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    Texas Spring/Summer Thread

    Just less than 1-1/2" for the week, hopefully takes us out of severe drought, cut our yearly deficit so far by half.
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    Texas Spring/Summer Thread

    Yes Bird, I recall his like of bluebonnets as well, soon he would be headed down to the peach festivals, good man with a lot of life experience . .47" early this morning, cutting our deficit for the year. Bird, saw you had some rough weather and rotation near your town last night too!
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    Really Ticked!!!!

    Found a marauding tick yesterday, as many of y'all do, its time to treat my summer work pants with Permethrin again.
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    Texas Spring/Summer Thread

    Peaches in full bloom, cant help but think if Jim (Jinman) every spring when I see the peach flowers, you long timers know what I mean. Finally got 1.21" rain, more forecast for this evening
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    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    .11 here, enough to make me wish we got half of what the weathemen where threatening for a week.
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    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    I hope we get an inch or more, we are dry! 70% chance tonight so fingers crossed. Trees are starting to turn, you can see the green hue and my plums are now flowered about 50%
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    Driveway Ideas?

    Put your bigger base material down, then add the fines. Smaller rock/fines help lock larger base rock together. If you have a cement co nearby, check on their washout material, or crushed crete for top fines. Make sure you crown your drive so water runs off
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    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    In 7 years I have never lost a hive over winter. Lost a couple small swarms early on in the 2st summer that never had a chance looking back, I had someone who supposedly knew what we where doing who did not.
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    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Varroa is a large problem and one that begets more troubles, Foul brood can be an issue, American, or European (pick European if yo have the choice😁). Wax moths are same as always. Hive Beetles can be a real nuisance as well, those may be new to you. I use 8 frame Langs, figured with a bad back...
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    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Bird, you got more done than I did! lol I went thru 3 hives and will finish tomorrow. When I was a kid, our family sold honey to stores in the Arkansas, Tenn, Okla and Missouri area. I didn't get to fool much with bees then, just had to work every day building frames, that's what us under 10...
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    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Hey Brandi, had 13 before the big chill, down to 7 now.
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    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Next few days are going to be super nice, 60's-low 70's, hopefully I can get into my bee hives and see what winter has left me to work with this year.
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    Welder/Plasma supply wireing, need homework graded

    Good morning, Have thoughts (scary) and a plan and I'd like opinions on "the plan" please Millermatic 185 calls for 40a breaker at 230v Plasma runs 50a breaker Millermatic 185 and stand alone plasma, both have standard 6-50P 220v plugs I am putting in a 220v-50a circuit for the plasma, 50'...
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    Brake experts

    I drive a 2009 1ton dually and pull a 30' Haulmark trailer with equipment loaded, 10-12klbs depending on the day. Last fall, I replaced the brake hubs on the trailer, then took the truck o the shop to get a brake job, they told me I had over 50% pads left so..... I did notice that the brakes...
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    Copperheads OH YEAH

    At sundown, I heard my neighbor and thought he was stacking lumber. Nope, he was shooting copperheads with rat shot. Killed these, 15' off his back deck and 2 more so far in the front yard. Tuesday morning, my wife killed one in the dog pen. Guess tomorrow, I will have to go on recon around the...
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    Need recommendations for food vacuum sealer

    Wife put in a PO on my "to do list" so......Need recommendations for a good sealer so I can research reviews and make an informed as possible decision. I know Bird and Jim (Jinman) had good luck with there, but cant remember which one they have (maybe they will respond). We will be freezing...
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    My 1st fawn to see this year. glad I wasnt shredding!!

    Went out to walk the property, hacking at poison ivy with my machete and this little guy takes off. I didn't see it laying there, but it was about 15' away and should have stayed put!. He ran out in the middle of a small clearing, (towards a neighbor that tends to let his remaining Pitts run...
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    Good Memorial Day movies

    A movie everyone should watch is "Taking Chance", one of Kevin Bacon's best acting jobs ever, will bring a tear to the eye of any patriot. I just missed it on HBO, but have the CD. Band of Brothers Patton Saving Private Ryan Many of John Wayne's classics Many more, but I cant think of them off...
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    Hummingbirds, We got 'em!

    We have been feeding HB since we moved out here on the place, about 5 years. 3 feeders have usually been plenty for the few that we have had yearly. This year has been a "whole new ball game", they have shown up in droves!! We have had to buy 3 more feeders and probably need a few more. We...
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    Might want to change your passwords

    Just read this and it could be nasty. To long to copy and paste, but worth the read if you buy online or bank. 'Heartbleed' threat puts passwords, credit cards and other data at risk | Fox News
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    Ever cut an old Air compressor tank?

    I have a 15 year old 60 gal. Air compressor tank that the motor went out on. I was thinking of cutting open and maybe making a small BBQ smoker. I have not cut one and was curious how thick it might be? Anyone ever cut one and have an idea of the general material thickness?? BTW, I can by a...
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    Shirley Temple dead at 85

    I don't know about you folks, but she was an amazing child actor I was fortunate to watch while I was growing up. Maybe now she found her "Good ship lollipop". Child actors now, are different that is for sure. RIP Shirley Temple Hollywood legend turned diplomat Shirley Temple dies at 85 | Fox News
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    Emergency air evac, something to think about

    Who has emergency Air evac insurance/membership?? Since many of us live in the "country", how many have thought about sudden emergency (usually Helicopter) membership? The predominate one in my area and in the mid, to South is Air evac Lifeteam,. This is the service we have for $65 year, for...
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    Been "car shopping" lately?

    A couple months back, the wife and I have been thinking about new car/truck. So I started my "research" on the web. Really like using the internet to look at dealer inventory, vehicle specs and even automotive reviews and values, very informative and helpful overall. Being around 4 years since...
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    Wifes 1st Whitetail hunt,1st buck!

    After 27 years, I convinced my wife to "get behind the gun". I told her Monday that she should give it a try Wednesday morning after the cold front blew through, to my surprise she said "OK, I'll try it once". ( I have tried every year for 27 years LOL, she will go elk hunting, but ends up...
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    New world record buck? I have "thoughts" LOL

    My wife showed me this link she got sent to her. "5 year old Arkansas Girl Breaks World Record for Largest Deer Killed" If it's true, that is one heck of a story, but I have "thoughts":laughing: Did she have full knowledge of how that firearm worked? dis-engaging the safety? I mean allot of...
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    Those with a Travel trailer, got any tips/tricks??

    Last Friday I picked up a used, new to me Heartland 3010TT Cyclone my wife bought as a semi "surprise". I have never used a "real TT and will be headed out to Colorado next week for an Elk hunting (sleeping) trip:laughing: This will be a trail by fire, and I believe the term will be...
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    Texas Spring/Summer Thread

    57.3* Yesterday morning when I got in. :thumbsup: Nieces driving me crazy! Got up in time this afternoon (actually I was woke up!) To see what the wife calls our new "grand kids"! The older does had these 2, the smaller, younger doe had one that is smaller but wouldn't come out in the open...
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    Natural insect repellents

    This was on my email page, thought some of you may find it interesting. Living in "rural America" can come with challenges and bugs seem to top the list when doing outdoor work. I am not what would be considered "100% Organic", but I would like to find a good median. I am going to try some...
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    Study backs farmer in pollution battle with EPA

    Read this on FOX. Great story of a woman chicken farmer who wouldn't "bow down" to the higher powers. Has and could happen to anyone in the AG world. Good for her:thumbsup: Chicken fight: Study backs farmer in pollution battle with EPA | Fox News
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    We had a tornado "outbreak" in North Texas last week, 16 confirmed. Worst damage was near Granbury TX. 6 fatalies in that one. Fast forward to Sunday-Monday, Oklahoma has got pummeled, I was watching the FOX network news and they where talking about the Shawnee OK. tornado on Sunday, then as...
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    Permethrin mix for dogs

    I need the TBN brain trust. I have some Permethrin 10%. My wife had made a mixture of almost 50/50 and put it on the dogs (large breed) last summer, one of them showed a reaction to it and I;m sure it was because of the solution ratio. I had read a thread on here several years ago (cant...
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    Orgen man saved by his daughters (pinned under tractor)

    I thought some of you might find this story interesting. The man has two great daughters, seem to be level headed and bright young ladies. He is fortunate, even though a small tractor, 3k pounds is allot of weight. For two young ladies, well draw your own conclusions. Be careful out there...
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    Comet Pan-Starrs viewable in N Texas

    Dont know how many of you are into "star gazing" I'm really not, but this comet wont be back for like 110,00 years, so I figured I look for it last night! It became viewable for us at around 8:20 pm in the Western sky, 3/4 of the way to the ground , below right of the crescent moon. Really...
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    Cats killing billions of animals??

    Interesting article here released today, Cats Kill Billions of Animals a Year | LiveScience. You can also Google it. I knew there was a reason I didn't care for cats to much, but if this is true, then I have a "prudent" reason. Of course most of the offending felines seemd to be the huge...
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    Do you use Java runtime on your pc? better read this.

    Thought those that use java on their pc may be interested in this short alert article US government advises computer users to disable Java software | Fox News Copied in case the page link is moved. US government advises computer users to disable Java software Published January 12, 2013...
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    Texas hunting season begins

    Today is the general season opener for deer, figured since I couldn't sleep last night (stiff back), I might as well crawl up into my deer blind and see if I can sleep there:D Weather is really mild here this morning, 63* with a light North wind. Wish all you Texans and out of state hunters a...
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    Work trip, Golfing with deer

    My nephew and I am on a work/golf when we can trip. Took today to golf in Alamosa Colorado, Mule deer every where, quite comical. The photo he took of me after waiting for the doe to inspect the ball! A while latter a Red Fox ran over to check a ball he hit, but was to fast to get a photo.
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    Another Copperhead story

    My neighbor and I where in town and I received the below photo from my daughter. Seems my daughter was going to help out her dad by mowing the yard, when she went to retreve the push mower, this guy was "resting" under the deck of the mower. I got the photo on my cell phone and of course went...
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    Chagas Disease,,New AIDS of the Americas??

    I heard about this on the evening news last night, then have seen it on the web today. I think it is worth a read. This could become a real problem if it is what they're saying. I'm posting a link to the FOX story, but you could also just Google Chagas Disease. Chagas Disease: A New Global...
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    Bird seed food plot test

    I decided to try a random bag of bird seed from my local feed store. I figured I post it as it goes along, so we can see what happens. 1st photo : I used my small food plot that has great growth with the Oats, as you can see the deer have kept it down to less that 2-3". Matter of fact, had a...
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    Life Insurance

    I am needing to look for more life insurance possibly, since the policy through my wifes work are limited to enrollment/benefit changes to once a year. Do you guy's have any recommendation or experience, pros/cons for any specific Ins. company? Just looking for places to start "researching"...
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    Killer storms in the mid-West!

    Just saw this on FOX news, I know we have allot of TBNers in these areas. I am hopeful for the folks that are dealing with this destruction. With the warmer than normal weather and the typical springtime storms, we are likely to see more of this. I saw Branson Missouri got hit among quite a few...
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    Step-dad has Pancreatic cancer

    Well, found out he may have 2 weeks! He has been getting weak and all that has been done for him is routine "test". My mother (an RN), did some online research based on his symptoms and promptly took him to the ER and demanded some test. Sure enough they found a tumor in his pancreas. The tumor...
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    Small fence and sign job

    Wish I would have thought about "before" photos. Not a huge project, but figured some one may like to see it. I built the sign about 3 months ago and have started the fence last week, between rains. Country church, so a country fence:D Lumber is rough cut electric power line poles I get from...
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    Good friend and "family" could sure use a prayer

    Long story, but just the "brief" right now. A man I've known for over 30 years (Don) also my brothers father in law, Lost his wife last night in Oklahoma while she and my sister in law where driving to wed. night prayer meeting. Right now they suspect a massive heart attack. she was 65 I...
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    Ebay users ???

    I almost registered tonight, but had reservations giving out my details, yeah I know, paranoid. I have only on occasion looked at ebay, but thats about it. Right now though, it seems the easiest place to find an original Windows XP Operating System i can use for my old programs. Do they slam...
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    Harry Morgan dies at 96 M*A*S*H star

    Loss of a great actor. We all have to go sometime though. Morgan (Col Potter) on the M*A*S*H series helped to make that show one of Americas favorites in the day and probably still popular now in syndication. I have seen him in other shows, but I best remember him on the MASH series and his...
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    Tire Prices!! Geeze

    I haven't bought tires for my trailers or vehicles in about a year. I go to my local tire I guy I've used for 10 years and DA&N, tires have gone up. I use 10 ply's on my 28' Haulmark car hauler (I use it to haul my equipment), Last year I was paying around $80, now almost $120 Checked on...
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    New Firefox update 8.0.1 Beware

    Since I keep my Firefox auto update set to manual, you'd think I would have been smart and checked the web for others responses to the update prior to allowing it to install, BUT NOOOOO. I updated and spent most of the day trying to find what the problem is and so are several other 1000 Firefox...