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    Windows Critical Update

    Microsoft has issued a CRITICAL UPDATE for Windows. They also included Windows 7 a version they stopped supporting in the Update. I wonder if this is what happened to TopNewsTalk? Servers were also attacked...
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    The TopNewsTalk Web Site has been compromised. Nothing has been done to correct the problem it seems. I removed all connections to the site on my computers. I don’t know if what is going on is intentional or not, but a lot of peoples personal information could be compromised. The two sites...
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    Doing The Annual Service On A JD D-170

    The Sister In law asked if I would do the annual service on her JD D-170. So I obtained two new spark plugs, one air filter, one oil filter, one gas filter and two quarts of oil. Everything was pretty straight forward. Spark Plugs easy to access and remove. Fuel filter easy to change and didn't...
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    Repair Work On Cub Cadet 2084

    "Lawn Mower repair from H***" This is for Members who do their own repairs and for those who pay to have the work done, especially those who are paying someone to do the repairs. The 2084 Cub Cadet made in 1991 and purchased in 1992 that I use to mow the sides of the driveway decided this...
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    I am sure some will dis-agree with the trial, verdict and execution of sentence. Santos Ramos buried alive with body of his alleged rape and murder victim
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    Time For New Vehicle

    Anyone have any comments, pro/con on the new 2013 Cadillac XTS Platinum Series. Dealer not wanting to discount much. I have heard some concern over the adaptive cruise control. I also don't think the V6 has as much engine torque as the Performance V8 in the currently owned DTS although they are...
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    Anyone Ever Seen One Of These In Operation

    I wonder why we don't see something like this in the US. I think the people who cut the grass in the medians on the Interstates should consider buying one. Technology_made_in_Germany.mp4 - YouTube
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    A Little Levity

    Proofreading is a dying art, wouldn't you say? Man Kills Self Before Shooting Wife and Daughter This one caught in the SGV Tribune the other day. The Editorial Room was called and asked who wrote this. It took two or three readings before the editor realized that what he was reading was...
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    New Consumer Warning Label

    Well I guess we will start seeing "Consumer Warning Label" on chairs, bleechers and anything else a brain dead person can set on. "A Dallas Cowboys fan is suing her formerly favorite team for burning her *** on a hot bleacher before a scrimmage. Jennelle Carrillo says she got third-degree...
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    Law Enforcement

    Many years ago I overheard an individual who had been in Law Enforcement and was retired make the statement that "Society did not really want Police, Sheriffs or Law Enforcement, they only tolerated it as a necessary evil". I thought at the time this was a rather drastic and profound statement...
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    A Must Have Attachment

    Own a Bob Cat Skid Steer? Heat with wood? This is a must have attachment........ Woodcutting and splitting attachment. [VIDEO] Oh, I forgot. Got to have, then look here.
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    Loved Ones - Toyota

    How many feel safe sending a loved one, wife, daughter or son of in one of the Toyota's that is experiencing the sudden acceleration problems? I am having a problem getting my mind around how the accelerator pedal could suddenly go into a wide open throttle position. I am sure the, (I think it...
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    I installed the newly released Internet Explorer 8 over the weekend and now find that when I visit either the Kubota or Kioti web site and attempt to view the various tractors available I receive the following alert message from Microsoft. Stop Running this script? A script on this page is...
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    I Wonder What He Was Thinking

    COURTNEY, N.C. - A six-year-old girl remains hospitalized in serious condition after she fell off a tractor last week and was caught under the machine's mower, according to family members. Jessie Keaton was riding a tractor last Tuesday afternoon when her father, Jason Keaton, was apparently...
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    John Deere Furloughing Workers

    John Deere Lawn and equipment plant, located in Fuquay Varina N.C. is furloughing about 200 workers for a month in an attempt to help the company with slower business. Fifty employees per month will be furloughed for a month in July, August, September and October. The company stated in the...