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    Dune Buggies Don't Make Good Tractors

    Especially when you don't know where to attach the rope (which ought to be a chain): Check out the insane videos on the side of the page too.
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    Electrical Demon Exorcism Successful (Hopefully)

    A bit over 2 years ago, I had a Woods BH6000 put on the BX2200. This involved mounting a subframe, replacing the seat, and extending hydraulics on the tractor. Immediately after getting it back, there were all kinds of electrical problems, gauges going haywire, fuses blowing fuel pump not...
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    The Bota Cave

    Batman has the Bat Cave, but I have the Bota Cave. It is home to all my tools, 2 cars, my tractor, and numerous implements, most of which are on dollies. Attached is a photo of 5 implements stacked vertically to save space. Near the bottom is the brush hog on its dolly. Beneath the brush hog...
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    BX2200 Electrical Problem

    Yesterday, when I went to crank, I noticed the glow plugs didn't come on. It still cranked though, but I noticed the fuel and temp. gauges weren't working. Today I checked the fuse, which was blown, and replaced it. Glow plugs worked and it cranked. Gauges didn't work. Turned it off and...
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    BX2200 Hydro Leak at Wheel Hub

    Thanks to schrand and Volfandt who helped me diagnose why my 3ph wasn't lifting: a coupling on the FEL wasn't completely connected. Anyway, I had been trying to figure it out prior to their suggestions and had discovered the tranny fluid level was low. I kept checking the dipstick as I added...
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    BX2200 3ph Not Lifting

    The 3ph is not lifting. I had just put on the FEL, and had had some difficulty getting one pin sleeve aligned. There was also some difficulty getting the FEL to respond to the hydro stick. I checked UDT which was low, and filled it. FEL then worked fine, but 3ph will not lift. I took off...
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    Posthole Digger PHD to Auger Hub Adapter Needed

    I have a Green PHD with a 1.5" round power head. One of my augers fits, but I have another designed to fit a 2.0" round head. I am looking for a bushing/sleeve spacer type adapter with O.D. of 2.0" and I.D. of 1.5" and 3" length to fill the gap, preferably flanged on top so that it cannot slip...
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    Apparently, American Solutions BX Grapple Now Owned/Built by Gearmore

    For over a year, TBN members have been observing that nobody at American Solutions ever responds to e-mails or phone calls, even though their site and answering service are still active. Gearmore now has a grapple that looks identical to the one on the AmeriSolutions site. They still have the...
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    Which BX FEL Attachment: Grapple or Debris Forks?

    I always have a fair amount of small limbs and litter to move. For a long time, I have wanted an American Solutions Grapple for the FEL (BX2200), but American Solutions has never replied to any of the e-mails or phone messages I have left every now and then over the past year. I do have a...
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    Gearmore: New CUT SCUT Sized Implements

    I was at the Kubota dealer not too long ago and he mentioned that Gearmore now has a Top 'n Tilt kit sized for a BX. As I was browsing their site this weekend, I came across several other items that previously were difficult to find in SCUT sizes: a 3ph rotary trencher, a sifting (rock) FEL...
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    Dealer Dealers: How has the Economy Affected You & Kubota Corp.

    With all the drama regarding the auto industry, I have been wondering how tough things have been for tractor dealers. With GM shedding four divisions, I have wondered if Kubota (as well as other tractor manufacturers) have been considering slimming down their lineup of models. Any dealers feel...
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    Front-End Loader Need Idea: FEL TB Caps 2 Not Gouge Garage Pad Taking FEL On/Off

    I posted the following in the Kubota Owning and Operating Forum. I am reposting here, in hopes that others will have ideas to contribute as well. I am posting a link below to the original post, so that all replies can be in the same thread. I keep the BX 2200 and all the implements in the...
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    Need Idea: FEL TB Caps 2 Not Gouge Garage Pad Taking FEL On/Off

    I keep the BX 2200 and all the implements in the garage. If I leave the Markham tooth bar (5 teeth) on the FEL when removing the FEL, it gouges the concrete when removing and also when reattaching, so I take the toothbar off before removing the FEL. (My FEL front edge has to be at 20 degrees...
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    Ongoing BX Electrical Saga

    As I posted previously, after getting the Woods backhoe purchased and mounted, the tractor immediately began blowing the fuse that controlled fuel guage, temp. guage, glow plugs, turn signals, and headlights. New fuses blew instantly. I couldn't find the problem and finally took the BX2200 to...
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    BX2200 Fuel Spill from Tank Vent While on Incline

    While loading the BX2200 on the tilt bed trailer today to bring it home from the dealer, I drove particularly slowly, hoping to take my time and thus pivot and impact the frame more gently. When I dismounted the tractor, I noticed fuel all over the left rear of the trailer bed. I searched high...
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    Need Longer Pins for Bro-tek Ripper on BH6000

    I finally got around to trying Richard's ripper on the Woods backhoe tonight. This is the first ripper he has made for a Woods BH6000. The Gannon bucket has a sleeve on only one side and the 1" dia pin is just over the 5 and 3/8 width of the connection length. Since the connection plates on...
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    BX2200 Fuse Keeps Blowing; Where is Short?

    Several weeks ago, I got the BX2200 back from the dealer after having the Woods BH6000 put on. At the same time I got the new seat, replaced knuckles, and had the mechanical retrofit cruise control put on. The first time I cranked up, I noticed the fuel guage, temp guage, hour meter, and glow...
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    Beware: BOB-CAT is not Bobcat

    A year or so ago, my sister-in-law proudly announced that she now owned a Bobcat ZTR. She felt that she could rest easy about having invested over $6k in a good machine because she knew Bobcat was a quality brand. I had never heard of Bobcat making mowers, so a little research revealed the...
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    "Bota Doesn't Sell This; Had to Buy JD

    The pic:
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    Switchgrass & More to Ethanol Solution Found?

    This rare bacterium discovered by U. Md. seems to eat anything and might have the potential to turn switchgrass and any cellulose waste into green fuel. Will the day come when we no longer have to be tied to unstable foreign countries for our energy needs? :) :) :)...
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    Top 'n Tilt for BX?

    Does anybody have Top 'n Tilt on a BX, or have you ever heard of it being available? How much did it cost and how effective has it been? Were there any problems? On a BX 22, 23, or 24, or a BX with a Woods BH6000, can it just use the rear remotes that normally go to the backhoe, or is other...
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    Archie Must be a Pretty Proud Pappa

    Most young fans don't know that much about Archie Manning. His father was an alcoholic who blew out his brains in the bathtub. The young teen son, Archie, had to clean up the mess. He spent his senior season to Ole Miss with his left arm (lower and upper) in a cast, yet still scrambled and...
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    Miracle Capacitor for Elec. Car or Hoax

    An ultracapacitor that can take a car 500 mi. and flash charge in 5 min.? Sounds too good to be true, yet the maker is being financed by the same venture capital group that underwrote the startup of Amazon and Google. Is the end at hand for liquid fuels and the IC engine, or is this the same...
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    Goliath Sized Big Brother Comes to China

    This is so Orwellian that it's downright terrifying. Part of what disturbs me is that American companies are helping make it possible.
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    Cheaper Generic Roundup

    I know that a lot of places have been selling generic Roundup-Pro under numerous names for a couple of years now, but for some it was a long drive to a place that had it. The chemical name to look for (as most of you already know) is Glyphosate 41% with surficant. I noticed a 2 1/2 gal...
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    Cousin Crashes Biplane; Dies

    My cousin lost his life yesterday in this crash: Pilots killed at two air shows -
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    Describe the Ultimate BX

    Let's say that Kubota follows this new BX2650 with a BX26 TLB. What changes, additions, modifications, and options should it have in contrast to the BX24? What would make it become the ideal BX, without it morphing into a B2630?
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    More China Toxins; U.S. Import Ban; China Mad

    I know that for awhile, the FDA and EPA took a bad rap, but with all this poisionus stuff coming from China, I, for one, am glad we have the protections we do in our country. The FDA has just blocked import of several fish and seafoods from China due to toxins. China is mad about it and so...
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    Tip on Preventing BX Overheating

    I spent much of the day brushhogging with the Gearmore HD RC on the BX2200. The weeds were mostly two to four feet tall and most were tinder box dry. There are some noxious things in the mix, like Russian Star Thistle, but much of it is wild oats. The blades pulverize this stuff and the chaff...
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    Rip 'n Tuck BH Buckets for CUT/sCUT?

    While I was talking to the local dealer yesterday about the ability of a BX 24 or Woods BH6000 to dig in our local hardpan (which is actually a sedimentary rock called durapan), I told him about the BroTek ripper designed to fit where the BH bucket usually goes. He mentioned that he used to see...
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    Trailer Suggestions Needed

    I am considering trading my Kubota BX for a B3030, (weight with no attachments 1900 lb., but may need to occasionally tow it with 1 attachment to shop: either BH, FEL, or MMM). Our tow vehicle receiver is rated at 3500 lb. I am looking for a tilt bed trailer rated at 3500 lb. gvw, but want the...
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    Honda to Introduce Hydrogen Car

    Honda is preparing to introduce a Hydrogen powered car to the market: Honda readies sleek hydrogen car for sale next year - Honda FCX (1) -
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    Millonzi-Thumb: Any Home Page?

    Lately we have had 4 threads running on bh thumbs, Wallenstein and Bro-Tek. When I launched the Attachments forum today, there was an add for Millonzi. As the add cycled through, the third and last image showed on the far right what appeared to be a bh thumb. It looked very much like the...
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    Sukhoi T-50: F-22 copy with 3 axis vectoring?

    This looks amazingly like the F-22, but with smaller control surfaces. The vectoring nozzles move in any direction and look like those on the Su-37, which could actually move backwards several feet while in a tight loop. (The F-22 vectors only in the pitch axis, but exhaust is shielded. The Su...
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    Fly on the Wall

    I was at the local dealer's today, Sacramento For Tractors, to get some work done on the BX hydraulics. As I stood in the svc. mgr's office, the owner walked over to show the svc. mgr. a bill. He had just ordered a small implement, a rototiller I believe, from the Kubota warehouse which is in...
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    New DR 3ph PTO Chipper/Shredder

    This is DR's first chipper to also include a shredder: Please Configure Browser to Accept Cookies (I have no idea why the TBN program causes the link to say what it does about cookies, but clicking on it still seems to take you to the right place.) They also seem to have several other new...
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    Dolly for 3ph DR Chipper

    Here are some photos of the dolly I built last week. 1. Chipper sitting on dolly. All lumber is scrap. 2. View of support post in position. I added a 3/16" shim at the top to fill the space fully. A U-shaped notch cut with a jigsaw allows for the bolt at the top and a hole allows a Cat. 0...
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    Can't Remove Hydro Couplings

    I have a BX2200, purchased new in 2000, with 274 hours. I probably have about 50 hours on the FEL. Recently the two lower hydro couplings to the FEL began leaking some. I noticed that they were a bit loose at the couplings and on one of the male ends found indentations made by the ball...
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    AWD-Do Diffrng Tire Types=Transf Bx Probs?

    The wife drives a '95 Plymouth Grand Voyager AWD. The guy who sold it to me in '98 claimed the salvaged title was due to previous theft and reposession. It did seem to be in good shape. I later found it had been in an accident. We used to go up to the Sierra every year to spend some time in...
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    Wearing a Helmet in a Car

    O.K. I concede right now that most of you are laughing yourselves silly before reading any further than the title. I have to admit, on first thought it seems nuts to me too. Recently, on another thread in this forum, regarding seat belts, I asked Bird whether wearing helmets in standard street...
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    Growing the Nation's Fuel on the Farm

    This is a very interesting article regarding making ethanol from biomass. It sounds like the technology costs are dropping so rapidly that making cellulose based ethanol from our own farm and forest leftovers could actually be cheaper than buying foreign oil. Imagine: no sending our money to...
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    Compaction wheel/roller for BX bh?

    Anyone know of a compaction rolling wheel that's the right size to put on the bh of a BX22/23/24 or a Woods BH6000?
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    Earth Moving With an Ag or Utility Tractor

    There is a thread running in the Projects forum dealing with earth moving. I posted these links in that thread but am listing them here as well because they deal with "carry-all scraper earth movers". This is not the "carry all" that we usually refer to, but a small scraper earth mover without...
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    Black & Decker New Prod: Chain Saw/Lopper Hybrid

    Black and Decker's new Alligator Lopper looks mean. When you look at the size of the chain saw though, you have to wonder how big of an application it really can be used on. Must be made for those who don't have the skill to handle a standard chainsaw. Still, it has one really agressive...
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    e-Bay BX23 in NY 42 hr. $5k buy it now

    Hey guys, do you think this is for real or a scam? If I didn't live on the opposite side of the continent, I'd try to go get it.
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    Links 2 MANYmanufacturers:tractors/attachments/etc

    This is a pretty comprehensive list .
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    What's your warmup time?

    What\'s your warmup time? I usually let the block warm up at idle for 10 min. or so or until the thermostat valve opens and the temp. gauge moves to the 20% or so mark. How many of you warm up first? Does anyone just crank and go with a diesel? Even though it's summer, lately I've been...
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    Grading Delta Mower Blade Sharpener with Jig

    Someone over in the Attachments forum recently posted this Delta Mower Blade Sharpener with Jig. It sharpens on the flat side of the disc to avoid hollow grinding and has a small water reservoir to keep the stone wet and cool to avoid distempering the blade.
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    Misc. Notes on Visit to Dealer

    Dropped the BX2200 off for service yesterday and chatted with owner and svc. mgr. for awhile. Dealer is Sacramento For Tractor (used to be Sac. Ford Tractor-after NH bought Ford, dlr. just ripped "d" off the wall to change name!) They had a B3030 w/ cab still on pallet, no wheels yet. Was...
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    Is blasting legal any more?

    My topsoil is clay, 1-4' deep. The subsoil is a water impermeable silica-cemented durapan (a specific type of hardpan) that is anywhere from 4'-16' thick. (That's feet, not inches.) Below the durapan is a layer of moist sand several feet or more thick. The theory is that the volcano at...