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  1. jinman

    Sad news

    Sadly, my wife's father passed away yesterday. He had a very weak heart and finally could no longer maintain. He passed just after noon yesterday, with my wife, her mother, and me with him when he passed. The doctor's said they had done all they could do for him. It was a peaceful, but sad...
  2. jinman

    Texas Spring/Summer Thread

    Well, I put a double choke hold on my software to make it keep working and not crash. It will either work now to show pictures of my siding or I'll find out it has a double choke hold on me.:eek:
  3. jinman

    Wearing a sleep apnea mask?

    So Bird, are you sleeping with a mask on your face these days? How did your tests turn out? Is sleep apnea an issue? For your sake, I hope not. I hate sleeping with an oxygen tube under my nose. I can't imagine that biggrer mask.
  4. jinman

    Rear remote / Valve body

    Here is the valve body, item #2.
  5. jinman

    tc45d platform removal

    Marv, here are the best images I have of the platform area and the loader post bolts. I hope they help.
  6. jinman


    My youngest daughter sent me a copy of the document showing my granddaughter is 3 out of 373 in ranking for her 9th grade class. I am super proud of Katie's performance. She is truly a little whiz and excels at everything she does. We are so lucky to be blessed with her. She is something...
  7. jinman

    My New Holland LB75B starts every time

    I suppose this thread could be considered just braggin', but my LB75B TLB is such a great starting machine that I have to brag on it a bit. It seems that if I let it set for a month or two, it will still crank and start every time. Sometimes it will take a bit longer to start because I think...
  8. jinman

    Help me advise neighbor

    I need some expert JD advice. My neighbor just signed a deal on a John Deere 3038e tractor with 305 loader. I asked him if the loader had the Universal Skid-Steer quick-tach adapter and found out it came with the JD quick-tach adapter. I suggested that he contact his dealer and find out what it...
  9. jinman

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    "One morning, I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he ever got into my pajamas, I don't know." -- Groucho Marx Oh, what I'd give to have my pond overflow dripping/squirting/running water. :rolleyes: Like the bridge to nowhere, I have plumbing from nothing to nowhere.:( Lou: Is this the...
  10. jinman

    Handy little door closer

    Do you have doors in your house that are constantly left open when they should be closed? I have a door that goes down to my heated basement that is constantly left ajar. The heat from the basement just rises right up and makes the basement cold. I found a very inexpensive door closer ($18.80)...
  11. jinman

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Here's a picture of Lou surfing inside the curl. The guy is AMAZING! :D
  12. jinman

    My local newspaper is a big disappointment

    I'm not sure this link will work, but here is a link to the newspaper story that prompted me to write a letter to the editor. I just felt insulted that at Christmas time they would give front page coverage and another whole page to this criminal who deserves to be exactly where he is. My letter...
  13. jinman

    Rock salt on my concrete driveway

    I just took a couple of photos of the worst spots on my driveway. These are both about 3'x3'. I won't be doin' anymore salt here. I can use it on my deck and steps, but not on the concrete.
  14. jinman

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Would that 6-yr old be this little cutie you have on your shoulders when we were skinning Don's carport?
  15. jinman

    Rock salt on my concrete driveway

    Oh boy! With the early December ice storm, I used rock salt to melt a walking path down my driveway. Now, the surface is all pocked and chips are coming up. I am shocked to see online info that salt and concrete don't mix if the concrete is not finished with the right compound. Live and learn, I...
  16. jinman

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Yesterday was Texas Chili making day at my house. I decided to use the recipe I found online because it had lots of stuff made from scratch/fresh instead of using commercially available chili powder. Of course, I got distracted and didn't get every step of the process, but I think I captured...
  17. jinman

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    . . . and I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight, "Giddup! you ol' mules, before I skin you alive.":laughing:
  18. jinman

    Where is the Power beyond port on a TC loader valve?

    Power beyond is whatever pipe from the loader valve that hooks to the port marked #7 on the diverter as shown below. This would be be the best place to insert your 3rd function valve. Read the text for a full understanding of the diverter and its operation.
  19. jinman

    Wacky gift boxes (a.k.a. very nice ones)

    I have a neighbor who spares no expense for his grandkids. One year, he ordered 20 hooded jackets and got a double order of 40.:confused2: He called the seller and they said they had no record of a double shipment and he should just keep the merchandise. His credit card was never charged for the...
  20. jinman

    Loader won't work in sub freezing temps

    If your 3PH works, then the diverter is fine. The diverter just sends full pressure/flow to the loader's joystick valve(s). That fluid exits the loader valve on the PB line and then goes to the 3PH and/or remote hydraulic valves. If the 3PH is working, then fluid must be flowing into and out of...
  21. jinman

    A Day of Infamy, December 7, 1941

    Well, you know I just had to do a little "now that I'm out of the Navy" style experimentation. This photo was taken a year later with my father and oldest brother. I'm sure there are some sideburns in there somewhere, Steve.:laughing:
  22. jinman

    A Day of Infamy, December 7, 1941

    Here is a picture of me in 1981, right after I retired from the US Navy. I wore that t-shirt until it had so many holes I was embarrassed to wear it anymore.:)
  23. jinman

    My New to Me TC40D- Dilemma, fuel solenoid

    There are three issues that can have a huge effect on your temperature reading. 1. On early model tractors, there is a block drain hose that goes from the engine block to the radiator. It looks like 3/8" fuel line/heater hose. That hose provides enough bypass so that in cool/cold weather, the...
  24. jinman

    My New to Me TC40D- Dilemma, fuel solenoid

    Here is a photo of my seat jumper. You can see the switch between the seat base springs. I just disconnected the plug and put the spade jumper between plug connections. The switch is normally open and closes with your weight in the seat. I'll discuss the temperature/thermostat issues in the...
  25. jinman

    I'm gonna miss Nelson

    We've had lots of people in this country who led civil rights movements and were successful. Martin Luther King is certainly one of the greatest, but Nelson Mandela was in the majority race in South Africa and yet was subject to oppression that sent him to jail for 27 years. While countries and...
  26. jinman

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Brandi, those old pictures sure show a different time. Here is a few of my family long before I was born, even before my middle brother was born. This is my dad, mom, and older brother standing in front of our house. This is my dad and brother from earlier years. I believe this was my older...
  27. jinman

    My New to Me TC40D- Dilemma, fuel solenoid

    In order to check the safety module, it is under the left side cowling where the relays are. To remove the cowling, you remove the bolts between the two sides under the steering wheel and then there are two bolts on the firewall, visible when you raise the hood. There are actually three bolts...
  28. jinman

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Dennis: I somehow missed telling you to convey my congratulations to your daughter. It may be a bad time for weather, but there is no such thing as a bad time to achieve your life's goals. Give her our best wishes no matter what avenue she continues to pursue. Dennis, my regular physician is an...
  29. jinman

    About 1 in 100 breast cancer cases are men

    Yes! Especially when washed down with a cold Shiner Bach. Do you think it might make hair grow on my head again?:thumbsup:
  30. jinman

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Thanks, one of my daughter's favorite things to call people is "turkey butt." So, is there any doubt who bought that outfit for Noah? Look at what is on the seat of his britches. :laughing:
  31. jinman

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Brandi, your "Pumpkin Doodle" sure has a sweet little smile and a chubby little face with a mop of hair.:) She looks to be 15-17 lb, maybe more. My grandson is a little over 17 lb and sitting up by himself. He's already trying to crawl, just hasn't got all his limbs working together yet.:D Of...
  32. jinman

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Hmm. . . I'm thinkin' if Lou comes to our Spring-Fling TX TBNer party, we may have a busted beverage budget. So Lou, if you come, we are limiting you to one beer. Sorry buddy, we have to set some limits.:D :laughing:
  33. jinman

    3-Point Hitch TC40D rear hydraulic lift arms won't raise.

    Did your 3PH stop functioning suddenly? Do you have rear remotes and do they work? If neither your rear remotes or 3PH work, you may have a dislodged Power Beyond plug in your joystick valve. The loader is the only thing that works when this plug is dislodged. The valve under your seat has...
  34. jinman

    SAAMI Video - Better than MythBusters

    A friend sent me a very interesting link to a video made especially for firefighters by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturer's Institute. SAAMI video for firefighters I cannot tell you how many stories I've heard told as truth that this video debunks. Well meaning people sometimes...
  35. jinman

    TC35D Can't engage PTO

    I think I may know at least part of your problem. All three levers on the left gray plastic side console have a common pivot point tied together with a shaft about 5" long (item 20 below). If you look down between your seat and the gray side panel all the way to the blue platform, you will see...
  36. jinman

    tc 40d hydro trans fast in reverse slow forward

    The first thing you want to do is to crawl under the right side operator's platform with the tractor off. Move and flex the pedals and observe what is happening. You should easily be able to move the forward and reverse pedals and see how everything works. Next. look at the diagram below. It...
  37. jinman

    Broke my side-link.....AGAIN

    I broke a sidelink lower shackle off my hydraulic cylinder because I did a bone head modification. I redrilled it so that the lower arm bottomed out in the tilt cylinder's shackle when the arm went too low. I was pulling a subsoiler trying to grub up tree roots and something went POP!. Oops!
  38. jinman

    Good morning!!!!

    Don, your road isn't truly tested until Harvey comes up and drives up and down it a few times with Lucy and Iris.
  39. jinman

    Dez Bryant. . . not a good analyst

    Ol' Dez seems to have a talent for making a butt of himself. Even though he may have meant well, he only succeeded in causing his teammates to be angry at him instead of the opponent. On the local news, you can hear him telling Tony Romo that they are the "best" in the NFL.:rolleyes: C'mon Dez...
  40. jinman

    How big is your garden and how many tomato plants?

    I searched my archives and came up with these turnip and rutabaga pictures. In the photo of me, I have rutabagas in my left hand and turnips in my right. In the photo of the Mule bed full, the turnips are on the left and the rutabagas on the right. My turnips are just what we call purple-tops...
  41. jinman

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Brandi, it seems you had a Morton Salt week, "When it rains, it pours." I'm glad your truck is back to normal and hope that scratched eye heals quickly.
  42. jinman

    Good morning!!!!

    Well, it would seem that monetary motivation is at least partially successful. I just have to explain to my grandson that hitting one home run is not the objective. It's winning the "World Series." Unfortunately, my grandson reads at a 4th grade level while he is in the 8th grade. He's...
  43. jinman

    Oil & Fuel How To Start a Kubota Diesel Mower??

    Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I have company who came in yesterday. Here is a diagram of how I hooked up a hotwire starter switch on my G1800. Also here is a link to the whole thread where I discussed my problem. Your fuses are a big concern to me. You are right to put them back...
  44. jinman

    Smart Car advice please

    Drew, you are. . . ahem. . . stubbornly sticking to your spec without talking about how wide that Smart Car is. I believe it is just over 5' wide. Even if you get it as close as you can to the side in your little trailer. You are gonna find yourself trapped. Please think about how you are gonna...
  45. jinman

    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Big Ed. . . SPLATT!

    Holy cow! For a county named Wise, we sure come up with some kooky people. Here's a guy from Bridgeport, Texas who is going to try and jump the Snake River Canyon where Evel Knievel failed. Right now, this fellow weighs in at a svelte 280 lb. Give the guy some credit though. He's successfully...
  46. jinman

    Lovin' Where Ur Livin' ...!

    Livin' in the middle of a bluebonnet patch of my own making.
  47. jinman

    Plumbing into Tc33D Hydraulic system for backhoe.

    SS, is the backhoe a New Holland hoe? Can it use a factory remote hydraulic adapter instead of re-routing lines? You can plumb in the backhoe by interrupting the power beyond line going from the FEL to the 3PH. That's actually the standard way of doing a hoe attachment. Two quick connect...
  48. jinman

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    It was 41 F here this morning. The Bowie airport reported 45 F at 7:30, but it seems I'm always a bit cooler than there. I got a frantic call from my new neighbor who built a house on my old property. He said it looking like a big brush fire was burning on the back part of my place. I stepped...
  49. jinman

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    How many unfortunate people got crushed while working under a car with one of these type bumper jacks and nothing else? It wasn't a matter of "if" as much as "when."
  50. jinman

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Well folks, those of us who got the shower are not that much better off than those who didn't. My gage says 1/10". With the wind, I suspect a lot of it evaporated and moved southeast. They'll probably get a gusher down on the coast.:rolleyes: Bird, since it doesn't make economic sense for me to...