    When you have water standing first get rid of the water by ditching to a lower spot away from then roadway or build the roadway at least a foot above the water and 2-3 feet wider each side with rock as has been discussed before. Compacting with the dump trucks will not do a proper job. You...
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    Cutting and Welding new backhoe pin

    You want the pin to wear faster than the bore it fits. I would just us cold rolled steel. It is polished and true round. Replacing the bushings it fits through is a lot harder welding project than the pin. Ron
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    Extension cord question

    Pixguy, GFCIs only trip on a ground fault. If the GFCI is outside they can accumulate moisture and provide a lot of nuisance trips. The RV power manager unit will trip on a low voltage or overload. 15A circuit w/that long a run would not take much to overload. A RV refrigerator on electric...
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    Compensating for low flow/pressure water supply to outbuilding?

    Amen to Handloader. 200' I would probably be tempted to go 1 1/2". Any thing else is a workaround you will not be happy with in the end. What we call a Rube-Goldberg solution. Ron
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    Anybody here ever make money gambling?

    Slot machines are the big revenue generators for the casinos as they can be electronically set to, provide a continuous fixed pay back to the casino. Beware the come-on that machines pay a certain percentage to the player. The percentage includes all paybacks even those that pay back less...
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    What's happened to Shield Arc

    He passed away about a year ago
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    New hydraulic top link won't clear the lift arms on my B-series

    Go to the "Surplus Center" web site and look at all the fitting options, bet you will find your solution. Order from them and you will get it quicker. They have a great tech group also. Support our advertisers that help keep this forum going. Ron
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    A warning about LG Appliances in regards to warranty service

    Most small appliance repair companies do not repair the refrigeration cycles. A friend in the business stated there are too many modern compressors filing in the 1-5 year time and factory warranty repair payments do not even meet their breakeven point. Plus the cost of quality diagnostic and...
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    Eradicating moles

    Don't have time to read the whole thread but here is some ideas that may not have been covered. My wife is pretty successful of chasing them off using Pine-sol. She opens open mounds and pours a cupful in each hole. They soon run off to the neighbors or back into then woods. the best...
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    Moving a "modular building"

    15 years ago I spent 5 years inspecting the manufacture, transport and erection of 100s of modular units from simple storage buildings to fancy offices and living quarters. A true transportable modular; each unit has a steel frame under each unit, frame has hangers for set up for installation...
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    Purging new propane tank at home

    There are several videos on You Tube on purging. If you bought the tank as a propane tank it may have come pre-purged, pay to check that with the vendor selling it. This process is not rocket science. Go to the closest RV dealer, they should be able to help you out. A lot of them have sell...
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    Anyone insured?

    Seems like the coverages mentioned in this thread are basically for fire, theft, or catastrophe loss related to those events. I carry the KTAC on my BX past the lien duration. You need to compare the fine print between the KTAC and any other coverage especially related to operational damage...
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    Three Point Hitch Log Splitter not working - ideas?

    Enfield: The spool (plug) blocks the internal functions of the open system power beyond port. Installing it makes your SpeeCo valve a closed center same as your JD system, so you need it. The primary thing is assuring the fluid gets back to the tank through your remote valve. Make sure the PB...
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    Three Point Hitch Log Splitter not working - ideas?

    Where is the OP with answers/pictures we have been asking for? Here are 2 paragraphs from another forum on this subject: Open center hydraulics allow the oil to pass through the control valve when the valve is in the neutral position. A closed center valve shuts off the flow through the valve...
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    Three Point Hitch Log Splitter not working - ideas?

    Lets all sit back and breath deeply. Our best solution can only be derived by reviewing piping diagrams for both the tractor and the splitter. Pictures also help a lot. Most modern tractors are piped as open center hydraulic system and most splitter valves are open center. Unless your...
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    Welding a hydraulic anchor point

    Poor guy is really confused now. He probably hasn't figured out how to post pictures yet and feels intimidated. I always avoid commenting with solutions when the whole story is not presented. With pictures we have a basis of analysis and at least then ask further questions to clarify the...
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    Caulk / sealant compatible w/ Rustoleum?

    Urethane sealant is my choice for all "sealant" applications. Clean any rust off first where the sealant goes. Silicon will peel out over time, does not bond to non-porus surfaces well. Makes a great gasket between mechanically fastened parts. Ron
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    We trained hard, but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we would be reorganized. We as a nation meet a new situation by reorganizing; what a wonderful method for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization. Wrong...
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    Hauling Sub-Compact.

    The weight of gravel is closer to 3K than 2K, depends on the aggregate size and the amount of water on it. Smaller the aggregate the greater the weight and the more water it can contain. I tried hauling my BX on a 16" equipment trailer with a Dakota pickup. I rapidly determined I had the...
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    Sheave/ pulley adjustment

    Flail mowers create a lot of extra stress on bearings, especially ball type. The misalignment may be worn bearings. Worth checking. Roller bearings last longer in that environment. A wholesaler in the power drive business can match up most anything. Replaced ball bearings on big fans with...
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    Digging trench for PVC water line, advice on potential obstacles

    Unless the distance is pretty short I never use less than 1" pipe. Difference between 3/4 and 1 is nominal. I do lawn sprinkler the same way main lines all 1" and do a return loop to equalize pressure throughout. Friction is the big capacity robber. Ron
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    Hydrogen infrastructure

    The problem with ammonia is the nitrogen oxide by product. Environment NO NO. See my next post for more info. Ron
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    Hydrogen infrastructure

    Hydrogen in compressed gas state is far more dangerous than any of the other potential and existing fuel gases. It also has the problem of short range like propane and CNG. It also requires a heavier storage vessel due to much higher pressures need to keep it gaseous. Real solution to these...
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    Scaffolding, HF vs, NT vs. TSC

    It's cheap, just price the contractor models. I have had the HF one for a long time. Used a lot, safer than a ladder. I made a set of adjustable extensions for the wheels for use on uneven ground. Have the pieces cut out to make some solid pads to replace the wheels on the adj extensions...