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    Mouse/Dishwasher Discharge Hose Question

    Did I miss something? I think the first and most important thing to do is identify their entrance and seal it off. My wife would shoot me if I allowed mice in our house. I do trap a few that get into the garage in the fall.
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    What is a GOOD hand held pump sprayer for weedkiller and pesticide??

    I bought a 4 gallon rechargeable electric sprayer that has wheels like a dolly. It's not real stable but is also easy to carry. It has a Roundup label on it. One charge will probably last for 3 tanks. Bought it about 5 years ago at Blaine's Farm & Fleet.
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Electricity is only part of driving your $60,000 EV also. I also have horses and I don't buy hay. I share my hay ground for one cutting of hay. Beats mowing my 10 acre hay field. Having horses does require some labor,but I've never been afraid of work and I skip the gym. I can guarantee my...
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    Cool Nature Photos

    You got a link, my Mother in law would get a kick out of those?
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    Pileated woodpeeker facts and photos

    Where's that? There's no mistaking their call and drumming around here.
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Wow at 18 mph, my Amish neighbor would get there faster with his horse and buggy and the only fuel he needs is grass.
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    Dropped 20 acres last night

    There should be a lot of nice first cutting hay around here since it won't be rained on. We've had very little rain since the middle of May and no rain in the 10 day forecast. Not good for anything else though. Unusually dry this early.
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    Cool Nature Photos

    Wow, lots of strange things in California!
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    Mosquitos are out for blood

    A child died after being bit by a rabid bat not far from here. I wouldn't want bats hanging around my house. They can stay in the back 40.
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    More production of crops less production of livestock

    Hey, don't give them any ideas.
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    Can you live without a TV ?

    Obviously it matters. Look at how this country has gone down the tubes in just a couple of years.
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    Outdoor burning laws

    I guess that explains why you need a permit and we don't, although it looks like we're going to have a dry spell here for a while but I don't anticipate anybody will be stupid enough to start a brush fire.
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    Outdoor burning laws

    They did that here. It didn't stop the borer. They'll get it eventually. No firewood was moved around here, so I don't know how it made it, but all of the ash trees are dead.
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    Thinking of planting a garden weed control question

    How do you keep the leaves from blowing away?
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    You forgot about the retirees with a fixed budget. The shrinking dollar makes it difficult unless they go back to work at 75.
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    Deer and your garden

    Move out of town and teach your dogs how to protect your garden. I live in deer country but my German Shepherd keeps deer, groundhogs and coons away from the garden.
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    Electric Grease Gun-love it

    Obviously no hose to get tangled in equipment. Battery powered gun works out in the field, not tied to a compressor.
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Recently I've been using more fuel in my tractors than my car. Since this is a tractor forum, what electric tractor are you using?
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    Mr No Shoulders is no more

    All we have around here are harmless garter snakes like the one pictured. They do reduce the mouse population.
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Did I miss what the price of hydrogen is? Normally economics rule. If hydrogen is going to cost a consumer more than a different fuel it won't be successful. Once you're locked into electricity, you're stuck with your home electric provider(no competition). I've always supported the lower...
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    Rain on a tin roof

    One of my concerns when putting a steel roof on my house about 5 years ago was the noise when raining. Apparently I have enough insulation in the attic because it is not much different than the previous asphalt shingles.
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    How to keep tractors battery from being stolen?

    Park it in the barn.
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    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    I got an idea, we could just open the border so millions more people can contribute more carbon dioxide. Oh, we already did that. This world is not and never will be fair, that's why there are locks on your doors.
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    It might have with a match.
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    We had to keep our distance from our billy goat. It stunk too much.
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    I wouldn't even ride along on this rig.

    All the flat land is covered with solar panels.
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    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    Them Chinese sure know how to make them cheap, don't they.
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    The day the music died.

    This one's for Arly. I've been to the museum at Whitefish Point.
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    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    CD's are over 5% now.
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    Back to watching black and white TV

    You are a youngster.
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    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    You're shopping at the wrong grocery store.
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    Large Garden Plot from Pasture

    It looks like you have 14 acres. I assume there is some reason you can't grow a garden on your own land. I've found that it doesn't take long for the weeds to get away from you. I may only be able to weed for 1/2 hour some mornings before it gets hot, but I try to avoid sweat and like the early...
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    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Kind of reminds me of some people that like to hear themself talk.
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    Now What ?

    That kind of reminds me of my mom. She's 89 yoa and still living on 40 acres. I'm too far away to mow her 3 acres of lawn. I do manage to keep her mower going. It's kind of hard to do since she can't see so good and has run into trees. She is in relatively good health though and gets around...
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    Tractor lots are full

    I guess you're special. When is the last day to file taxes in 2023? April 18 was the federal tax deadline for individuals and small businesses in 2023. It was the due date for paying taxes you still owe on income earned in 2022 and the last day to submit your tax return if you didn’t file an...
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Your good electric rates help. Nope, narrow front end. It was my dad's, when he died I wound up with it. We thought about getting one of those economical ev's but we just drive to work and back home these days with our hybrid suv that gets about 40 mpg. I do get the goldwing out occasionally for...
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    Spring Cleanup Anyone?

    I paid less for an electric diverter valve and you can put the switch on the joystick for easy activation from Summit Hydraulics. I'm glad I bought my grapple when I did. I believe the price has doubled as everything else has except my pension.
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    How do we know if it's right? It's your story. I have been told that everything on the interweb is true though.
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    Darn rodents

    My cat's share the barn with the horses for some protection and reproduce at about the same rate that they disappear.
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    Things to do in Northern California?

    Might bring a generator to charge your ev as a backup.
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    That's kind of funny. Why would anybody tell a deaf man anything. He didn't know what they were saying because he was deaf. He didn't listen because he couldn't hear.
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    I.D. this disc please

    This might help you.
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    Pileated woodpeeker facts and photos

    Nice wood duck nest.
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    Favorite diesel can?

    I've got one of those, but it splashed diesel out through that vented fuel gauge so bad that I removed the vented gauge and plumbed it with a cap. No fuel splashing out now. I just wheel the full tank out of my truck and into the front end bucket on my tractor and into my barn.
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    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    $60,000 would be about 25 years of my electric bills. My co-op doesn't pay much for excess electric going back to the grid. It's not viable here. I won't be around long enough to make it work. There's almost 20,000 acres of farmland going into solar nearby, so my electric bill should go down...
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Wow I think I would have been on the brakes a little more than you were.
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    stuck clutch

    I am amazed when I hear about somebody that leaves an expensive piece of equipment outside exposed to the elements. The only time my tractors get rained on is when I'm headed to the barn to put it away. I remember when I was a kid, if I didn't put my bicycle in the barn at night, my dad would...
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    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    The best way to help this struggling planet is to eliminate half of the human population. Will you be a volunteer?