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  1. RjCorazza

    Cyclone Rake Bagger

    Considering how packed that bin was, it didn't seem too difficult to dump it. A Cyclone Rake had been on my list for a long time, mostly for leaf cleanup, and the occasional overgrown lawn. Thanks for the video!
  2. RjCorazza

    Suggestions on how to clean out DK6010 cab and tractor as a whole?

    I do as TN8Man does. On my machine the cab vs open station versions are likely equally able to take water in most areas, but not the interior portions of the cab itself.
  3. RjCorazza

    The Life of a Custom Mowing contractor

    I wonder why it is that pictures NEVER adequately show how steep an incline is? They appear steeper in real life, and like a cliff while on a tractor.
  4. RjCorazza

    Weird Coolant Problem

    My ZD mower was losing coolant for the first 2 years. I looked over that thing with a fine tooth comb and couldn't find any leaks. Out of desperation, I parked it after mowing determined not to put it away until I found the problem... There was a leak at the lower radiator hose that was only...
  5. RjCorazza

    It only took a decade...

    Nice looking machine! Even as just a mobile wheel barrow a front end loader is worth it, and will save you tons of labor.
  6. RjCorazza

    I think women would go extinct

    Over the years I have taught my daughter how to operate the tractor and cut grass. She was never attentive enough to get the grass cut to my ocd standards. She is great on machinery in general, and sent me a video of her operating a skid steer manipulating containers of compost into a truck...
  7. RjCorazza

    Tiller Help Identifying 4ft Tiller

    No idea on the tiller manufacturer, but setting the slip clutch is easy enough. Loosen each nut (equally) a small amount until the plates slip. Retighten (equally) until it's set to not stall out the tractor under load. Slip clutches should be periodically slipped and readjusted, particularly if...
  8. RjCorazza

    GR2120 HST strainer not cooperating

    Glad you got it! Heat is usually "the beginning of the end" for me (right before I break something).
  9. RjCorazza

    GR2120 HST strainer not cooperating

    I don't think you're missing anything. I don't have direct experience with that machine, but I would be inclined to either gently pry on both sides of the bushing, or perhaps fashion a 90 deg or hooked tool to tug on it. After disassembly it's just held in with (2) O Rings. Good luck.
  10. RjCorazza

    Mowing with 100hp and 3-pt Finish Mower

    That's a nice setup. I have an L4060, and like it. It's mostly for loader work around the property and snow plowing duty. I do have a 7 foot rear discharge finish mower but it tends to clump when my field gets even a little high (maintained like a yard). I am also curious about the blade type on...
  11. RjCorazza

    LX3310 50 Hour Service Cost?

    Your machine requires engine oil and filter, hydraulic and transmission filters, greasing, and wheel bolts torqued at 50 hours. I would imagine a dealer is going to charge around $300-$400. You should really call for a price though.
  12. RjCorazza

    What Snake is this?

    Google seems to think it's an Eastern Hognose snake. They have a very wide range, although I have never seen one.
  13. RjCorazza

    Oil & Fuel Engine block drain B2601

    The workshop manual says to remove the engine side coolant return hose on the left side of the block as shown in the below parts diagram to drain coolant (#70). There appears to be a hex plug immediately above the hose also. Not on a B2601, but I just remove the lower radiator hose and flush...
  14. RjCorazza

    Dealer charge for loading tires

    I agree that if ground conditions allow, weight is king in traction issues. Going from a 3000 lb to a 7000 lb tractor was a game changer for my snow plowing duties. I have loaded rears, but would never pay $2000 for it... That's robbery.
  15. RjCorazza

    Protectant for seat

    An RV product I like is ProtectAll. It can be applied to practically any surface, including plastic, rubber, glass, and painted surfaces. It also protects against UV damage. If wiped off, it won't leave a slick film like Armor All does.
  16. RjCorazza

    metal vs rubber valve stems; is flexible more important than strength to prevent breakage?

    My rims have small metal rings protecting the stems, which are also metal. I have never broken a stem off, either metal or rubber. I did replace the rubber stems on my zero turns with metal due to likey UV damage and subsequent leaking / cracking. The mowers don't stay outside when not in use...
  17. RjCorazza

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Interesting... I almost posted that it is illegal to leave a hitch in the receiver in Pennsylvania. Apparently not so! I must have read about pending or proposed legislation that never made it to law.
  18. RjCorazza

    Mowing with 100hp and 3-pt Finish Mower

    I personally would not run that large a tractor with a 7' finish mower on multiple properties totalling 16 acres. I know money is an issue, but a large zero turn would be my choice... 72". Again with the money consideration.... Were I to use the big tractor I would at least want turf tires and...
  19. RjCorazza

    Taylor Pittsburgh 3 Point Post Hole Diggers Anyone have input on This Brand

    I don't have any experience with that brand auger, but it appears to be overly light duty to me. The frame material and construction in particular, as well as the auger itself. For the money they are asking, you could get a heavier duty auger from TSC or similar farm store for less. County Line...
  20. RjCorazza

    Possible to add a mid-mount PTO for a CK3520 for a front snowblower?

    I know it's possible on Kubota machines, so I suspect it's an option for Kioti. On the Kubota machines I've looked at it's a small area of the transmission case that gets replaced, along with the internals and shifting components. I would call your dealer if no one here has experience with...
  21. RjCorazza

    KIOTI CK3510se PTO Output Shaft Not Free Wheeling/Free Spinning

    I only have 3 pto powered implements, but they all spin easy enough by hand at the shaft end. Are you really using a crowbar to align the splines? My previous tractor allowed me to spin the pto stub, not so with the new machine.
  22. RjCorazza

    water in fuel. (HELP)

    Drain the tank, fuel lines, and replace filters. I have had success in reclaiming contaminated diesel with Mr Funnel water separating filters.
  23. RjCorazza

    Diesel transfer tank filtering

    I filter my transfer tank with a 10u water blocking filter. I also added a 2u Racor Filter / Separator on my tractor for good measure.
  24. RjCorazza

    Dirty Kubota Fuel Tank

    If you suspect a single object and not a substantially contaminated mess, I would consider trying an inspection camera and something to grab debris with.
  25. RjCorazza

    Michelin CrossClimate2

    I switched from Michelin to BFG when I couldn't find an aggressive tread truck tire from Michelin. I'll check that one out...
  26. RjCorazza

    Bolt-on Plastic Edge for FEL?

    I had a snow edge on my previous tractor with a 5' bucket. It worked good, and was VERY well built. I sold it when I got a larger tractor.
  27. RjCorazza

    Hours charged for tractor work

    I go by my watch (phone stopwatch) upon arrival, and travel is separate and by the mile. If I take a break, or chat about non job related stuff I pause the stopwatch.
  28. RjCorazza

    Simplicity Zero Turns?

    That looks like a nice machine, and I can't imagine an owner could do too much to it in 6 hours of use. I didn't know there was a relationship between Ferris and Simplicity, but have always thought they were both quality machines. Why not just get another Ferris and use your current mower as the...
  29. RjCorazza

    Z330R zero turn mower

    It appears that this mower can either have a 24hp Briggs or a 23 HP Kawasaki engine, which may account for price differences. I personally think Kawasaki engines are worth the premium.
  30. RjCorazza

    MF TLB GC2410 won't start

    Is the clicking sound when you actually turn the key to the crank position, or when the key is in the on position? Reason I ask, is that if you are only hearing the electric lift pump (assuming it has one) then I would suspect a safety switch problem. If the starter solenoid is clicking, there...
  31. RjCorazza

    Can the L4060 run a front snowblower?

    I should have qualified my statement for my particular area and snowfall. If I needed to deal with significant snow amounts, I would definitely prefer a blower.
  32. RjCorazza

    Can the L4060 run a front snowblower?

    The L60 series front mount snowblowers will perform just fine. Plowing is likely faster under most conditions for practically any blower vs plow comparison. The manual hitch is around $3k, and the blower about $7.5k. I considered the auto hitch with a plow, blower, and broom, but it gets...
  33. RjCorazza

    Bolt-on Plastic Edge for FEL?

    That is certainly a DIY project. I prefer UHMW Polyethylene edges on my front and rear plows. Vertically with 1.25" on the pavement they wear very well. I would imagine horizontally on the bucket they would would wear even better. I never installed a poly edge on my bucket, but you're on the...
  34. RjCorazza

    F1145 starting issue.

    Is there also a seat switch? They have been known to cause a no crank condition.
  35. RjCorazza

    Kubota L3540 Fluid change??

    Does your 40 series have a dipstick for the hydraulic fluid, or the sight glass? Reason I ask, is that the sight widows are notoriously difficult to accurately read. On my previous L3410 I would take a final check of the sight glass level after the tractor sat unused on a level surface overnight.
  36. RjCorazza

    Kubota L3540 Fluid change??

    I never get 100% of the fluid drained. The OEM fluid capacity spec includes the fluid in the loader rams and hydraulic hoses, plus imagine getting all of the oil out of a very large irregularly shaped container. Drain to the correct level and you're done!
  37. RjCorazza

    Looking at a Used Tractor (Need Opinion)

    Seems like a very good deal to me. Zetor is a very popular machine in Europe, and if you've found a servicing dealer close to you - I wouldn't hesitate if I had a need for a machine of that size.
  38. RjCorazza

    Stump Grinder 3pt. baumalight ip24?

    I'm finally setup to trailer my tractor, but have yet to tow it to a job. My plan is a $1.00 per mile one way, which is on the light side. I really just want to discourage work from too far out. As far as per inch stump rates, after a lot of reading rates are highly dependant on the area. The...
  39. RjCorazza

    BX25 won't shut off.

    If the clicking sound is the electric lift pump, then it sounds to me like the starter switch itself is bad.
  40. RjCorazza

    Questions about lawnmower options

    Kawasaki is the better engine imho (no contest, not even close).
  41. RjCorazza

    Throttle will not stay put above idle

    It appears to be a friction bolt and washers on the handle base.
  42. RjCorazza

    Possible L6060HSTC Problem?

    I have 700 hours on my L4060 and haven't noticed any sound differences between cold and hot. I would likely try using UDT instead of the sUDT2 at your next fluid change, or now if it's bothering you. My manual only lists sUDT2 for the transmission though. NE PA is likely not that cold that sUDT2...
  43. RjCorazza

    Questions about lawnmower options

    Smaller wheels will result in a harsher ride on rough terrain, but in general, zero turns are no worse than a normal lawn tractor. The exception is that zt's tend to have higher ground speeds, which can make for a wild ride over rough terrain. Features on ZT's that help smooth out the ride are...
  44. RjCorazza

    2017 3540 with 300hrs starts easily then dies

    Fuel lines on the suction side of the lift pump may not necessarily weep fuel if they have cracks, but they will suck in air. Have you physically handled (flexed) the fuel lines to check for cracks? The other thing that comes to mind applies to diesels with electric lift pumps... My zd mowers...
  45. RjCorazza

    Full figured 25hp Tractors

    I wouldn't worry much about 10.6mph compared to 14-15mph. A slight grade on the road and you're probably going to go from 15 to 10 anyway. The slower machine may be able to maintain 10mph. Apples to oranges, but by 16mph tractor drops down to 8-9mph on moderate grades.
  46. RjCorazza

    Oil level in a gear box

    If there's not a oil level check bolt I would go with an estimate of 1/2 full.
  47. RjCorazza

    Fuel Filter - bad fuel

    With large amounts of sediment in the water separator / filter there is more than just a water in the fuel problem. Either your cans were contaminated in use, or the source fuel is contaminated. The water could be from the source, or while stored outside. I recommend Mr Funnel filters for...
  48. RjCorazza

    New LSMT335H......What brand of antifreeze do you guys use?

    I use Zerex G05 in my 3 Kubotas and F250. It's a HOAT coolant with a 5 year service interval. There are other extended life coolants (OAT) that offer longer service intervals.
  49. RjCorazza

    Looking to buy my first tractor

    I fired my local dealer many years ago for too many mistakes. I am not a demanding customer, but I do have some minimal expectations. I now drive about an hour for a top notch dealer that is very responsive and competent in sales, parts, and service.
  50. RjCorazza

    Belarus 420A Problem with clutch

    Are the gears grinding when you try to shift into gear? Sounds like the clutch isn't adjusted correctly, although I'm not sure why it would stop moving when you release the clutch in gear. Either find a mechanic to check it out, or get a service manual and start by adjusting the clutch.