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    Concrete sealer recommendations

    Looking for a decent concrete sealer for indoor use. Around 400 square feet in a climate controlled area. I'd like to hear some recommendations and pro's and con's for application and dry/use time. Thanks!
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    RTV900 Hydraulic Dump line

    One of my lines to the dump cylinder sprung a leak. How to replace? Is there a relief bleeder somewhere that I must drain? I need to get the bed up to do it. I guess I will need to ensure it is properly supported while working on the line. This is one of the original 2004 models. A G...
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    2011 M7040 Price Check

    Less than 300 hours, dual rear remotes, FEL, CAB, hydro-shuttle. Is very clean. I think it is pre-emissions, I view that as goodness. 38k. Opinions and price check, welcome.
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    Z726 NOT MOVING....

    Late night mowing, I stopped to move a branch, when I got back on the mower is not going anywhere. The hydo's felt hard. I look it over, and under it, there is a broken spring, just hanging there, obviously a tension type. I can see where it is hanging from, an arm apparatus, but I cannot...
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    Small Solar Power system

    I'd like a complete "small" solar power system to provide ample juice for two lights (manual control), a motion detector light and a heater in a water trough. The system will be mounted on a roof and all components except the wiring and panels will be housed out of the weather. My issue seems...
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    Database error redux?

    Happening now, 07-30-2017.
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    Eye, Ear, Nose and ....

    I just came in from mowing, my friend proceeded to get quite a laugh out of my protective apparel. He of the cab tractor brethren, and non-compact at that. Anyway, he commented that I seem to be extreme in my contraptions. I don't consider it extreme at all, wearing full googles, with a nose and...
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    I have noticed an increase in errant quote code showing up in a number of postings. Is it the poster not editing properly, or some feature running amok? This AM, I replied to a thread, and noticed it had two quoted posters, but only one end quote " ". The text of course appeared for the...
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    RTV 900 gauges

    Both gauges on my 2003 RTV, temp and fuel appear to not be working. Is there a shared electrical part between them that would cause this issue? Or am I looking at two separate issues here?
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    Milk House renovation

    I am planning to turn my milk house into more usable space. The first step was gutting the pipes and equipment out of it. The inside walls are a concrete type plaster on top of some kind of wire mesh. The floors are poured concrete. Circa 1920. For the floors, I was thinking about a vapor...
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    Truncation issue reading and quoting

    I have seen this behavior twice now, and I managed to get a sample of it. I thought I had been reading everyone's postings, completely. But somehow in the reading pane I have lost the last few lines of posts. An example is post number 55148 under the Good Morning thread. You will see what...
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    Air Compressor - Paint Pot

    I am looking for recommendations on a paint pot. I need at least 2 gallons. I had thought that these things would be readily available, but it seems that they are specialty tools with only a few manufacturers. The on-line reviews on a few have been, scary. It would operate under 60PSI, so it is...
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    We all have them, they work well, sometimes.... So it is that time of year for me again. My gutters are really nothing more than leaf catchers this time of year. I really do not like ladders and getting up two stories is getting to be no fun. I do have a good drainage system around the entire...
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    Honda Mower Excessive vibration

    Hit a metal pipe with my push mower. It was enough to stop the engine, the pipe was NOT wedged under the deck. Upon inspection, the blades looked OK. They are mulching blades, lots of curves and whatnot. I started the engine backup, but I have got as serious vibration in the mower now. How...
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    Old Airplanes, flyover Northern VA and DC specific

    If you love old airplanes like you love old tractors, this could be of interest to you! This is shaping up to be a big deal. I was hearing the distinctive rumble of the radials this weekend. If you are in the DC area proper, including Culpeper and Manassas, and of course the mall in DC on May...
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    Things that happen during the day that make you think....

    It has been one of those days, one of THOSE weeks already, and I was thinking.... On the way home, saw a neighbors fence line taken out by a big boom truck, road blocked off too..... took out a utility pole too..... Hope everyone was OK, but darn.... what was the person doing? It looked like a...
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    Mr. Spock - RIP

    Hmm.... Live long and prosper...... RIP, Leonard Nimoy Star Trek was a show really ahead of the times when it was originally broadcast. Lots of good messages in that series.
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    Parking lot damage

    Was out late last night, super windy. Car took a major assault from a shopping cart in a big box store lot. And I mean major. Easy thousand worth of damage. I don't know if the cart was free in the lot, or came out of the lot holder itself. I'd like to hold the big box store negligent in this...
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    Some people are bold...

    Supply your own work in place of bold. On top of everything else over the past few months, we had a early night visitor. Someone pulls up the driveway, which is very long, stops by the house, gets out and starts shining a flash light around. I see him, and start making my way to the back...
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    Muriatic Acid on bluestone pavers

    I have some paver edging that have some concrete on them, The concrete is the results of a messy pour job that should have been cleaned up. It was not, and after a year, I am tired of looking at the slop on our pavers. I don稚 have a paver to test against, has anyone else done an acid treatment...
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    Poulan sprocket not engaging spring?

    My rope broke. I had to open it up to clean it up. But for some odd reason, when I put the pull rope assembly back on the sprocket it turns a few times, but the spring gives way. I have examined the assemply and it looks ok. The spring is still tight. I am turning it clock-wise. It's like it is...
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    Don't move to the country if you want to live...

    "Conclusion: Using total injury death rate as an overall safety metric, US urban counties were safer than their rural counterparts, and injury death risk increased steadily as counties became more rural. Greater emphasis on elevated injury-related mortality risk outside of large cities...
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    Squashed culvert

    Man, Some people just don't get it. So I am doing a lot of concrete work. My driveway has a culvert pipe about 1/2 down. The grass is 4 feet tall in the pasture. I have mowed a path and lots of other trucks have made a path to the worksites. I come home last night and see mud coming up the...
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    Skunks and scopes!

    Here you go. I have destroyed some out buildings on my property. They were chicken coops. Well, I took what was left of the chicken laying stations and placed them out in the field, so as not to get run over when the building came down. As luck would have it, I had my brand new Savage .17HMR...
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    Fastest, with the wide cut?

    I am interested in real world ground speed with the biggest, widest, lawn quality, cut. Which Kubota ZTR would be the best match? I have flat stable ground, no obstacles, and am interested in mowing between 2 and 15 acres of grasses. TIA
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    Christmas Eve 2012

    What a year! I'll focus on the good. I hope our men and women in the armed forces can be home soon. Thanks for your service. Past and present. I hope the men and women of TBN enjoy your equipment and families this holiday season, remember a good wax job and real-oil never hurt anything. Be...
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    Smart tags, now causing errors for me.

    I noticed it this AM. I get this in a browser error window, Error #2044: Unhandled ioError:. text=Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: at getAds_fla::MainTimeline/frame1() I think...
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    Interesting article - Big, green farming

    This was an interesting read for me. Thought I would share the link. Big, Smart and Green: A Revolutionary Vision for Modern Farming | Wired Science |
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    Drone and Ammo

    nice. Found: Hunting With Drones From the Comfort of Your Couch | Raw File |
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    When you look at the moon tonight... remember Neil

    Too bad. What a time, what a memory. I feel for his family and friends. Prayers and thoughts for a good, great man. Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, dies -
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    Interesting read on Dairy Farmers in MS

    Interesting read on Dairy Farmers in MO Article says it all. Farmer: 'It was the system that failed us' -
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    Standoff - Have not cut since....

    The 'bota was pissed.... The weather just has not cooperated. Figure that :)
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    Woul you walk away from job if.....?

    Your current employer offers you continued health benefits for two years, and serious cash in your retirement funds equal to your "dream" number? I see the job market sucks, I see the economy NOT getting better. I see three or four possible, probable NOT job offers. I see a salary hit on a NEW...
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    Is anyone looking at the CountryByNet site?

    Looks to have been dumped on this AM?
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    B7800 fan belt replacement - Difficult?

    Is this something I can do in an hour? I would probably have to loosen the alternator to get it off? I managed to see a fray point, the unit has over 600 hours, so I do think it is time anyway. I had to stop in the field and clean up the air intakes, so I noticed it. Did not see it on...
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    It is already getting dry where I am. How about you?

    Incredible as it may seem, we seem to be in a serious dry spell. In my neck of the woods in Northern VA. I was dressing up my back pasture with the bush hog last night. I actually made a round trip through some areas of low ground that are normally mud bogs in the spring. I use to cut them in...
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    Interesting Article - Farms and Vets

    Good read. Veterans Farm helps heal vets - Apr. 5, 2012
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    Barn swallows... go somewhere else...

    Well, These past few months I have made a lot of progress on the inside of our old dairy barn. Unfortunate over the years, we have had a lot of Barn Swallows make it their hatchery. While I do agree and like that they keep the insect population under control, I just cannot afford the time of...
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    First poison ivy of the year?

    Well, the last two days, I have it on my arms, nose and throat. Must have picked it up by the crik! That will teach me. And I had on a jacket and gloves. Was clearing a fence line. Must have got some juice on me. Unreal. Be careful out there. Oh, today was 80 degrees. Man made Global Warming...
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    Basic plumbing question

    We finished our Farm House renovations like five years ago. A week ago, in a corner of the house, outside my kitchen, I noticed a mushroom type fungi growing. I thought it might be the sink in the kitchen. The wall use to be an outside wall, but is now an inside wall. The kitchen area looked...
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    Coolest Paper Weight you have .....

    Have or have seen. The Brick for fifty bucks got me thinking..... I have, and have seen some pretty cool and different paper weights for desk and shelf space. I have two desk jobs, the farm and my living. So I have a lot of space. The coolest one I have is a core sample from a government...
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    My weed wacker SHOCKS me!

    Yep, literally. It starts and runs fine, but darn, the other day, I was dripping with sweat, went to hold the metal pole and ---- what bzzzt was that? Did it again, sure enough, bzzt, bzzt, OUCH. So now I got a big right arm, had to finish the job, ya know. Any metal part when running...
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    Royal Wedding

    Wow! Nice job. "every wedding is Royal" - Was that the Archbishop? Nice Crowd Control - spelled organization, lets move 20k people a mile or two! Crowd - very respectful, some people can take notes Pagentry - fly-overs, horse and "buggies", wonderfull architectures, colors! What more could...
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    Things you have lost...

    Crazy, so I am thinking over the past few years, all the work done, all the time spent, and all my tools lost. Crowbar - I had a nice crow bar, used a lot for demolition. Last seen in barn. Have no clue as to where it went. Bolt cutters - Used to take down miles of barbed wire. Nice and easy...
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    What was this?

    Slowly recovering parts of our farm, circa 1900, I came across this, buried a few years ago. This weekend the ground finally gave it up. I am thinking some kind of gatherer/stacker for hay?
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    It is snowing where I live....

    I actually have firewood stacked, diesel fuel ready to go, generators ready, and the tractor up from the field near the driveway. I have beer in the fridge, food in the freezer, and all the kids are home. Dang..... the only thing I forgot was to swap the rake out for the backblade...... oh...
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    In to the woods I go...

    After about five years of talking about it, I finally made the CUT navigate towards the wood line. With most of the land being pasture here, those woods on the back lot have always called out for me. Took one of the botas down there and within one hour had a nice walking trail right by the...
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    Pond from hot tub

    So my hot tub, kind of sprung some leaks in a lot of the return tubing. It is around 15 years old. I was thinking about sitting it in the ground and making a deep pool out of it. I'd re-route re-do the major intake and return, feed it to where a water fall would feed the "pond". I'd line it...
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    UDT life time?

    So I am cleaning up an outbuilding. I came across ten quarts of Kubota UDT. Unopened. What is the life expectancy of this lubricant? It has been subjected to sheltered heat and cold of course. It is about seven years old if I recall.
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    Don't you HATE going to the dealer?

    I lost all my keys. I got new ones, and bolts. And looking around, I like the tee shirts, and the new hats! Those 5040's in the lot look sweet too. The smell of SUDT in the air.... oh man....oh man.... Focus. I hate it, I just want to spend money. Lots of it. :) :)