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    Suggestions for adding a hydraulic thumb backhoe?

    If you search on this site there's a number of people who have done it. I think the best solution is to add a valve in the middle of the stack on the backhoe. The valves are usually sectional, you can disassemble them and add one. You'll need to modify the operator station where the valve stack...
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    Things to do in Northern California?

    I'd think even with the epic snow that highway 4 would be plowed by August! I saw that they got to the summit of Sonora pass (108) recently. That's from the east and the west side will be harder. 88 is a faster road. 4 is 1 (or 1.5) lane in the high country and has a lot of tight turns. It's...
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    Things to do in Northern California?

    Just along the coast! Where I lived on the north coast it could be 55 and foggy in the summer but three miles inland it's sunny and 90. A little north of where I live now the summer fog belt extends 10 miles inland and up to 2500'. The presence and depth of the summer fog belt depends on the...
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    question on going from conventional oil to synthetic on smaller engines

    That was true a number of decades ago, at least for mobil 1. It's not an issue now. I ran 10w-30 in my wood splitter's engine. It made a lot more valve noise. Switching back to 30w quieted it. I run synthetic in most engines including chainsaws but I have been sticking with conventional 30w for...
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    Things to do in Northern California?

    Yea highway 1 is the quickest way through. When I transit through SF that's how I go. You're not seeing much of the city this way though. I think the waterfront and the tourist stuff there is worth a visit. Everyone stops at the rest stop on the north side of the golden gate. I have stopped...
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    I think women would go extinct

    It's not just women, men have the same problem. We all know guys who beat their equipment up. We had one neighbor who was the worst I've seen for that. His equipment was always broken. I could not bear to watch him run a chainsaw, he was so bad. And of course he would not accept any advise...
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    Things to do in Northern California?

    A lot of people here are talking about SF in the 1990s. Or they're getting their info from the media, which greatly exaggerates the crime in big cities. Even "liberal" media like the NYT does it. SF's a lot better now as far as crime goes. It's been cleaned up so much that I barely recognize...
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    Branson Tractor Lift Capacity

    With the BL20 (2200 lb lift capacity) on my 3725 I have noticed that the curl cylinders are weaker than the lift cylinders. I've lifted some heavy logs with a grapple that the loader could not curl up. I've had to carry them with the grapple pointing down. Also the load's distance from the...
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    Things to do in Northern California?

    The fastest way from Angels Camp to Monterey would be to take 580 through the eastern part of the bay area then 880 and 101 south. If you have time you could take 580 to Fremont and then 92 west across the bay and out to the coast at Half Moon bay, then south on 1 through Santa Cruz to Monterey...
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    Things to do in Northern California?

    I agree about heading south though when I have gone north its not been too much of a problem. 1 north of SF is also nice. There's a number of funky small towns on the road. Good seafood and cheeses. Fort Ross was a Russian outpost and a good part was preserved. There's a number of interesting...
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    Things to do in Northern California?

    Mammoth Mountain and Bishop are both close to Bodie. Well, close for the east side of the Sierras. Mammoth is a ski town and had a lot of places to stay. Bishop is a little funkier and farther from Bodie but also has a fair number of motels. I've stayed there a bunch for bike races and grew to...
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    Things to do in Northern California?

    Yes but you'd have to come back north on 1 to Monterey. The bridge that shows up in all the adverts is the Bixby bridge The biggest problem is foreign tourists who don't know how to drive in the US and are looking at the (admittedly awesome) scenery instead of the road. As long as you're...
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    Things to do in Northern California?

    That's pretty much been cleaned up in the last 20 years. I used to go to clubs there back then and it was sketchy, though I never had a problem. When I go back I'm amazed how much its changed. Not many music clubs left though as the tech companies have priced them out. However it's not all...
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    Which WoodMaxx Flail Mower

    Unless you're mowing small spaces I'd go with the wider mower. The Woodmaxx rotor like many flails turn the same direction as the tractor tires so they should pick up the grass that the tractor pushed down, at least to some extent. Keep in mind that flails don't mow well in reverse.
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    Bad common advice given to teens and young adults

    My addition to the advice above is to start contributing to your retirement funds when you get your first permanent job and keep doing it. Don't wait until you're comfortable. That may take a while.
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    Tractor Causing Stress on Neck

    There are SSQA to three point adapters that you could put a rotary cutter on. So then you'd need a way to drive the mower. The tractor hydraulics are not sufficient but maybe a PTO driven hydraulic power pack on the back, some big hoses running up front and a motor mounted on the mower would do...
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    Tractor Causing Stress on Neck

    Once you know where the mower is in relation to the tractor you can pretty accurately mow consecutive straight rows. Maybe you'll have a little more overlap than optimal but that's ok. Turns and mowing around fences or trees would be tough without turning around or a good rear facing camera...
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    More Right to Repair Agreements

    "As part of the agreements, Farm Bureau has agreed not to support efforts to pass government mandates on right to repair." The manufacturers are agreeing to as little as possible to forestall broader legislation.
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    Branson (TYM) Parts

    I'd look for the pump for that Yanmar engine and skip TYM/Branson entirely. It's likely that Yanmar did not use a specific pump when putting the engine in the Branson. Maybe there's part numbers on the pump or you can compare pics before buying. Having a parts list would be helpful too, if you...
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    I've changed employers fairly often in my career, which is common in the area I work in. I always pull my 401k out and put it in my own pre-tax plan. The employers plans are limited, and the management company often takes too large a cut. 1.5% fee is a lot if the growth is only 7% (that's...
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    Selling a house, real estate commission

    In my admittedly limited experience a good seller's agent is worth the commission. In a normal (not hyper competitive as it has been in the past) environment our agent managed to engineer a bidding war between about 10 buyers with 4 submitting multiple bids. The place went for about 25% more...
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    What have you done to your Branson today?

    I mess with the top link with the 3pt all the way up every time I use the tractor. My barn has a short ramp at the exit and I need to raise and tilt the implements up to clear the floor. I have probably not noticed them interfering because I have the inner lever attached to the tilt cylinder...
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    2023 What HP is the max you can purchase before it is required to have a DEF.

    There was a Tier IV interim starting in 2008. Final was in 2012-2015. This is a useful chart: (actually the whole site is useful if you're interested in diesel technology) PM is Particulate Matter, i.e. soot. Which causes cancer. It's what...
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    2023 What HP is the max you can purchase before it is required to have a DEF.

    No one uses DEF below 75hp. The standard does not define the technology, just the limits it needs to reach. I think there are some machines > 75hp that do not use DEF but meet the Tier IV standard. Between 25.5hp and 75hp the limits are easier. Most machines use EFI and a DPF+DOC but some don't...
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    What have you done to your Branson today?

    it was @ptsg I'm just living with mine. The 3pt lever is too short but after adjusting the tension on it, it's easier to work with.
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    Stihl ms290 not oiling enough

    If the saw used to use a tank of oil per tank of fuel and it doesn't now, something is wrong. The oil filter could be partially clogged or the drive gear worn out or the pump itself worn out.
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    More production of crops less production of livestock

    "green manure" is an old idea which was largely forgotten by commercial farmers when industrial fertilizers became cheap after WWII. There's nothing suspect about it. It's what gardeners do when they cover crop.
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    Grapple Double Duty Grapple, Tractor and Track Loader...Help me choose.

    My EA grapple weighs 450 lbs. I've used it a lot with large logs and the lids still match perfectly. My 3725's loader is rated to 2100 lbs at full height but it's more down low. I have had logs so heavy that the loader could not curl them up and I had to carry them with the grapple pointed...
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    A sad day on the farm

    You could run conduit on the outside of the metal panels to avoid putting holes in them. I do not know what electrical code is for running wires inside metal framed walls but you might be required to use conduit anyhow to meet code.
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    Filter wrench recommendations

    I have a bunch. I prefer the type that engage with the flats on the end of the filter, but those have to be specific to every filter. For my Branson hydraulic filters I use the steel strap type. It was tough the first time with the painted on filter. I don't like to destroy the filter in the...
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    Electric Fence to keep out cats?

    For a while we had an electric top wire on the fence around the chicken yard. It wasn't a big horse fence charger, just a small one that we'd been using to run a temporary fence to keep chickens in a pasture. One day my wife came running in and said there were bobcats in the chicken yard. It...
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    Home workshops and septic tanks?

    When I was a broke teen working on motorcycles I washed some rags in the family washing machine. When I took them out I found there was a scum of oil in the washer. I cleaned it up before Mom discovered it or it messed up clothes. Since then I use up the rags and throw them out. When they're...
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    Can you live without a TV ?

    I didn't have TV for many years and didn't miss it. But when I was in a room with a TV I found it captivating and had to position myself so I could not see it. Otherwise it would grab my attention. I think by not having a TV I'd lost the ability to ignore it. Even now I can't stand watching...
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    Thinking of planting a garden weed control question

    If you have livestock that gets feed in paper bags, those work too.
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    Checking Hydraulic Fluid in Kubota 3000dt?

    If you can't see the level either the fluid is low OR it's clear fluid as in the pic above and it's above the sight glass. You can determine which is which by parking the tractor on a slight slope with the sight glass end up. For example on my Branson the glass is at the back of the...
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    Branson F4350 Tractor owner/operator manual

    Check this thread in the Branson section:
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    Do you get a better deal if you get everything at once?

    It can be difficult to find a loader for your tractor later on. Buy the loader with the tractor. The remotes can usually be gotten as a kit. But the price may be higher then. I think that the dealer labor to install them is often thrown in, or rather the kit price where you install them is not...
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    Chipper clogged by pine needles

    Even chipping wet doug fir with lots of needles I have not had a problem with clogging or pitch build up. Maybe some pines have more pitch? The only times I have had the chute clog was when the knives were dull. They do not need to be dull by much, so I try to change them early. 20 hours seems...
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    Thread seal everything?

    In my experience NPT hydraulic connections need to be really tight, especially the 1/2" stuff. The LocTite 545 sure helps though. I use carb cleaner to get the oil off but any solvent will do. Yea the hoses will have oil in them so have an oil pan handy to dump them into. To track down the...
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    Thread seal everything?

    All ag couplers I have seen have NPT threads. I use LocTite 545 for hydraulic NPT threads.
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    Regen; Soggy Bucket syndrome

    I used an adjustable 3/8 one way restrictor to reduce my Branson's floppy bucket. It's restricting flow out of the lower port of the curl cylinders. It does not completely cure it but it's greatly reduced. I don't think it's pulling in air. Gravity pulls the bucket down, causing cavitation...
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    Need help ordering new hydraulic couplings

    Unless you're careful applying it, small bits of tape can end up in the hydraulic system. I have had good results with LocTite 545, which is made for hydraulic NPT fasteners. Clean the threads well and let it cure for a day before using it.
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    Introduction and pole barn planning help

    Oops my mistake, that should be garagejournal.
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    Rotella vs. Delvac

    I used Mobilfluid 424 (which has since been renamed to Delvac) in my 3725 and it worked fine. I would have used it for my last change but TSC wasn't carrying it then and the price was high. I ended up using Duragard. I'd probably use Delvac if I changed the fluid today. When I was looking for...
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    Gas for chainsaw...

    Ethanol is also an oxygenate- there's oxygen in it, and since the stoichiometric ratio with air is lower than gas's 14.7 (more ethanol is needed per unit of air). So it make carbureted and old school FI systems run leaner than with E0 gas. Which for many '70s and '80s vehicles, makes them...
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    Hydraulic fluid for a Kioti DK 6010?

    Mobil Delvac is the new name for 424. Tractor Supply carries it. If the Supertech is "premium" it's probably ok. As a broad qualifier you want fluid that meets Deere J20C. Old style fluid only meets J20A and that's not got enough additives for friction clutches and brakes in modern CUTs...
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    Loader/Bucket Hydraulic lines

    The level of the rear tires will determine the level of the tractor and the loader. I.e. if the left side rear tire is low or in a dip, the tractor and loader will tilt to the left. The front axle is on a center pivot so it does not matter. If the loader is tilted relative to the rear end, it's...
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    PTO Quick Attach?

    If you can get the PTO in neutral or off so the shaft on the tractor will turn by hand, then you can just fit the shaft up to it and turn it until the splines line up. No need to look at it.
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    Gas for chainsaw...

    The canned fuel is way too expensive for me. And when I mix my own premix I can use the high quality oil I prefer. Blender pumps put out .5-1 gallon of whatever was previously pumped. Stihl recommends 89 octane. If you fill a 2.5 gallon can with 91 and the previous customer pumped 87, you'll...
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    Please recommend a dealer

    Dave's Tractor in Red Bluff CA was a large Branson dealer for many years and of course sells TYM-branded Bransons now and TYM-developed TYMs too. They're comfortable supporting remote customers. When I was there visiting they were prepping machines to go to Hawaii and Alaska.