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    The front axle has three bevel gears. Why would I choise Hypoid gear lube?

    With only bevel gears in the front axle differential and drives out to the wheel axle, I see no reason to use the stinky sulfur rich hypoid gear lube. "Change My Mind" ;-)
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    Well, Now I did IT! Broke the front axle on the Hurlimann 435Prince. Looking for replacement.

    Yup, digging stumps out from Vermont rotten ledge. Lots of big stone (4' x 2-1/2' x 1 foot) the bucket hung up under the hemlock stump while curling the bucket, and "SNAP", the left front dropped. I had just put on the ballast weight this morning . I had been running the scoop bucket...
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    Cold weather starting

    OK, I don't get it. The BIG SNOW came Wednesday night . I put the Kubota B7200 battery on the 1 amp trickle charger overnight in order to assure a good start at 6:00 Thurs. morning so I could clear a way out of the drive. That little dynamo just never leaves the battery topped off. Wade out...
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    Winter snow is coming , ' need a blower for your G series Kubota?

    selling a G2546B blower with "most" of a G2549 Quick hitch system Missing the MALE adapter for the tractor. Like new, at least it's never been used. Located in S. Vt. Don't ask me to arrange shipping. $750...
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    Skunks! an Ode....

    This fall has been a skunk revival in this area. They do a job on the beetle larva in the lawn, evident by the rooting and holes, as they meander their way on to the compost bin behind the car park. I've been fortunate, not more than a whiff of their presence this year. Seen them in the...
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    Looking for a lab pup

    Would consider a young dog. Dog or bitch, doesn't matter. Somewhere in the North East. Willing to drive. I looked "on line", 'can't make anything out of it.
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    Walnut tree fell over today

    It had some help ;-) It's been shadowing the raspberries for too long, and the wife said it's got to go. Heck, I remember when the kids used to jump over it....;-) I was in a rush and made a sloppy back cut. Got the saw bar stuck in a spring/ Barber chair. A bar can BEND a lot before it...
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    So the kids are up and out, The drive gets little use, The grass is growing in,

    What's the down side of grass in the drive? It's still bank run gravel, it dries nicely, and there is no real mud. The snow still blows off in winter. Is there any reason to scrape and rake the drive? (asking for a friend.... my wife is bugging me ;-)
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    So I knocked down an 80 year old Hemlock this afternoon and had a question

    Actually, over the past two years I've had occasion to knock down several "older" hemlocks around the place. All three took some wrestling to get them to fall where they would not hurt anything (like the house ;-) Any way, the three in particular were good sized, a bit over 80 feet tall...
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    Who is wondering what is in store for the Tractor Supply type retailers?

    I would say that many people around the world, and maybe even in the US of A as well as our Canadian friends, have a bit of a sour taste over this Wuhan flu thing. Some of it directed at China. Add to that some of the proceeding tariffs etc, I'm thinking it may seriously alter price and...
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    Well, I broke down and bought a carry all frame

    I've been making do with the 3pth scoop bucket to move material and even firewood for over 30 years. But today, out of resentment of all the Wuhan flu confinement, I called up the local Tractor Supply to inquire if the carry-all frame I saw in the lot the last time I was there was still...
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    Glow control and conversion to manual operation?

    I put this in the All Other Brands forum just because I like to see traffic here, and this pertains to my Hurlimann Prince 435, but it's a reasonably generic application. The auto-magic glow control that is supposed to be temperature compensating, NEVER activates the heaters long enough to...
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    Still winter ?

    VID_21912_13473437.mp4 - Google Drive It's almost spring
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    Generac LP generator didn't start up when needed today

    Helping a neighbor woman. We had a bit of breeze blow through, with power out for about 7 hours. She depends on her Generac 15kw LP gas unit to self start. It didn't today. She called me tonight for help and advice. The unit shuts down with "excessive cranking" fault. I'm going over...
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    Two stage hydraulic pump power requirement. ??

    Comparing three readily available "splitter pumps". One is rated 3.4 gpm at "high power" (3000psi), and 11 gpm at "high speed" with the cross over adjustable between 400-900 psi. (or so) A second pump pump is rated 3.2 gpm at "high power", and 13 gpm at "high Speed", also with adjustable...
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    I never realized how wrong I've been with working up fire wood.

    Vedmaskin heimelaga - YouTube I never thought Vertical! ;-)
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    A bit OT, 48" mower drive belt?

    I've got an old Mighty-Vac 48 inch cut walk behind mower. I guess they are all Skagg now. I've had the mower more than twenty years and got it cast off from the previous owner. He wanted something new. I've replaced the blade drive belt twice over these years, and each time with the closest...
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    Internal engine parts sludge removal? What works?

    I'm looking into a high time gas engine, (generator usage) It appears that regular oil changes might have been a novel concept for some of the many previous owners. (I don't own this one, and won't! But the pan is off, everything below the crank shaft, and above the block deck is caked with...
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    Getting on just gives a better justification for additional new equipment

    Seems like more and more I can see the value in a purchase by telling myself (and my wife) that "If it saves a trip to the ER, it's worth it" ;-) Gone are the days when all I was saving was the membership to the gym. This getting old has it's angles.
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    Clamp on bucket forks ? Recommendations

    I'm looking to purchase a set of 42 inch length clamp on bucket forks. for misc and log handling. Amazon has 'em, ebay has 'em, (small money too! $135) I'm sure the local tractor supply has 'em too. Any to look for? Any to stay away from? It's not a big tractor, 35hp with an Allied 195...
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    Looking for ideas: Fastest way to pull up firewood?

    A good sized oak tipped a bit too far, and the power company sent a crew in to let the tree down before it fouled the wires. The crew made a good job of a tough situation, but left the good oak laying in the wet area at the base of my drive. The dismembered tree is about 10 feet down over a...
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    Glow plug heater control work around ?

    I have a SL&H Hurlimann 435 Prince with a Mitsubishi 4 cylinder engine. The tractor is equipped with an "auto-magic" glow plug timer control. Timing starts when the ignition key is first turned. There is a status display on the console. However, in cold air (Vermont in winter) the heating...
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    Things you seldom notice when the engine is running

    The fuel pump on the Kohler K582 fitted to the Bolens HT-23 is failing. (well, failed now) The engine would start, but then die, not to restart without fueling from a squirt bottle down the carb bore. So I towed the Bolens into the shop for a look see. (I've replaced the fuel pump some...
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    OK, What are these things? Hydraulic PTO Tractor Gearbox.

    Hydraulic PTO Pump Female to Male | Agristore USA | Indianapolis, IN | AGRISTORE USA Is it a pump? Is it a speeder Is it a reducer (looks like one by the box configuration) Is it a reducer that requires external lubrication? The price point makes them interesting
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    Surplus to my needs G2546B snowblower

    fits T1600 and G series tractors. There is some mounting hardware etc with. In "as new condition". Pictures on request. I'm in South East. Vt. Winter is coming!
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    Hydraulic quick coupler compatability?

    I just finished up putting remote hydraulics, front and rear, on a Kubota B7200. Fitting a front snowblower , and needing a lift spurred me on. I had a few AG Safeway couplers on hand, both male and female, and both single action sleeve and dual action (one-handers) (What are they? S20 and...
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    Does anyone do a compression check as pre purchase inspection?

    Common for gasoline engines. If it starts and runs without smoke , is that good enough.
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    Front hitch without possibility?

    What is wrong in this picture?
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    BERCO snow blower lift? The literature suggests that the lift mechanism uses the pto input, Has anyone observed the working of the mechanism? and can report how it all works? TIA
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    The ubiquitus RAD Industries front quick hitch

    They seem to be universal across many lines. Frequently seen on snow blowers and push blades. Sweepers also I read. Has anyone MADE the male part? I have a custom need, and the price of these things on ebrat seems ridiculous. scroll down a few posts for images...
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    Hurlimann Prince 435 3pt "Float" control.

    SL&H small Tractor Question. SAME Lamborghini & Hurlimann, for those unfamiliar. Italian beauties ;-) If you have a SAME Solaris, or a Lamborghini Runner or a Hurlimann Prince /435 etc. Can you get the rear lift to drop when the engine is not running? I can't on my Hurlimann Prince 435. No...
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    Anyone burning off crancase drain oil in their tractors?

    Thinking a quart of settled and filtered waste oil to 10 gallons of fuel. I'm not interested in hearing from those who have never done it regardless of their reasons, blind emotion being what it is ;-)
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    Hand turning a hydraulic motor, How should it "feel"

    I picked up a Char-Lynn 101 series hydraulic motor recently. Described as "removed from working machinery". When turning the output shaft by hand, there is a harsh "notchiness" in the motion. Normal? Or a door stop? I've never had occasion to handle a motor of this type.
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    Skunk in the yard at supper time

    It's the same old lady that brought her children to supper in our corn patch last year. Easy to tell, She is all white on top, hardly a suggestion of stripe. But, now she needs to go, I can't abide needing to tip toe around the place. Does the smell after the shot go away more rapidly in...
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    How often do you check your loader frame attachment fasteners?

    I crawled under the Hurlimann this morning to adjust the cable operated clutch. There was just too much free motion in the pedal to my liking. While looking up, I noticed a lax lock washer under the head of one of the loader mounting frame members. Sure enough, Finger tight. A check of all...
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    High speed PTO design reference??

    I'm starting in on mounting a Kubota G2546b snow blower on a Kubota B7200 HST. The tractor has a two speed mid mount pto that outputs over 2100rpm at full engine speed. That's good, because the blower has a 5:1 reduction system feeding the impeller and auger ;-) Building up the drive line...
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    Oil pan drain plugs?

    I was just reading over on the Kubota forum of a tractor that had lost it's oil sump drain plug while in the field. Engine troubles followed. There seems to be quite a difference of opinion on how drain plugs are to be installed. Some are saying you MUST use a torque wrench on the Aluminum...
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    compost turning tools

    I keep several 1-2 yard compost piles in various states of activity and maturity. Turning the piles with with the FEL bucket is less than ideal, (unless I'm doing something wrong, Limited space between trees and rocks etc. ;-) I'm thinking a set of hay forks would be ideal, But I'm not in hay...
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    Peach piking time in Vermont

    Peach picking time in Vermont The ripe fruit was plopping to the ground this morning as I had coffee. Time to pick .. Last year it was the 15th, so the time of season seems right. I estimate I plucked about 80 # of near perfect fruit in just less than two hours. The tree is on a terrace...
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    OT But... Dry cheese?

    I like my cheese.. dry. Parmesan is just right! But I enjoy Jarlsberg, Colby Cheddar and Verrmont Cabot Cheddar too. But I don't like it soft and mushy! 4 weeks in the fridge with an open wrapper seems to do the job of drying, but there must be a better way. Any other "sufferers" of soft...
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    Help with a B7200 3pth lift hydraulic valve

    When feathering the LIFT of the three point hitch lift cylinder, there is a rather disagreeable region of control lever travel where the hydraulic system is blocked and flow is sent through the pressure relief before the lift cylinder receives any flow. This is evident by the sound emanating...
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    Any Eaton 11 hydrostatic transmission experts on board?

    The HT-23 has the Eaton 11 unit fitted and all the aux hydro power comes from the charge pump. Reading the literature The aux circuits are depicted as user supplied. In the Hydro description there are...
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    Snow plow sub frame?

    I'm planing the move of the power angle plow from the Bolens HT to a Kubota 7200. Both are Hydro, similar HP and similar weight at about 1200#. And both are 2WD with chained trufs on the rear. The Bolens literature shows some interesting subframes associated with "large frame" tractor...
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    extreme steering range from NL This would come in handy for the smaller lands.
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    So much variation in prices from TSC

    I need a few shaft bearings for a snow blower rebuild. 1 inch bore. TSC wants $24.99 each. Name brand on a quick interweb search gets them to my door at $9.99 each. (ordered and shipping confirmation received!) Brick and mortar has to do better. The TSC offering was "import" quality...
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    I give up, what is this chain notch for? Over kill to keep the pto cover from spinning, and too small a lip for just about anything. But it must be SOMETHING! I just have not seen the light. Not sure why I couldn't...
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    Rebuilding the flighting on a single stage blower for the Bolens Hard face or wire?

    The fights of the blower have seen so much scraping that the edges are all rolled over and bent. I went all over the elements with a pair of heavy hammers to bring things closer to right, But I can't put metal back on with hammers. In past years I have built up damaged areas of the auger...
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    What is the value of a pressure relief valve integrated into a multi spool DCV?

    Just a question when adding remote hydraulic circuits through a multi spool direction control valve including power beyond to the three point lift. Most multi spool valves offered include a pressure relief valve built in and usually adjustable up to maximum valve rating (Though there are some...
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    LED amp draw and lighting output

    How much light can I get with the LED work lights with only 5-7 amps to play with? When I look at the commercial offerings, It seems like the adds play with the words and specs. I've got on old tractor (1950) with a Lucas generator, and would like to keep the battery up even when the Western...
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    Looking for a three spool 6gpm DCV with one spool "float"

    It seems they are not that common. Larger flow rate units are more available, but size and sensitivity are important to this application. I've got a RFQ in to Bucher. Are there suggestions for other vendors?