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    Garden tractor life span

    Most of what the big box stores sell today as lawn tractors.. I would expect to replace in 5 years given normal seasonal usage. Its planned obsolescence. The parts used are thinner, lighter, and just not meant for long term durability. When I was a kid, My farher bought a Ariens GT17 tractor. It...
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    Mini Skid Steer Vs Compact Tractor

    I have both and a full size skid steer as well. The mini is fine for tight places and small/heavy work. ..But slow as ****. If i could pick just one.. I think it would be a CUT.. It can go over my lawn without tearing it up, can lift fairly reasonable amounts with the FEL. Attachments are...
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    Abrasion removal on Aluminum Wheel

    My wife has a Macan and one of her wheels had a scuff on it. Our local Ford dealer has a guy who comes to the dealership to fix them. He just sands it smooth and polishes it out. Pretty simple and it looks really good after he is done. We got all 4 wheels re powder coated after that was fixed.
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    I'm in shock... Kubota BX pricing

    Buy a zero turn mower and keep your tractor. For years I mowed with a BX and although it did fine.. I got a walker GHS and the speed and cut quality is 10 fold better.
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    Best midsized SUV

    On the SUV landscape..There is no shortage of options. .. I was in the market a couple months ago for a used one. My needs were #1 comfort, #2 Overall condition, #3 reliability. . Im 6-2" and 215 so the smaller SUVs were quickly ruled out in comfort. My sights were fairly quickly set on a Tahoe...
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    L4400 no Start

    My L3700 SU is basically the same tractor as yours and has done the same thing from time to time. I would get a click but no start. ..I have changed the little plunger on the hydrostatic pedal several times and that was not the problem. One time i rocked the pedal and it fired up so that may...
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    John Deere Gator, Kubota, or ... for wet field UTV chores?

    I had a 1200 RTV that i bought from a friend .. It was just as you described.. Slow, heavy and struggled on hills...Not to mention.. ridiculous loud inside the cab. .. I honestly found it more aggravation than it was worth. Ended up selling it on CL and have never missed it since. If i were to...
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    Pick Up Bed Liners

    Like anything else ...It's all about the prep. Most of the brand name shops are pretty diligent in the prep work.
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    Trespasser caught on cam.

    Beautiful creature
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    Keep current truck forever or try to afford a new one every 5-10 years?

    Im pretty easy on my vehicles..Dont abuse any of them. ..That said..My 17 F450 with 13K miles is on its 3rd set of manifolds.. Done twice under warranty.. Not in 100 years would I entertain doing those myself. . Its also had rotors and callipers done under warranty.. Im a hard no at pulling...
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    Keep current truck forever or try to afford a new one every 5-10 years?

    I have owned more trucks than I can count.. Probably 20 or 25 of them. Some would last a year or less and get traded. Swap it out for about 7500.00 and drive a new one. These days my truck isn't a daily driver as we have several other vehicles. Current trucks are a 202o F450 Limited dually that...
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    death of regular cab pickups

    Probably 5 of them there
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    Picking up lots of big-ish rocks

    Id use forks on the loader.
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    death of regular cab pickups

    They are for sale..Pick your colour
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    Quick hitch conversion

    Its a QA
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    Quick hitch conversion

    I have a Pats quick hit setup on my 3PH. It works well and I have no complaints, But I also have a few implements that are not quick hitch comparable..In other words they are just basic #PH set ups with the pin and retaining pin to hold the 3PH arms on. I have a rake that i would like to use and...
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    death of regular cab pickups

    Local Ford dealer had 20-30 regular cab F250/350s on the lot. Does not seem that there is any difficulty getting one here if that's what you want
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    Best 3 trucks you've ever owned.

    Hard to say..I rarely keep a vehicle for more than a couple years. Maybe I could narrow it down to what trucks I have had and miss a little bit I had a 2016 F350 4x4 King Ranch with the 6.0..That truck was super comfortable and I had really good luck with it for the 90K or so miles I had it. I...
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    Amazon real time price changing?

    Yes they can see if you are shopping and what you are shopping for in real time. ..Ever notice how you look for something online and the next thing you know you are getting spammed with adds to buy that item ? .. Amazon and other companies pay to get search data in any specific area.. Then can...
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    R.O.W. Problem

    A ROW and HOA are 2 separate things. In your deed, what you have a right to do and not do in your ROW should be pretty well defined. In most cases you will be permitted to use and maintain the ROW in all ways required to bring utilities and supply access your property. Blocking a portion of the...
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    New BH77 Value?

    I would imagine it would be a fairly quick sale between 6-8K. .. Many people buy these with tractors at 0% and the 60.00 a month is easier to absorb than a big lump sum outlay
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    12 to 18 month wait for new vehicle!!

    We move our daily drivers on about every 2-3 years, My work van goes about 70K miles and I trade it. Oddly enough I have a 99 F150 that I paid 2K for.. and proceeded to put another 12K into it over the past 5 years. Its at 190K now and If i get it to 250k miles...Ill consider it a wash.
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    12 to 18 month wait for new vehicle!!

    Inventory here is stacking up on Ford and GM dealers lots.. Toyotas are still in short supply...But if you are looking for a F250/350...There are plenty to be had. The upper trim levels are somewhat scarce and it appears that the diesels are still not all that available. But Lariat and...
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    Not a good time to buy a car

    Because they are scum bags. I had called Ford for my payoff so I knew what it was. Also had my original lease contract which stated exactly what the residual was going to be at turn in time. It had language that said something to the effect that the dealer could add their juice to facilitate a...
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    12 to 18 month wait for new vehicle!!

    The market is rapidly changing in the auto world. Dealers are starting to have inventory on their lots..Some of the higher trim levels are still suffering from the chip shortage so if you need massage seats,, you may have to wait a few more months. That said, the general public is feeling the...
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    I see that Stellantis is finally settling over the Jeep death wobble..

    Funny that i see this about Jeep...I have had a number of them in my life..Probably 15 of them or so. I have a near mint 85 CJ renegade, And also a 2022 - 392 that my wife drives. I liked the 392 so much, that i ordered another one for myself and it came in yesterday...And it was clearly painted...
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    Not a good time to buy a car

    That's nice to hear that you have a dealer who wasn't a ***** during the last few months of "irrational exuberance " in the frothy auto market. For close to 20 years I have been a loyal customer to a Ford dealer.. probably bought 15+\~ vehicles from them in those years and inevitably gave them...
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    PTO Top Link, is Kubota brand necessary?

    A number of years ago I bent one of the threaded ends in my OEM Kubota top link. I think I bent it backing into a tree with the Land plane...Anyway, a new oem one was a few hundred dollars. I drove 3 miles to Tractor supply and bought one there for 50-60$..Its been perfect and I actually prefer...
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    Comparing KUBOTA Tractor with BH77 /92 with Kubota Mini Excavator

    I have had both...Once I got the KX121 mini x...I never used the BH77. The difference is night and day. If all you have is the BH77..It decent for small stuff. Comparing a Mini X to a BH77 is like comparing a BH77 to a shovel.
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    Bought a new SANY SY50U !

    Looks like a beautiful machine, Don't waste your time with the haters, they are just jealous
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    Not a good time to buy a car

    Local dealers here ( ford/chevy) have inventory on the lots. Their parking lots are filling up again. Not to the levels of pre covid..But there's definitely options.
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    Inflated Prices. Buying Used vs. New.

    A couple months ago I sold my RTV1100c. I bought it from about 3-4 years ago from a friends wife after he passed. I bought it with 60 ish hours on the hour meter. Did basic maintenance and upkeep to it while i had it... Had to fix the A/C which was close to 1K to do..But sold it for 24K very...
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    Also, I don't have the 4/1 bucket but i do have a grapple that i use frequently. That setup works well.
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    I have a L3700SU..Basically the same tractor as the L3800.The BH77 is decent..But you will find out quickly that the tractor itself could be heavier so that it dosent get thrown around by the ho. The seating on th BH is 6-2 and I'm uncomfortable in it.
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    Mrs. Suggested that we might consider a Mini-Excavator in our future.

    A number of years ago..maybe 6-7..I bought a used 1 owner 6300 hour kubota KX 121. I used in much the same way you describe your needs to be. Back then I paid something like 16,500 for it. It was a enclosed cab, with a thumb. It was in overall good condition and fully operational. I used it for...
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    Diesel nearly DOUBLE the price of gas

    Diesel 2.35 PG when Brandon got the job
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    Bent grapple repair

    Heat it till its cherry red and put a large adjustable wrench on it for leverage to bend it back in place. ..15 minute job.
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    Ford Superduty 6.2 questions?

    I had a regular cab 2011 4x4 F350 with the 6.2. It was plenty strong enough for everyday driving. Also had a 2015 F350 Platinum 4x4 with the 6.2, It was also a good driver. Power was good for a truck that big...Until I drove a 2016 Diesel....The difference between the 2 is crazy. For a daily...
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    What did you do at work today?

    What did that machine print ?
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    high gear paved road

    I have the smaller L3700SU. HST, Also have hills, I use the mid setting when climbing hills unloaded. I use low when pulling a grader or pushing any dirt.
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    L35 - no hydraulic power to backhoe

    Crack one of the hose fittings loose and bleed off the pressure
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    Anyone else seeing signs of an early winter?

    This year the pine needle dropping is heavy.. Much more than years past that I can recall. And.. My grandfather would always say you can tell a cold winter is coming by the size of a squirrels tail..This year they are big.. The bushy tail squirrel gauge .
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    Bought new pickup should I get it undercoated ?

    Just this past summer I had the undercarriage blasted and painted on my 2017 F450 dump truck.The mag chloride they use on the roads up here is brutal on vehicles. I had that sprayed, my 2020 F450 Limited sprayed and we just got a 392 Jeep Rubicon that we also sprayed with what i think is called...
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    Homemade Xmas toys

    Awesome. I have a few very small things from my childhood that were given to me by by grandfather. Anyone else would probably not think twice about throwing them in the dumpster. Every time I see them,.. I do remember when...
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    Bought new pickup should I get it undercoated ?

    We have a couple new vehicles going in to get fluid film applied in the next couple weeks. Its like 400.00 per so its not particularly expensive. My 2017 F450 dump truck frame/under carriage was blasted and re painted this past summer.. 12K miles and the salt from the past 5 years was starting...
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    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    Im not 100% in agreement with this. While on its face, holding cash, one would think that it is losing value in a inflationary environment like we have now. ..But cash is always king. When things become unattainable due to high interest rates, That means things become harder to sell..Which means...