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    Front Bumpers/Grill Guards- Lets See Em

    I read somewhere Kubota was offering factory Brush guards, bolt on similar to some shown on this post, bolts onto current grill guard frame I believe. Anyone know if these May be available, guess indeed to call Messicks, my local dealer seems to turn over their parts department on a regular...
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    Treating diesel in north Texas winters

    Thanks Jaxs for a Texas perspective, and you are spot on about the cause of last winters problems.
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    Treating diesel in north Texas winters

    Thanks you TEXAS members for your input.
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    Treating diesel in north Texas winters

    I keep 15—20 gallons of diesel on hand, servicing 2 tractors and 1RTV. Seems there is no typical winters in north Texas, I always treat my stored gasoline, but in the past have not treated diesel. But until this year usually only kept 5 gal on—hand for by b kubota. All equipment today is stored...
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    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    I am in North Texas, have Kubota RTV500, my wife’s choice, I use Kubota RTV900, plenty of power, dependable and use it like a truck on our 30 acres.
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    Purchased a mini instead of a UTV

    I have a 1998 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 with 5 speed manual club cab, bought it new and only 90000 miles, does great as a pasture hauler and farm store errand machine, v6 engine will also pull my 10 ft utility trailer around the pasture for chores. Every time I take it to town somebody wants to but it...
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    Who uses .155 line successfully in a string trimmer

    I am currently using .105 and like it in a echo trimmer, not unhappy with it, just have a lot of cleaning up to do on my fence lines and looking for every advantage I can get.
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    trail clearing technique and tools

    I did not see a make or model for the cam lock string cutter heads shown in you photos. I reviewed Amazon and stihl pages and yet to see a model quite like this you have such success with. I have several acres with fence and overgrowth and probably be able to squeeze a few more years out of a...
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    Bermuda grass plow

    In ETA description of a Fred Cain 7 shank field cultivator, ripper, utility plow they use Bermuda grass plow in their product description. Being in the South, Bermuda grass is a nuisance, has anyone had success using this type plow to eradicate Bermuda grass from pastures. I have sandy loam soil...
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    Flow fast fuel containers and pumps

    Anyone using their 10 or 15 gallon containers and pumps for diesel and gasoline ?
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    Dealer communication

    Yep, there are over a half dozen within an hour of my farm.
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    Landpride FM 25 48” flail mower with HD Y knives

    Further review, Kubota does list a flail mowed as comparable with the B2601, so I may not be in the market for a flail mower.
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    Dealer communication

    In a busy dealership, I seems to wind up waiting for a scheduled appointment because the sales rep took a walk-in or is on the phone, and you never truly know if it was outside his control or he just does not respect your time and effort to make an appointment. Even though I am retired, if I am...
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    Dealer communication

    Experienced the same thing from a dealer I had purchased 2 tractors, an RTV, and a variety of attachments from. Would not return calls, email, and did not like texting. The store mgr was the person I was trying to deal with, and I had interest in over $40k total purchase. several people...
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    Landpride FM 25 48” flail mower with HD Y knives

    About to add a new Kubota B2601 to use in garden tilling and whatever my wife can think of. Anyone using the FM25 with HD y knives, Kubota brochure says y knives have cutting capacity of 1.5”, 2” for hammer knives. want to use for terminating ground covers and green manure crops in the future...
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    Considering new BCS

    My decision is a BCS possibly model 749, or get a Kubota BX series with reverse rotation tiller and loader. My MX is too large to get around in the planned garden area, and as I age, currently 64 yoa, how long can I handle a two wheeled BCS for gardening needs. Could add smaller implements as...
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    I have read most of Jeff’s educational posts and found them to offer sage advice. You have to do the work and have or acquire some level of knowledge if you expect to make a sound decision on the best tractor and attachments to achieve your goals.
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    Considering new BCS

    I rented a Honda rear tine years ago, nice machine, but no attachments available. Other than Grillo, what are some other machines that have a full line of attachments?
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    Considering new BCS

    Have a nice 3/4 acre garden spot on new property and want to make as much of it as possible into a garden. Nice pipe and field fence surrounds plot, water available, was used as horse pasture prior to us getting the property. considering a BCS 739 with power harrow, roller blade flail mower...
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    Kubota L2501 price?

    That used Kubota in Ft Worth TX has been on their web site for quite a while. Photos of it looked a little rough to me.
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    Skid steer rental with brush cutter

    Finally got to speak with the dealers rental dept, unit with 3 inch cutting capability rents for $2000 per week not including delivery and pick up charge of $200. Don’t know what I expected but not needing one bad enough at these prices. Kubota is the dealer.
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    Skid steer rental with brush cutter

    I have tried to get an electronic or phone quote from local Kubota rental desk, without success. trying to avoid trip in to dealership if I could. Has anyone rented a Kubota Skid steer, rubber tracks, with 6-7 ft brush cutter able to handle 2 inch to 3 inch brush and thick over grown grass...
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    Fill Rite Fr11c

    Anyone use this model pump for diesel? It is a rotary pump with counter, says 10 gal per 100 revolutions. Considering a new diesel 50 gal storage and have zero experience with hand pumps. The fuel inlet on MX5400 is not very friendly located for a senior citizen to fill from 5 gal cans.
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    Kubota user/owner manuals - worth the price?

    MX5400 not listed in Canadian link.
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    Kubota user/owner manuals - worth the price?

    I don’t see the service manual available for 2020 or any MX5400?? tried Messick’s on-line.
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    I have kubota rtv500 and 900, I don’t have enough acres to care what top speed is, both do a lot of work and I enjoy the view through my woods and across my pastures, retired and in no hurry.
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    Have a new Kubota 900, on our second Kubota RTV500, and had A Honda Pioneer for a while. Honda was a great product, just could never get accustom to the fully automatic shifting or the paddle shifters, traded it for 2 Honda Rancher ATV. Kubota 500’s are great for lots of farm chores, not a fast...
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    Cultipacker input please

    Am considering strongly the Everything Attachments model, probably in 6', will be broadcasting a variety of small seed bee-friendly crops, mostly in 2-3 acre sections. For those that use this cultipacker, how will it do in moderate clay soil? Will i get better results by disking, cultipacking...
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    Kubota L-4701 is this a good deal?

    L4701, shuttle transmission, 4wd, quick attach bucket/loader, bucket has skid steer handles, ag tires, barn kept and serviced, 300 hours. ?? Does "skid steer handles" mean? Local tractor asking $21,950. Looks clean, has some remaining warranty, 1 year bumper to bumper and 5 years drive...
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    Buying Advice Added acerage and need more tractor

    I have enjoyed a B2320 with brush mower, loader, and reverse tiller for last 5 years, taking care of 2 acres of pasture and 2 acres around the house and shop. Now we are buying an additional 12 acres of adjoining pasture, planning to keep bees and plant supporting clovers, etc. the 12 acres had...