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    Was one of you pulling this trailer? It talks about how the driver mowed down the lady and fled the scene. A bit dramatic I think. It looks to me like he drove off casually, no mowing or fleeing. We should...
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    Ballast Off topic but

    You can稚 help but adore this little gal. YouTube
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    403 Forbidden

    The 403 Forbidden page that pops up most of the time when I click on a thread is getting really old. I don't know what causes it but soon would be a really good time to fix it, just sayin.
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    Relative Importance Index

    I know, a tractor needs to be included in this but here it is anyway.
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    Just thinking out loud here,

    I wonder how effective a box blade would be with an SSQA attached to the backside so the box blade could be used (reversed) on the loader frame to move snow. I have a few uses for a box blade but not enough to be worth buying one as a 3 point mount only. But I do get a lot of snow to move. If...
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    Receiver style trailer winch mount

    I bought a new trailer last year and just got around to making a winch mount for it. First I had to move the tongue jack from the front of the deck to the front of the tongue. The holes were predrilled in the tongue so it was just a matter of drilling and welding a new plate to the jack so I...
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    Toro MX4250 Zero Turn, anyone have one?

    I have been looking at Zero Turn mowers lately. I have somewhat focused on the Toro MX4250 but would like to know what others experiences have been. My application is approximately 3/4 acre of lawn with some small hills in it. A couple areas tend to be a bit steep but I plan on smoothing them...
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    Nice Saturday Drive.

    Last weekend I picked up my tractor which had some work done on it. It was a nice Saturday drive for the wife and I. About 125 miles each way over 3 passes. Only one pass had any weather on it but that had cleared up by the time we came back. I also hauled back a new snowblower for my local...
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    For Chaos USMC

    I tried to send you the pictures you requested but in the message mode I didn't find how to send them so here they are. Not great quality due to poor lighting but if you need more just let me know. Basically I just used a plasma cutter to cut a notch in the pipe. Slipped it over the blower...
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    Another Trailer Thread

    I have been looking for a 10K, 7'x20' car hauler trailer to replace my 7K, 7'x18' car hauler. My current needs require hauling more weight than the old trailer would handle safely. It seems there aren't a lot of these trailers around, at least not used ones. I did run across one, price was...
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    Bucket Edge Protector

    I have seen on here where various people built bucket edge protectors to reduce damage to lawns and such. This weekend I decided to build one and mounted some angle iron with slots for chains on top of the bucket. I should have taken more pictures but didn't. As you can see, I slotted a...