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    Clarkson’s Farm

    We watched the first season of Jeremy Clarkson who decides to run his own 1000 acre farm in the UK after his farm manager retires. Was quite good and funny.
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    Box Scraper Notch Box Blade

    Have you fellas ever seen a box blade like this before? Looked pretty interesting. I like the hydraulically controlled gauge wheels and tilt features. Seems it’d work better than on the 3pt because it could undulate with the terrain. What’ya think?
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    Float Ride Gooseneck Trailer

    This TFL Truck video came across my feed about a company called Float Ride that’s building gooseneck trailers with a unique air-cushioned neck design. Claims to offer a much smoother ride and improved braking performance. Thought you fellers might find it interesting.... Exclusive: Can This...
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    New Mexico 330 Gallon Plastic Totes

    Saw this on Craigslist, Las Cruces, NM. Seems like a pretty good deal. Metal cage with metal pallet underneath for $75/ea. 33 GALLON PLASTIC TANKS...IBC TOTES - general for sale - by owner
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    2020 Ford Tremor

    What do you fellas think of the new Super Duty Tremor package? Here’s a good video of the new gas and diesel Tremors playing in a rock quarry. I Drove the Gas and Diesel Ford F-250 Tremor Off-Road, and THIS One is Clearly Better! - YouTube
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    Moving Cross Country - Questions

    I accepted a three-year long job opportunity and will be moving cross country from Virginia to New Mexico. We’ll be renting out our eight acre horse property in Virginia and moving into a subdivision home in New Mexico. I noticed there’s no grass in New Mexico, so the question arises of what to...
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    Ford 7.3L Gas Engine

    Specs were just released on Fords new 7.3L gas motor, 430hp and 475lb/ft of torque. Cam in block push rod motor, forged crank, pistons/rods ready for boost, 4 bolt main bearing caps, cast iron block, built for durability, longevity, simplicity, and ease of maintenance. Makes 400lb/ft of torque...
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    Rotary Cutter Say No to Rear Bands on Rotary Cutters, Get Chains!

    Today, for the second time this year, I bent the rear metal band on my bush hog backing up into a small low cut stump hiding in the grass, causing the blades to impact the back of the bush hog. Last time I spent a lot of time repairing it, this time I’m just going to remove it all together and...
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    Hydraulic Lift for Chicken Tractor

    Howdy, I’m almost done building a chicken tractor for the wife and I need to decide on how to lift the chicken tractor onto its rear wheels. I’m debating between a hydraulic lift system or one using trailer jacks. My question is: Is it possible to have a single manual hydraulic pump operate...
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    Buying Advice The Bathtub Curve of New Product Quality

    I found this video interesting explaining that new manufactured products have higher failure rates at the very beginning of their life cycle and also at the very end, which can be represented by a bathtub shaped curve when plotted against risk of failure (y axis) and time/usage (x axis). So...
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    Single Axle Utility Trailer

    I’m about to pull the trigger on a PJ 7 x 14ft single axle utility trailer with a 5200lb axle to tow behind my 2006 Honda Ridgeline. It’s going to be used for hauling 16ft fence boards, metal roof panels, and dead trees and brush. I won’t be towing tractors or anything really heavy. The...
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    Buying Advice Kubota Paint Fade Fixed

    I was watching some Messick’s YouTube videos and noticed a comment from Messick’s stating that Kubota switched to a more UV resistant paint circa 2017 to address the seemingly wide-spread issue of faded orange Kubota’s. Good news!
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    Buying Advice New L3560 Limited and Standard Versions

    I noticed on Kubota’s website that they’re now offering a “limited” and “standard” version of the L3560. The limited version is less expensive. I suspect this is an effort by Kubota to be more competitive with lower cost high feature Korean tractors. Does anyone know what features were removed...
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    Chicken Tractor for Tractors

    I wish to build an improved system for moving chicken tractors with a tractor: Problem: Mobile chicken coops, aka chicken tractors, that are light enough to be moved by a person are too small for more than a few chickens and are difficult to move on slopes and/or rough terrain as found in most...
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    Forklift Causes Entire Warehouse to Collapse

    Forklift causes whole warehouse to collapse - YouTube
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    10,000 Mile Oil Changes and Sealed Transmissions

    The “free” oil changes and tire rotations at the Toyota dealer for the first 30,000 miles on my 2016 Toyota Avalon recently ended so I actually sat down and read the maintenance section of my owners manual. The manual states that the oil should be changed every 10,000 miles with 0W20 synthetic...
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    He is the Most Insane, Skilled, Skid Steer Operator in the World

    Thought you guys might enjoy seeing the craziest skid steer stunt driver out there....available for hire for your next rodeo or county fair. He is the most Insane, Skilled, Skid steer Operator in the World - YouTube
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    Opposed Piston Diesel Engines are Crazy Efficient

    Found this on YouTube and thought it was interesting. I had never heard of an opposed piston engine before. To keep on topic, do you think we’ll ever see an opposed piston, supercharged and turbocharged, two stroke, Diesel engine without cylinder heads in our trucks or tractors? Opposed Piston...
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    YT347/359 Pricing?

    What kind of pricing are folks seeing on the YT347/359 ROPS tractors?
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    Good YT347 Video

    My new YANMAR tractor! - YouTube
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    Mid-Size Yanmar

    Is it me, or does anyone think it’d be nice if Yanmar built a mid-size tractor? When I look at the YT235 it looks kinda small but when I look at the YT347 it looks too big. The YT2 has a 65in wheelbase and the YT3 has a 75in wheelbase. I think a 70 inch wheelbase and 3500-4000lbs would be about...
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    Comparison Smaller Cab Tractor vs Larger ROPS Tractor

    I'm torn between two tractor options for my eight acres in Virginia; a 3000lb cab tractor or a 3500lb ROPS tractor (bare tractor weights). I have a personal preference for Japanese tractors with a name on it that is the actual company that built it, so that leaves me with Kubota or Yanmar...
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    Tractors for Disaster Relief?

    I was on a plane last night reading an article about a restaurant owner who created a charitable organization to feed large numbers of people in Puerto Rico after the hurricane destroyed the island last year. It got me thinking, since we’re all a bunch of guys with tractors, trucks, trailers...
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    Rotary Cutter New Bush Hog BH200 Series Rotary Cutters

    Bush Hog is my favorite brand of rotary cutter simply due to personal preference and I noticed they recently came out with a new line of cutters called the BH200 series. Looks like the line is going to replace the current BH series. They’re quick hitch compatible, made in USA, and are heavier...
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    Gold Wheels on New SA324/424’s

    Yanmar is going with gold wheels on the new SA tractors. I think they look pretty high speed with the red/black/gold color combo.
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    Man Lift - Self Driving vs Towable

    I’m taking next week off to get a lot of work done around the property and my neighbors and I have decided to go in together on renting a man-lift to get some high-up work done. Tasks include mounting a cell phone booster antenna at the peak of my roof ~32ft up, trimming about eight Pin Oak...
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    New Utility Trailer + Wimpy Truck

    I’m interested in buying a 20ft utility trailer so I can haul materials to/from our eight acre property. Materials to be hauled include dead trees, 16ft fence boards, mulch, small loads of stone, my FJ40 Land Cruiser, and compact tractor + implements. I want to buy a trailer that will suit both...
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    Buying Advice Ford 8N vs Kubota L2501

    I own a 1952 Ford 8N and my neighbor recently bought a new Kubota L2501. Yesterday my neighbor let me use his new tractor to mow my fields and I wanted to provide a compare and contrast of old vs new for anyone considering a new L2501. My pastures had become majorly overgrown due to our wet...
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    Mowing Mowing Just the Edges of a Field

    I’ve noticed some fields in my area where the land owner just mows the edges of the field. Looks like the owner made 2-3 passes around the perimeter of the field and the left the rest of the field fallow. Anyone know why this is done? Is it to maintain wildlife habitat? I assume the baby deer...
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    Buying Advice Late 1950’s Wheel Horse Lawn Tractor

    This popped up on my local craigslist: Description: “For sale is a working wheel horse tractor from the late 1950's. Bought it at an estate sale last year and it was know to be the previous owners prized possession. Stored in a garage for 50 years with gas drained and tires kept off the...
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    Box Scraper Land Plane

    Our gravel driveway is being taken over by grass. We also share a 1/3mi long gravel lane with two other neighbors that needs maintenance. I'm looking at purchasing a 5ft land plane from Everything Attachments. My question is, would my 1952 Ford 8N be able to pull the 5ft land plane? No 4wd or...
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    Running Generators in Parallel?

    I own an 8 acre property. The property has two houses on it, the main house and a guest house. The guest house is operated as an AirBnB so we sometimes have guests staying there. We recently had a power outage that lasted for three days due to a wind storm. I would like to find a solution to...
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    Buying Advice Why isn't Yanmar a bigger deal?

    We all have our brand loyalties but I'm curious as to why Yanmar isn't a bigger deal? The Japanese company celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012, invented the first commercially viable small Diesel engine for farmers in 1933, has been building tractors for many decades, builds engines and...
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    Buying Advice Tractors and LED's?

    So what do you guys think? Is it time for manufacturers to start building tractors with LED's? Seems like it's the way industry is moving. They're pretty much standard now on all cars, trucks, and in our homes. Brighter, clearer light, less energy consumption, and longer life. What's not to...
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    Comparison Dual Hydraulic Pumps?

    I was looking at a compact tractor brochure recently and it advertised that the machine has dual hydraulic pumps. My question is, do all compact tractors have dual hydraulic pumps? or do only some tractors have this feature? What are the advantages of dual pumps over a single pump? Thanks
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    New Yanmar Videos!

    Check out these new Yanmar videos uploaded on YouTube. One is on the YT235 and the others are on new "compact haying equipment". I mostly watched the haying equipment videos to see the beautiful new YT235 in action. The YT235 looked bigger in the video than I thought it'd be, now I want one...
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    Busted 8N

    1952 Ford 8N, side mount distributor, 12V conversion. So I consider myself to be a pretty good shade tree mechanic but I'm having trouble getting my 8N to run. It ran great for two years but now I'm having issues. I'm getting fuel to the carb and a spark at all four cylinders but it stills...
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    100 Years of Yanmar

    I came across this nice document titled "100 years of Yanmar" explaining the company's history from 1912 to 2012. This would be a good read for all the Yanmar fans out there or for anyone considering a new Yanmar tractor. Enjoy...
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    Yanmar YT359C

    This looks like a really good deal for some one. About $10K less than new and only has 39 hours. Cab tractor for a ROPS price. Has the new iHMT. | 216 YANMAR YT359C For Sale
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    Buying Advice Godspeed Texas

    To all our tractor driving Texan's, Godspeed as Hurricane Harvey slams Texas. You're in our thoughts and prayers and we'll be here to help as you recover from the devastation of this immense Hurricane.
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    Skid Steer for Side Business?

    I have a friend and colleague and we work together in the same corporate office for our "real jobs". He owns a Bobcat skid steer, a dump trailer, and an F250. As a side business, he rents his skid steer and dump trailer to a landscaping company for $50/hr. The landscaping company then charges...
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    Yanmar YT235 Rear Remotes?

    Does anyone know if you can get rear remotes on the new YT235? And if so, how much do they cost? Also, does Yanmar have a kit for a front remote on the loader? Thanks in advance.
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    Yanmar Engines in LS Tractors?

    I did a search for Yanmar on Craigslist and in the results were LS sub compact tractors. I knew Yanmar supplied engines for John Deere but I didn't know they were an engine supplier for other brands as well. Does Yanmar supply engines for any other tractor companies besides John Deere and LS?
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    Comparison Kubota L4760 vs Yanmar YT347

    I've noticed very little discussion on the tractor forums about the new Yanmar YT347/359 tractors so I wanted to get y'alls opinion about how this tractor stacks up against Kubota and Deere, specifically the Kubota Grand L4760. But first, let me tell you a story about my past experiences with...