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    Dolmar PS-6100 Bar & Saw Chain Compatibility

    I got tired of running Dolmar bars and trying to find odd 64 link chains for a 18" bar. Only place I could get them was online and stupid me I didn't restock last weekend and needed to chop up some fallen trees to turn them into firewood. Off to the local hardware stores... So after much toying...
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    Gash in Leather Boot - Help

    I'm new at fixing leather boots, so bear with me... I recently bought a pair of nice Chippewa leather boots and while I was at work somehow I must've had a door strike and gashed the leather and a part of the sole. They are my nicer boots for when I go to meetings. I'm bummed that it happened...
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    Generator/Electrical Question

    I think I'm on the right track, but I want to ask folks before doing something messed up or potentially killing others or myself. So I finally broke down and got a nice brand new generator at a very good price it's a 9kw portable genset. I plan on using it to power my 1/2HP (240v) well pump, my...
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    Trailer Tire Rotation?

    So I got 3 trailers: single, double, and a triple axle. They are all flatbed style haulers. Double and triple are equipment/car haulers. They are all experiencing normal tire wear. Nothing out of the ordinary. I also keep an eagle eye to the tire pressures. Each trailer has differing amounts of...
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    What's the deal with "digital" LCD screen welders?

    For an industrial piece of equipment, why does one need an LCD touch screen on a welder? Seems like it would be very complex if it were to break or if the memory got corrupt it would turn into a brick. I like my Miller 200 Syncrowave...
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    Craftsman/Kobalt/Tekton/Pittsburg Sockets/Wrenches -- General Thoughts/Question

    So I've got a very, very nice set of Craftsman USA made sockets with assorted goodies. Both in 6 point deep and shallow and 12 point deep and shallow in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch drive. Along with all the 6 and 12 point box wrenches. All made in the USA. My father and I pitched in the early 2000's...
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    Tip: Side Pulley Boss and Shaft Alignment on MMM

    For those that like or try to fix their MMM, but keep running into toasted bearings more often, make sure you are putting your boss and shaft together correctly... I recently helped two folks out in my local area that kept eating through bearings, because the lack of lube or lube wasn't going...
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    Complete New Mower Deck (Push Mower) Kit

    I am looking for a generic new pusher mower deck. Basically one with the handle bars, the deck, and wheels. I don't care if it's assembled or not. I have an nice 7 HP Briggs I just rebuilt and I want to put it on a new deck. I did fuddle around with replacement parts sites, but it's like you...
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    BX2200 Axle Seal Leak

    Well, I'm due for another set of axle seals and bearings... These lasted longer than the originals by 1600 hours (beat by 300 hours). However, I'm a little upset. Not because I don't want to do the job, it's the fact I just serviced this machine with new SUDT2 and filter and it's only got 6...
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    BX2200 Blown Steering Hose

    Well, after 18 years, one of the steering hoses finally popped a leak... it's not the ones that go to the steering rack itself, it's the ones that go from the pump to to the hydraulic unit to assist with the steering. I noticed it the other day when I parked it after mowing. Ordered a new set...
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    Comparison T394 vs. Kubota L3901

    In the coming year, or so, I am planning on upgrading from my BX to a much bigger machine. I haven't been to any dealers (other than my local Kubota dealer network to get parts, where I occasionally sight see, but ask no questions). I am very pleased with my current Kubota, and Kubota's parts...
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    13-year-old girl dies after farming accident

    Tragic... could've been prevented. Always be careful of PTO shafts and drive lines!
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    BX2200 Switches

    I've repaired and replaced my headlight switch on my BX2200 multiple times in it's lifetime. I am now trying to find a suitable replacement... I was reading this thread: Post in particular...
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    BX2200 LA211 Loader Leak from Tube 1 from Hydraulic Block

    Does anyone have any pictures of how their steel tubes for loader run underneath their BX2200 for their LA211 loader? Particularly where the lift arm is for the MMM. If someone could take a picture of their MMM arm lifted and lowered where those loader tubes are, that would be sweet! My lift...
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    Chainsaw Question

    I got a couple chainsaws (Stihl, Dolmar, Polan, etc), and I noticed that on more so on my Stihl and Dolmar, the chain brake covers get cuts in them from the chain on the bottom. I attached a picture from the same Dolmar part. If you look at the picture, where the M is on the box you will see...
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    National ROPS Rebate Program

    I heard about this on the radio, thought I'd pass this along. Tractor Rollbar | Rollover Protection | National ROPS Rebate Program Excerpt from their website: What does the NTSC do? To fulfill its mission, the National Tractor Safety Coalition is currently working to reduce tractor overturn...
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    Upgrade Tractor

    For those that know, I bought a nice Woodmaxx FM-62 flail mower this summer and have been using it on my BX2200. Works great and does what it needs to do in that regard. It is a very reliable tractor and has always been there for me no matter what I've put it through. I've got about 1400 hours...
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    Mowing Woodmaxx 62" Flail Mower on BX2200 For Mowing Lawn

    I need some thoughts and opinions... I am looking at a Woodmaxx 62" Flail Mower on a BX2200 for mowing my lawn. Some said that I should go with the 54" model, but I want the same cutting width as my 60" MMM. However, most have told me that it will work fine for light duty (general mowing of...