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    Where to begin?

    Hi all. I'm looking to learn to weld. Little background about myself, I'm carpenter by trade, I fix all my own vehicles, garden, brew my own beer, but I feel like having no welding experience is along the lines of being illiterate, I'm not looking to be an expert just hoping to be somewhat...
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    Emax 25 oil change

    i have an emax 25 and I'm approaching 150 hours, I've done the 50 hour service without issue but I noticed that the manual specs an oil change at 150 hours and the filter not until the 250 hour change. I then reviewed the procedures for the oil change and the footnote states to never change the...
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    Emax 25 hst hard to start when cold

    Hey guys, I'm new to diesels and tractors as well and I'm wondering if my starting issues are normal. I have an emax 25 that generally runs great but I've noticed on these forty degree mornings we've been having recently that the tractor struggles to start even after a full cycle of the glow...
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    Mahindra emax 25 hst service manual?.

    Does anyone know where to get a service manual for a mahindra emax 25 hst? Usually my first purchase after buying any piece of equipment is the service manual. I inquired with my dealer and I was told they would call me once they found one (that was two months ago). Any info would be great...