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    Yanmar 1810D hydraulic won’t work

    You have mixed up a couple of hydraulic lines. Start by telling us how many lines connect to the loader valve. 6 or 7. Clean the valve body to make the port letters cast into the valve body visible. Dave m7040
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    BX25 won't shut off.

    Your tractor has two timers. An OPC timer and an engine stop relay timer. I have attached a couple of WSM pages so you can check yours out Dave M7040
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    Normal set up of front end loader controls

    Many years ago I was an accident investigator for the Canadian government. I was sent to the scene of a farm accident where the tractor operator was crushed and suffocated by a large hay bale. He had been working on the loader and reversed the bucket hoses. He thought he could mentally...
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    John Deere 855 Hydraulic Problem

    In a hydrostatic transmission the main tractor hydraulic pump has next to no involvement in the HST operation. Suggest you post in a JD section of this forum as your problem is really not hydraulic Dave M7040
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    Kubota L3130/L3430 brake light switch

    Question was answered on Orange forum. North American tractors do not come with brake light switches. Manuals cover many countries models. Dave m7040
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    Broken PTO

    The video forum member Peace supplied is excellent. Here is the section from the WSM on removing the pto shaft. Does your machine have a mid pto and if so how is it acting. Before starting to take things apart, make certain the pto control levers are fully engaged. Dave M7040
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    B21 "clunk"/jerk when starting forward or reverse motion

    Check all fasteners securing wheels to machine. Lug nuts but some designs have the wheel center secured to the wheel rim Dave M7040
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    Kubota M9540 brakes

    My M7040 has a lever above the brake pedals which you pull up on as you depress the brake pedals. You should have the both pedals locked together before using parking brake. Make certain both pedals have same adjustment. Dave M7040
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    Iseki TX1500F bleed valve

    Put a shop vac on blow. Put the end of the hose over the fill hole to increase the pressure driving oil to the pump. Sometimes this can be enough to get things started Dave m7040
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    Kubota LA 302 loader boom won't drop

    Suspect any quick connects in hoses going to loader cylinders. First open and re-set the connectors. If problem persists, swap loader arm hoses for bucket hoses to see if problem now moves to the bucket operation. Quick connects can and do fail internally. When swapping hoses, take great care...
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    PTO snow blower odd shear pin install

    In my experience with three different brands of rear mounted blowers, that is exactly how the auger shear bolt is placed. Dave M7040
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    PTO snow blower odd shear pin install

    likely the auger shear bolt situation requires a carriage bolt. The square shank under the heat of the bolt secures the bolt from rotating while the nut is tightened carriage bolt Dave M7040
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    B3030 starting charging problem

    Did you have your multi meter set to measure AC voltage when checking the dynamo output? A common mistake owners make is to have the multiimeter set to measure DC voltage for dynamo output. Dave M7040
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    B3030 starting charging problem

    A forum member named on the Orange Forum Lugbolt wrote a diagnostic procedure for dynamo equipped tractors which is what the open station B3030 has I have attached it. Dave M7040
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    Cylinder internal leak?

    The attached procedure will help your thoroughly check out your cylinder. A cylinder can bulge in the middle. In this situation the piston seal will not leak at the end of the strokes. Dave M7040
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    Attachments bogging down under load

    Is this the gas engine garden tractor with a Kawasaki 22 HP engine? If it is this forum may not have the best experts for a gas engine Dave M7040
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    3 point hitch

    Here is the page from the WSM on how to adjust feedback rod. Dave M7040
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    McKee 720

    Contact this guy. He has lots of manuals etc on McKee I was getting parts years after McKee went out of business from John deere dealers. I think the gearbox is made by the interntional company COMER If the link does not work look...
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    M7040 sudden fuel line separation

    Thank you, unfortunately my wife's condition will only get worse. Dave M7040
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    M7040 sudden fuel line separation

    No barb does not exist on these valves. Plastic end was smooth and unbroken. Judging by the simple wire clamps Kubota uses all along this return line they are not expecting any pressure. I never have water issues with my fuel but that does not mean condensation coming back from the tank affected...
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    M7040 sudden fuel line separation

    In my area a major storm is coming and because my wife is very ill, I was readying the M7040 and blower so I could keep our lane open for medical supplies or an ambulance. I backed the tractor out of its storage location and was getting ready to drive it into my heated work shop. When I got out...
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    GX270 Electric start conversion

    I start my similar sized generator engine running on propane with a cordless drill. I was making up a bendix drive system with socket of the correct size (23mm) welded to it but my next try will be with a power bar rachet to act as the bendix drive. You need a drill with some guts. I have...
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    Slow moving front loader

    Check you do not have a rear remote control valve that has not returned to neutral. These valves can be draining off the hydraulic pressure making the FEL work slowly. Dave m7040
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    FEL loader valve body model LA211

    There are two styles of loader valve controls. A 4 position bucket control and a 3 position bucket control. You need to figure out which you have because copying someone who has a different valve than you do wont work. You also need to find and then study the hydraulic block outlet type on...
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    Kubota BX2200 LA211 Bucket Actuator Seal Rebuild Photos

    If you are doing this regularly, why not make the special stretching and compressing tools Kubota's details in their loader shop manuals? I have attached the jig details for a different loader to explain what I am talking about. I think the idea of using the jig is to avoid any twisting of the...
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    I’ve got a 45’ Eagle towable manlift and bottom boom is leaking down.

    The parts diagram you posted describes the cylinders as have a valve in the base of the cylinder. Likely it is some form of load check to prevent the cylinder from suddenly moving if a hose burst. A small leak in this valve would allow the cylinder to lower. I would remove the cylinder in...
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    My Homemade Skid Steer Machines

    We need the spec's for the other motor also. You also need to do the torque wrench test I suggested Dave
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    My Homemade Skid Steer Machines

    Post the brand and spec's for your motors. You need to have an idea of the torque requirements of your drive system. A quick and dirty way would be to remove the motor, rig up a way to connect a simple torque wrench to the drive and see how many foot pounds is required to rotate the wheels...
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    Joystick Valve

    Why do you think you need a new valve? The one you have has 7 hoses which means a replacement must have a power beyond option. The common mistake owners make is buying too big a flow rate replacement valve. What this does is rob you of fine control of the loader. 10 gpm or even a bit less will...
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    ,Decoding Kubota wiring diagrams

    Check your private messages. Envelope symbol top right of page Dave M7040
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    Looking for service manual for Kubota F3990

    Go to a dealer and bring a USB stick. Dealers have access to the main Kubota documents web site so if they are feeling helpful a few seconds and the pdf form of the manual is on your stick. Some dealers will charge for a WSM. Dave M7040
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    Kubota hydraulics

    Does your loader valve have power beyond? The arrow "from implement," would be the loader valve power beyond port providing hydraulic flow back into the tractor system. Not certain if you have power beyond. 6 hoses on loader valve means no power beyond. 7 and you have pb. Most valves can have a...
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    Kubota L3830D Hydraulic Issue - Low Pressure

    The type of transmission will result in different hydraulic circuits. What type is yours? Manual, Glide Shift or hydrostatic How many hoses connect to your new loader valve...... 6 or 7? Dave M7040
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    Kubota L3830D Hydraulic Issue - Low Pressure

    Almost always a plumbing error. Do not take the pump apart as you will create greater problems. The clearances in modern pumps are beyond the tools and ability of most mechanics. Your hydraulic pressure will always be low on an Open Center system until the flow is restricted so your test can...
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    Kubota L3710 Steering Seal Fix?

    Here is the steering cylinder of the WSM. Unfortunately images leave a lot to be desired. Dave M7040
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    3-Point Hitch Challenged to remove pin - Kubota L3540 Lift Arm

    I have had good luck using a puller plus an air hammer. The rapid pounding of the air hammer will tend to jar stuff free where just pressure wont. Dave M7040
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    Pto shaft advice

    The parts illustration clearly shows a two section pto shaft with each section having two U joints and each being able to telescope. Deviating from this design carries significant risk. Woods would not have opted for this more complicated setup just for fun. This is not a China designed...
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    Wood splitter hydraulic question?

    I regret that my advice is correct especially with the valves you are working with. I looked over the spec's for the valve you posted. The spec's are even worse than I expected with a max tank port pressure of 150 psi. Normally I see 450 psi as a valve's tank port spec.. When your second...
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    Wood splitter hydraulic question?

    Your plumbing is completely wrong!!!! First, your first valve in line needs to have a power beyond circuit. This is usually an optional sleeve or plug which you buy and install. Since your latest valve is the newest, see if you can buy a power beyond kit for it. The power beyond option is...
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    Farmtrac 45 wiring diagram

    This post suggests you can look for a Ford 3000 which may be easier. I have bought manuals from this On Line web site and was satisfied for $9.99 The have a number of model years of Ford 3000 listed. Forde WSM Dave M7040 Re: Farm Trac 45 60 tractors. Are they Ford 3000 series tractors? in...
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    Snowblower for FEL, price, comments?

    I do not think you have the pto power to operate such a unit. Landpride recommends 52 pto HP. Consider that a minimum. Your NH has 44 to 46 pto HP depending upon the model of the main transmission. The manual transmission sending a bit more power to the pto. If every HP your engine can produce...
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    Advice on using existing connections

    Your point: Normally a backhoe is just 2 hoses and when the backhoe is disconnected....those two hoses hook to each other It all depends on where the Backhoe valve is in relation to the relief valve. On some machines the BH valve is fed first in line from the pump. The BH valve then needs a...
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    B73 Ber-Vac Snowblower

    I did some on line searching for the owners particular model. I think the reason it is not listed in the Bervac material I provided is because the blower is very old. I say this because it has a 3 blade fan. All their new models come with 4 blade fans He needs the pto shaft shear bolt it would...
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    kubota 4701 engine problem

    Start asking dealer and Kubota headquarters about Kubota programs in some areas for crank case vent system heaters. A known problem for some models in cold areas. Some models require an alternator upgrade to handle the heaters used to keep the positive crankcase vent system from freezing tight...
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    B73 Ber-Vac Snowblower

    This attached page from Ber-Vac translates some part numbers to real bolt sizes and grades. I suspect the owner has mis types the actual model he has and perhaps it is a 74 *PN 657199-10MM X 55MM GRADE 8.8 There are other 74 blowers with different shear bolts Dave M040
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    Cranks but does not start

    Do the two tests shown on this page from the WSM. Do them carefully!!!!!!! Once you have done both, report back especially the two resistance values. Dave M7040
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    GPM for a hay mower

    Are these mower conditioners not driven from a conventional pto shaft. The only hydraulics are to raise and lower but not drive the implement. If I am correct, then the hydraulic flow needed will be minimal. Dave M040
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    Clearing snow (3 kilometer long wood trail)

    I live north of the St Lawrence river and maintain trails on the farms of my brother and myself. I like an inverted blower. When snow is not too heavy I can motor along at pretty good speed. A much higher speed than you could do with a conventional 3 pt blower. Greatly reduces the time to...
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    Cause of pump damage?

    This is a question not a statement! Could the control valve for the implement, in this case blower but previously who know, have been a spool valve for a cylinder and not a motor? If this was indeed the case how would this "mistake" show itself in pump damage? Dave M7040
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    BX glow plugs - current draw favor

    Here is the required GP reading from the WSM. 0.9 ohms This next test is to verify the GP's are being powered both during PREHEAT and also START on the key switch. I have not readup on how your GP's on time is controlled. If it is all manual then the block heater is no problem. If there...